Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I did it!

I wrote a book! I finished it! At exactly 11:59, I put the last period on the last sentence.

It's done. My name is Melanie Ann Bennett Jacobson and I wrote a book!


charrette said...

Congratulations! (That sounds so weak compared to the huge feat you just accomplished.)

Finishing is huge.
I expect to see it on a bestseller list sometime soon.
And hopefully everyone will know it's good because it's just good, not because the writer was LDS. :)

Kenny, the Proud Husband said...

I read it! (or rather, it was read to me)

And it's freakin' awesome!

And that four word review should carry all the weight that a Masters in Latin American Literature can bestow upon it.

Seriously, I am so very proud of my wonderfully talented wife. It's a great accomplishment just to write a whole novel, but to write such a good one! You all will see soon enough what a witty and charming book she's written.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

That's MY WIFE!

Annette Lyon said...

YES!!! Woohoo!!! Congrats! Now go celebrate with some serious chocolate.

Kimberly said...

Oh congratulations Melanie! I'm thrilled to bits for you!

And just the weest bit envious. Can't wait to post a similar post. Eventually.

Alison Wonderland said...

You are a rockstar!

charrette said...

I am prepping to speak at the Sunstone Symposium right now, and in my studies stumbled across this: One of Christ's titles is _Author and Finisher_. You're in good company. :)

Couldn't wait to log back on and tell you that!

Seriously looking forward to reading it.

tricki_nicki said...

WOW, that's awesome! Congrats on that huge accomplishment.

And thanks for stopping by today, it's nice to 'meet' you!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Congratulations! Isn't it the best feeling. Go celebrate...

Brillig said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! That's so crazy crazy EXCITING!

(And your hubby's comment! Wow. Print that one out and pin it to your mirror. Seriously. He's a keeper!)

Just_Me said...


It's always wonderful to get one done!

Go out, celebrate, chill out for a few months.... do a quick edit, write the query letter, and send that puppy out!