Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meh.....but I'm not complaining.

I can go through sixty channels on TV and find nothing to watch. I can also go to a massive buffet and find nothing to eat.

I have no idea what causes this phenomenon. If I heard someone else say this I’d think they were Thoreau-ish in a bad way….you know, “There are no boring books, only boring readers”? Maybe I’m a boring TV watcher or a boring eater.

Except I’m not. I don’t think. I think maybe there’s just a lot of junk out there. Because I know for a fact at two o’clock in the afternoon at my house, there is nothing good on TV and I know that in 95% of buffets, the food will be two shades shy of soggy cardboard.

I don’t mean to complain. In fact, I stood there surveying the buffet, uninspired at the choices and disgusted with myself. I said to my husband, “This is why people hate America. I can stare at towering heights of food and think, yuck.” But buffets are glorified school cafeteria lines, mass produced and flavorless. Which is kind of like TV, I guess. Well, summertime TV.

So I haven’t complained about the food once. Out loud. And I won’t. I recognize the blessing in sailing down the Pacific with a million choices laid out on linen draped serving tables before me. But I’ll be glad to get back into my own kitchen with a little pot of fresh herbs right outside the window, where I can whip up something fresh and savory and one of a kind. And I’ll take in the passing Alaska mountains, soak up every bit of the awesomeness, and hit the next buffet with a smile.

As for bad summertime TV…..isn’t that why they invented books?


Sue said...

I WISH I could stare at towering piles of food and think yuck. My standards are very, very low.

Kimberly said...

The buffet at The Bellagio in Las Vegas is a definite exception. Oh yum...drooling at the thought.

Also, we've quit watching TV and just order TV on DVD from our online rental place. Sooooo lovely!

Happy sailing, and hope the buffet has a nice surprise or two for you hidden away in its depths.