Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm imposing on your patience today.

Okay....so a little construction going on around here today. I found the background I want and I'll stick it up as soon as I have the time to tinker with everything under my husband's tutelage. And I'll be back later this morning to put up an actual post. But I didn't want any early birds getting confused. So just sit tight...this won't look like some crazy blueberry version of Neopolitan knock off sherbet forever! I just couldn't take the solid wall of virulent pink any longer.


Annette Lyon said...

I'm template challenged. Maybe when you're done, you can tell us where to look for cool backgrounds and how to put them up without destroying our blogs.

Kimberly said...

I actually switched to a .com because blogger was being a pain and wouldn't let me upload the template I wanted.

Once upon a time I changed my template literally several times a week.

The templates at Cutest Blog on the Block are some of my favs right now...they're quite en vogue.

Happy tinkering!