Friday, September 19, 2008

Me, me, me, me, me. (Friday Favorites)

I am not awesome. The list of ways in which I am not awesome is long and crushing. I have been feeling less awesome than usual the last couple of days for no reason. It's just that icky malaise I think maybe we all experience sometimes. And as I was mentally adding another thing that is not awesome about me to my list this morning, I thought, I'm kinder than this to my enemies. Even people who truly bug me, at some point, will get the benefit of the doubt. I will try to find some good in them. So today, I'm looking for the good in me. My Friday Favorites is a list of my favorite things about myself. Because I totally need a reminder. The comments might be challenging for some of you because I expect you to comment on one thing that is your favorite thing about yourself.

You deserve it.

About me:

1. I am good at loving people.
2. I really know how to enjoy food.
3. I am up for learning and trying new things.
4. I have an eye for cute shoes.
5. I can make people laugh. On purpose.
6. I am generous.
7. I am loyal.
8. I make sure my boys know I love them.
9. I remember and celebrate even the dumbest of occasions (i.e. today is the second anniversary of my engagement and I remembered as soon as I woke up)
10. I know how to relax now.
11. I am a willing helper.
12. I have learned to ask for help when I need it.
13. I have great taste in friends.
14. I am quick to compliment but only when I mean it.
15. I am good at Scrabble and really good at Boggle.
16. I think it's cool and will admit that I'm good at Scrabble and Boggle.
17. My fingernails grow really nicely.
18. A lot of days, I think I'm pretty.
19. I have good taste in books.
20. I make cute babies.

Seven comments, you guys. I gotta say, I feel a titch better after making my list, but today would be a good day not to leave me hanging on the comments front. Come on, I know you can do thing that's your favorite about yourself. You'll be glad you typed it out loud, I promise.


Lisa said...

Gosh. I don't really know. But I wanted to say that I really like your list. It shows how modest you are. A good percentage of those things are actually about other people. I just really like your list. It makes me like you even more. And not just because you're good at Boggle, like me.

Still not really sure what I like about me at the moment. Weird! I know there are some things! I'll come back and tell you when I remember. And you feel happy in the meantime, lady!

Lisa said...

I just ran downstairs to take the cookies out of the oven and I remembered! I always like people who bake a lot. Especially if they share with me.

Well, I bake A LOT and I ALWAYS share with me! I really like that.

Annette Lyon said...

I make good rolls and killer chocolate chip cookies.

And most days I think I have pretty eyes.

Great list. #9 reminded me that today is the 15th anniversary of hubby and my first kiss. I think I'll go find him and give him a smooch.

Annette Lyon said...

This isn't to up the comment number (although yippee, it does that too!)--but you have a prize on my blog. :D

tricki_nicki said...

You didn't list that you're a good writer? You have to give yourself that one! I don't know about the other things on your list but that much is true...and that your pretty. I mean that as a girlfriend "you're pretty", not weird lesbian "you're pretty".

And me...I can't list only one. There's just too much awesomeness.

Kenny said...

OK, I'm going to continue my wife's list about herself:

1. She is a talented writer.
2. She is very concerned about other's feelings.
3. She is a great mother and wants more than anything that her boys have a happy life.
4. She is an awesome wife who has an amazing talent for making her husband feel happy, secure, and loved.
5. She is hot!
6. She is great at getting things done.
7. She is an awesome teacher and she gives great talks.
8. She always tries to see things through other's eyes.
9. She does what is right even when it is inconvenient and difficult.
10. She puts family above anything else.
11. She is a true and loyal friend.
12. She is NOT lazy!
13. She loves to learn.
14. She is definitely the one you want around when you are sick in a hospital!
15. She has an odd ability to rationally recognize when she is being irrational ;)
16. She's a freakin' awesome cook!
17. Even when she's force to prepare Weight Watcher's recipes, she's still a freakin' awesome cook!
18. She's super smart. Probably the smartest girl I know.
19. She is a great dresser.
20. She is by far the most thoughtful gift giver I've ever know. She starts Christmas shopping in her mind on Dec 26 for the next year.
21. I've never felt so loved by anyone in my life.

I'm sorry you're having an icky day, Sweetheart. I hope it gets better soon!

Nancy said...

Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day...I am not making it up.

I am a good speller
Melanie is a good teacher
Melanie is honest
I am honest
I am good at cleaning out closets
I am good at writing letters by hand
I am good with my hands
I am good at making books with my hands.
I am glad

Shiver me timbers...Kenny made a good list

Heather of the EO said...

That husband of yours is just plain goodness.

I would kick pretty much anyone's butt in boggle. But not on-line, I can't do it on-line. Like on facebook, there's a game on facebook very similar but it's not the same. Anyway. Besides that, I pretty much always know what other people are feeling and I really actually care about what they feel.
The end.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I think this is a really great idea--a fine way to nurture one's self. Way to go!

Rebecca Talley said...

You have a very sweet husband. I really like your list and think it's a great idea. Can I use your idea for my Young Women sometime?

Oh, and I can make really good pizza.

charrette said...

Sorry you were having a downer day. I've had a long string of those (off and on) lately. Then the other day (after a particularly hard one) Brillig showed up at my house! Yippee! I was instantly cured. I recommend her to one and all...

I kick butt at Scrabble and Boggle, to the point that there are scads of people who refuse to play with me. I wish you lived next door! (I love that in the blogworld there are LOTS of people who wouldn't be afraid to play with me and could probably win!)

I love that your list included so many insightful yet outward-focused character traits (rather than abilities) -- that speaks volumes about you! And I love that someone as truly awesome as you are has days of doubting her awesomeness. (I never want you to feel that way, but it does give me hope for myself!)

As for me (besides Scrabble & Boggle) I am fiercely loyal, and quick to forgive.

Great idea, great post. See? I told you you're awesome!

Josi said...

I love people who love to cook! I mean really, there is so much amazement in taking totally lame things like baking soda and flour and making something delicious. Good food is priceless, which makes bakers of it basically omnipotent.

Alison Wonderland said...

I'm fair.
I have great hair.
I'm good at my job.
I'm very good at digging in and getting the job done, whatever that job may be.
I make gorgeous children.

Kimberly said...

What an inspired idea!

I'm afraid to start listing good things about myself - what if I can't stop and leave the longest comment EVER?!

I have a nice flair for the dramatic...

Eowyn said...

Nice list. I like my eyes! (No, not those ones on the blog. They aren't mine, unfortunately!)