Monday, September 8, 2008're funny.

(Seven comment rule is in effect, yo.)

So last night I was reading my husband an excerpt from this blog post on Mama Manifesto about the achiness and exhaustion of the first three months of pregnancy. Since it's pretty much exactly how my first two prenancies went, I appreciated finding someone else that could validate those experiences to my husband. Not that he ever doubted me but I always welcome opportunities to prove I'm not crazy.

After I read the post to him I said, "See, that's what makes me cringe every time I think about having another kid. It's still too fresh in my mind. And I have no idea how I could be pregnant and take care of baby G at the same time without falling to pieces completely from sheer exhaustion."

Kenny agreed that indeed it sounded tough but reminded me he was in no hurry for another baby and when it was time again, we would know, just like we did with baby G.

"Yeah," I agreed. But I was watching cute baby G as I said it and finally admitted, "I know I'm crazy but I just have no idea how I could possibly love another baby as much as I love the two we already have." My nine year old still being a baby in my mind and all.

Kenny smiled. "It's just because you can't love something abstract," he said. "If you actually had the baby, you would be fine."

I don't think I look convinced.

"You'll see. In fact, I'll make you a concrete baby so you can see for yourself. You know, a little baby made out of actual concrete and then you'll love it like crazy because it's not abstract."

When I quit laughing he said, "Can we stop talking about babies now? It's freaking me out."

Um, I'm not the one making concrete babies.....I'm just sayin'.


Kimberly said...

Bwahahahah! That's hilarious! Kenny has nearly as fabulous a sense of humour as you do, methinks.

Heather of the EO said...

That's hilarious! Could the fake baby at least be soft? C'MON!

Heidi said...

Concrete. Easy to love.

Or whatever.

Alison Wonderland said...

No that would not be abstract. It would be very concrete wouldn't it?

Jami said...

Concrete is such a great word. So down to earth and solid.

Your husband is right real babies are easier to love than theoretical babies.

Lisa said...

Yes, a concrete baby would not be abstract. It would be ab-surd!


Nancy said...

love expands to take in all the babies - living proof...of course - some are more lovable than others at times...including moi