Friday, October 10, 2008

Falling for it

Yesterday, we got the very first tiniest nip of a fall chill in the air. In my beach town, that means very little except that it's wetsuit weather instead of swimsuit weather. Sweater weather is almost unheard of. And in a broader SoCal context, it means we've got Santa Ana conditions brewing and soon CNN will take a break from the crashing and burning economy to cover us as California literally ignites in various national forest fires.

However, I don't care. I love fall, even the five degree temperature differential we get on the coast. So today's Friday Favorites are my Favorite Things About Fall.

1. SoupsoupsoupsoupsoupsoupSoupsoupsoupsoupsoupsoupsoupsoupsoupsoup

2. Chowder

3. Gumbo

4. Sweaters (I fly in the face of coastal condition. I will wear my sweaters! But not wool ones because I itch).

5. Busting out the down comforter (roughly in December, but at least we can use it!)

6. Fires. The ones in the fireplace.

7. Fleece blankets.

8. Boots!

9. Less reruns on tv

10. Halloween

11. Thanksgiving

12. Baking (I always feel the need to do this when the weather cools. Perhaps it's an ancient hibernation instinct from my squirrel ancestors or something).

13. Cinnamon scented candles.

14. Soup.

15. The smell of wood smoke.

What are some of your favorite things about fall? Or what's your favorite season? It really does cool down a little bit here but I kind of miss living where there's a more traditional change in seasons. Please, let me live vicariously through you. But not for the part where I'd have to rake leaves.


Josi said...

OH, me too! I love fall. Soup and Gumbo are high on my list, but fall is when I enjoy running the very most. I don't have to get up super early to avoid the heat, the smell of rain and smoke in the air, taking walks, watching the leaves. No more watering the lawn or paying air conditioning bills. Oh, I just love the whole everything.

*MARY* said...

Fall's dumb!

Eowyn said...

Fall rocks! Autumn, fresh veggies and fruits, canning, crackly leaves. You should come visit!

Kimberly said...

Amen! Those all make my list as well. I'm especially focused on the baking now that we've got that crisp chill of winter creeping up on us. In fact, I'm off to make bread right now!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I would have to say that the hardest thing about our three years in San Diego was the lack of fall weather (and the Santa Anas in December!). It really hurt. We would drive up to Julian once in a while just to smell air that was crisp. Other than that, SD was a paradise.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm in Minnesota. That means that I have perfect fall weather right now. Sorry. Crisp, clean smelling air. Red, orange, and yellow leaves. Walks where we search for the perfect autumn leaves on the street and collect them as we crunch through the leaves. Using the oven and having it be a relief, not something that makes it too hot in the house. Going to orchards and the pumpkin patch. Sweatshirts. Cozying under a blanket on the couch. Slippers....
okay, I'll stop now.
Can you tell I LOVE fall?

charrette said...

1. Sights (It's a wonder I don't get in a wreck looking sideways out the window as I drive, admiring all the gorgeous leaves changing color!)

2. Soup (every possible homemade kind there is, at least two a week)

3. Sweaters (the more layers the better)

4. School (Kids going back...and even me teaching.)

5. Socks (especially the alpaca ones)

6. Slippers (mmm...the fuzzier the better)

7. Snuggling (of course)

8. Smells (particularly cinnamon, homemade bread, and all those lovely soups!)

charrette said...

Oh, and the Santa Anas are the only thing I DON'T miss about Southern California!

Alison Wonderland said...

*The sickly sweet smell of rotting leaves. (I know I'm not using pretty words to describe it but I do love that smell)
*Rain outside when I'm wrapped up in a blanket inside.
*Fires (in the fireplace)

kelberology said...

It is snowing here! 32 degrees. I love "soup" weather and if I can get away with it, all day in pj's, lots of quilts and good movies or books! I am more of a spring gal myself. The cold is getting to my old bones.

Heidi said...

I love soup IN BREAD BOWLS. I eat soup all through the year, but in a bread bowl? That just means AUTUMN!

Anonymous said...

COme visit..I just posted about the fall...