Sunday, October 19, 2008

I totally scored.

I'm coming up on a blogging milestone and this might be the week: I almost got twenty comments on a post the other day and only like two of them were mine! On the day I get twenty comments, I'm doing a little happy dance and I'll have Kenny record for it photographic evidence. So that just means I'm going to have to come up with super exceptional, brilliant, spiritual and hilarious posts, so....yeah. No pressure.

Oooh, and I just realized that I made it onto two more blogrolls (Heather of the EO: good for a warm fuzzy every day, and *Mary* who keeps the funniest blog I read that's by a real person. Whoo-hoo! Mini-happy dance!

Oh, and I scored lots of swag in the last couple of weeks in blog giveaways, like my super cute Fro Yo shirt from Seriously So Blessed that I won through Annette Lyon's blog and the blissfully peaceful Sara Groves CD I won from Heather of the EO so I'm showing my thanks with links to their cool blogs.

Also, I know why we're advised that maybe watching football on Sunday is not a great idea. Because I'm watching the LSU game from yesterday on my DVR and I'm ready to kill me some people, which kind of doesn't feel very Sabbath-like.

And my Google Anayltics tracker thing died. It turns out that no one has been to my blog since October 9. It's just a flatline. So I don't know how you freaky stealth posters are getting through the oh-so-vigilant Google gatekeeper without it knowing you're there, but props, yo. You have mad covert op skillz because Google is soooo airtight.

I have extra children in my house today due to VT drama so I need to go peel one toddler off of another, but I leave you with a Sunday wish that your children will be good. Or at least quiet. I think it's time to teach my little one how to cry without making noise. Then I will love him more.


Heather of the EO said...

I'm so glad you like the CD. Wouldn't it stink to win a giveaway and then have it be a total let-down.

Thank you for the linky love.

And while you were wishing me peace with my children, one was crying his head off from being knocked to the ground with a thud and the other was kicking the wall while in time out. Nice. Dad's in charge. I'm pretending I can't hear any of it while I hide with the laptop in my room.

*MARY* said...

My kids are super behaved right now. I just got the trick-or-treating bags out, and there were a couple suckers left inside from last year.
They're eating them right now.

*MARY* said...

And because I really want to see this happy dance; here's another comment.

Kimberly said...

This post makes me want to have a give away so you can win and I can get bloggy lovin' through it.

I got Blog-Her ads so I could afford the postage.

If you figure out the quiet thing, do pass it on. My two year old ascended to an entirely new decible level this week.

Jami said...

I'm wanting to see the happy dance. Soon you will have so many comments you won't be able to respond to them all. Still I hope you'll find time to treat us to a dance now and then.

I'm happy when I get twenty comments, but you won't see me shaking my tail feathers. And you are SO glad. Even when the tail was cute, the dancing was...uniquely appalling.

Linda said...

Well sweetie, you have a few more years of crying children, but when they are grown and gone you will want to fill the quietness with crying.

LisAway said...

Heather is magical. Way too bad you can't see your stats. When she linked to me(I think it was just for an award- certainly not an entire post dedication!!) mine doubled. She is a very powerful lady, that Heather!

Annette Lyon said...

You've got the Midas touch, you do! Thanks for the linky love. :)

Emily said...

Let me know when you teach your kid how to cry without making noise. I could REALLY use that info right now. :)

charrette said...

I was SO happy you won Heather's CD giveaway. And the seriously so blessed shirt is a total score too!
Truly, you deserve all the love the blogworld has to send your way.

--And I didn't even realize I finally landed 21 comments on one of my posts until BRILLIG TOLD ME! (I have a secret goal not to count, just to be grateful people are interested enough to comment.) But I LOVE your seven comments rule! Looks like whatever you're doing totally rocks.

Shellie said...

I got a SSB shirt the other day from a friend and it was so awesome

its the "My life is a kick A fairy tale"

I did a happy dance. a kick a happy dance.

Eowyn said...

If you figure out how to get your little one to cry without making noise, let me know. I've got 3 I'd like to teach that same trick.