Friday, March 6, 2009

Read THIS, eat THAT, watch THIS, wear THAT.

A/K/A, Friday Favorites. Wheee!!!

Here's a bunch of stuff I like that I bet you'd like too if you tried it. First, this book:

This is historical fiction, which is usually not my favorite, but this was really GOOD! I found out all about a time and place I didn't know anything about before, but it doesn't feel like a history lesson. There's just a bunch of interesting details sprinkled skillfully throughout a well-told story. Tabitha is a spunky, indepedent heroine, there's some journalistic intrigue, and a really cool look into a little piece of history that feels like being there. Oh, yeah, and there's a realistic, satisfying romance. Read this!

And this: Such a fun, funny book. I alreay made three of my friends read it. Janette Rallison's YA novel is good clean fun in every sense of the word, with relateable (is that a word? At least, is it a word the way I spelled it?) and entertaining characters, adventures, and a satisfying story arc. Well, except for the part where you're left wishing there was a SEQUEL ALREADY! Janette? Janette? Also, you can give In Her Good Name by Josi Kilpack and Royal Target by Tracy Hunter Abramson a try. All good bets.

And if you want a great Friday night, let me line up your snacks for you and you can eat them while reading any of these books. I'm not trying to maintain my girlish figure as much as regain it, so I try to make smart eating choices. But I love me some treats, especially sweet and salty ones, so here are a couple of my current fav-o-rites. (And you have to say that by pronouncing each vowel with its long sound: fayv-oh-rite).

Utterly delicious:Hershey's has a whole bunch of 100 calorie snack bars, but this is my favorite. You can find pretty much all the flavors at Target and a lot at Albertson's. So yummy! Eat these.

Also, find yourself any brand of light kettle corn (Redenbacher and Jolly Time are both fine), pop yourself a bag, and then spray a little bit of extra Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray on it and it's a delicious late night DVR marathon treat. Light and fluffy goodness:

Every day on ABC Family channel, you can catch up on your Gilmore Girls episodes. They make me happy every time I watch them. Smart, snappy, funny, and culturally literate with heart. I use it as my inspirational touchstones in the novels I'm writing. I would totally hang out with these girls. And they have their own label in my sidebar. Good stuff. Watch it:
Oh, and I don't know how to explain this next one except to say: Rocking space western, and we are spending every Saturday night catching up on this series on DVD:

I can't make the above picture go where it should, but you should wear it! Or maybe not. I only wear it sometimes and I never know when it will make my sinuses flare up. Not because of this particular perfume. Any perfume or scented lotion does the same thing. Sometimes, I spend the whole night being allergic to myself. Usually, though, I spend the whole night catching lovely whiffs of something and having this conversation with myself: "Mm, that smells good. I wonder what it is? Oh, it's me! Yay!"

Oh, and my new favorite place to virtually window shop is Shabby Apple. You Utah folks are probably totally in the know on this, but it's a website for hip, modest dresses. This one's my favorite:

I bet I break down and buy it soon. No one else get it and wear it to the the Storymakers conference, okay?
Happy weekend!


Kristina P. said...

I am definitely going to get me some of those Hershey's snacks. I'm currently eating a Weight Watcher's ice cream bar right now.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Firefly and Gilmore Girls are two of my fave TV shows (you rock Joss Whedon!)

CaJoh said...

Storymakers conference… what fun is that. You're going to have to let us know how many people wore the dress even though you told them not to.

DeNae said...

Hey, missy, when are we going to see a novel out of you?? I'll totally advertise you on my blog - that way 38 whole people will know all about it! Yep, I'm THAT famous!

I admire anyone who can tell a story that goes longer than four paragraphs. I think I'm doomed to be an essayist for eternity. You go, girl!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I love it when you give tips.

I didn't know Annette was a published author. WAY to go Annette!!! I'll have to read it.

Kimberly said...

Drat this blog's cutting into my book reading time.

That's been hitting home lately.

You totally stole my planned outfit for The Whitney Gala. Phooey on you.

Chris said...

Firefly is WONDERFUL! I wish it hadn't been cancelled.

Can't wait to try some of those books!!! :)

Kazzy said...

Fun to see some of your faves. I am a sweet and salty fan, but nobody else in my family is. So, when I buy kettle corn it is mine! MINE!

wendy said...

LOVE that dress -----gonna try those snacks--------will read those books (or at least add them to my list) and popcorn !!yummy.
You are lucky you live by beaches and warm weather. (envy envy)

Jami said...

My! Audition for a famous show and suddenly you get all bossy on us. But I'm game. I'll try to do it all!

Janette Rallison said...

Love Firefly! Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog? If you haven't you need to. It's by the same writer.

And I'm glad you liked My Fair Godmother. You are obviously brilliant!

boysmum2 said...

The books sound great, always love people recommending new books to read.

Herb of Grace said...

AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I LOOOOOVE Firefly! Now you are perfect and have insured for yourself a permanent place on my blogroll.

ANd if you like Joss Whedon, have you tried out his new series "Dollhouse"? It's a classic, for sure.

Debbie said...

So how many of those 100 calorie packs can you eat in one sitting? I bet I could do 2 or three boxes easily:)

Josi said...

Great recommendations--I agree with enough of them that I'm inspired to try the others :-) And thanks for including me in there.

Scribbit said...

I have that dress actually-love it. I got tons of compliments from the YW when I wore it which is about as wonderful as it gets when it comes to a new dress.

earlfam said...

I love the word relatable but firefox always tells me it's not a word.

And we're watching Firefly on slow TV nights too. Cool!

Emily said...

First of all, you know everyone.

Well, everyone that is someone anyway. Which, makes me feel cool because I know you. You are like the Kevin Bacon of writers. You should probably start a seven degree of separation theory of your own.

Second, LOVED the Shabby Apple link! I am from Utah, (remember how I just moved out of Utah for the second time two weeks ago?) and I didn't know about it.

Not all of us are "in the know" you know?

Thanks for helping those of us (ahem, cough, cough) who never get out!

Alison Wonderland said...

Yay Firefly!!! I really couldn't love it any more if I tried.

Elizabeth said...

books look great...i love historical fiction (light on the history too as you suggested). :-) the dress is fab. :-)