Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Changing stride

All right, kiddos.

Today I was going to tell you the most ridiculous story about my visit to the lady doctor yesterday but my husband said, "Do you really want to put that out there?" And no, I guess I don't, come to think of it. But it was hilarious! Just trust me, 'kay?

Instead, this is the blog post that I meant to put up yesterday but things got all nutty and two went up and so I took this one back down was a big old mess because I got all confused and whatnot.

Anyway, my blogging fingers are tired so I'm giving them a break from their daily clickety-clack. I think I'm going do something a little more every other day-ish. Do you know until this week, I have never posted a draft? Meaning I think it, I blog it, I proofread it, I post it all in a one hour or less span of time. I thought it would be nice for all of us if I gave quality over content a shot and let things percolate a little more before I send them out into the world.

I know. It's revolutionary, right?

In the mean time, I'd love it if you'd hop over to my sidebar and vote in my poll. I put up some of my favorite submissions for my help-me-think-of-a-subtitle contest and I'd like some opinions because I'm having a hard time deciding. I may have to go with DeNae's suggestion of changing it up often. Stank you very much.

All right, here's your kisses for helping: Mwah-mwah! Except if you're a boy. No kisses. Unless you're my husband. Then it's lots of kisses.


Luisa Perkins said...

Wait--is the incorrect link an intentional mistake, or not?

LisAway said...

You misspelled "thank".

And I don't think you WOULD stank me for entering if I did.

And that first sentence was a joke, in case you didn't catch it.

And I can't believe you have never posted a draft. We get you real time, every time. But this change will be interesting too, I'm sure.

And I hope nobody gets an ulcer from seeing so many sentences beginning with "and".

Becca said...

So is it terribly stalkery of me to admit that I will miss you every other day?

nano*ink said...

I voted...I was the first!

Emily said...

Wow Melanie, way to say it real time!

I voted, but I still think "I write about stuff" says it all.

Just sayin'.

Kimberly said...

I blog in the exact same way. Half hour max from start to finish. Blogging less often feels really good at first. Enjoy!

Jami said...

Yet another life-affirming comment.

I love your blog. Obviously the quickie posts are something you excel at. I agonize a bit too long over most of mine.

DeNae said...

Good grief, my posts are hours of writing, revising, fasting, praying, revising again -- POSTING -- then writing, revising, fasting...

I really like the idea of just doing it once a week, although until now I've been a twice a week gal. I may be a once a monther this summer, though.

And HA HA, everyone! I know the lady doctor story! Heard it from the victim's mouth, so to speak.

Yep. I'm cool.

charrette said...

And here I am...ramping up just as everyone else is tapering off. Suddenly the summer's here...I'm not teaching, my son is safe, and I'm finding myself with lots to say...but no one too listen. AAARRRGGHH!

wonder woman said...

I'm a fan of the changing sub-title for you.

And it's funny how you can get so into the blogging thing, then realize it doesn't HAVE to consume your life. You don't HAVE to post every day. Or right away! Took me a while to realize that, too.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm too late to vote but thanks for the hilarity!