Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well, that was interesting. In the never-do-it-again category, but interesting nonetheless. Goodbye, Friday. It was the first time in a long time that I was glad to see you over and done with. Note to self: if your gut tells you  not to do a review, don't. Your gut has a big brain.

I haven't been random in forever, so let's open up the old steel trap and give it a good shake, 'kay?

First, I really like handmade cards. I like giving them and I like getting them. I hate making them. My mother-in-law loves making them. She gives me a whole box of handmade cards at Christmas for me to use throughout the year for an assortment of occasions. I pilfer it at least once a month. Best Christmas present ever. For reals. 

We have very dry lips at our house right now. Several times in the last week, Kenny, James and I could all be found in a huddle around my precious tin of Rosebud Salve, rubbing it on our lips and jockeying with each other for position like we were trying to get warm around an oil drum fire. 

I've never really wanted a pony. Does that make me weird?

I'm worried about a friend. I figure the best thing I can do is bite my tongue on any advice so that later I can be her soft place to fall if she needs me, but it's hard.

I love sleep. So much. So, so much.

Someone was having an argument the other day about who wears the pants in their marriage. It occurs to me that marriage works very best when neither of you are wearing pants. Just sayin'.

I thought finding my first gray hair last month was my first sign I'm getting old. But no, I discovered my first true sign of old age this weekend when I skipped wearing a pair of really cute shoes in favor of wearing comfortable ones. It's Merry Birthaversary this month and the shoe thing made me really feel the big 3-6 looming just a couple of weeks away.

I have no idea what to get my brother for Christmas. If you know him, ask him and tell me what he says, okay? But play like I didn't tell you to because I want to get it for him and have him think I'm just an awesome gift-giver. His penchant for buying whatever he wants when he wants it (he doesn't have expensive tastes, to be fair) makes him hard to shop for. (This was a completely pointless paragraph since none of you know him.)

Kenny stole my copy of Matched by Ally Condie as soon as I brought it home Thursday night and he's ignoring me, kids, and dishes to read it.

I like it when he does that. It's fun to see him wrapped up in something.

I'm not a big fan of pudding. I'd rather have Jello. I can't decide if this surprises me about myself.

I like being good at stuff but on the flip side, I'm easily frustrated when things aren't intuitive for me. Like, tantrum-throwing frustrated.

Every time I sit down to be random, I think I have nothing to say. And every single time, the more I write, the more I think of to say.

So I'm going to stop talking before I put us both to sleep. 

Hello, new followers.

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L.T. Elliot said...

I ignored everything in favor of Matched also. Finished it and feeling all fiery. ;P

I think you did a great job with the review. It was a tough place to be but you did a great job all the same.

Your mom-in-law rocks. That would be the best gift ever!

LisAway said...

I used to think you were a person, but now that I know that you do not now, nor have you ever wished for a pony, I'm not so sure. (I might possibly not be a person either.)

MommyJ said...

I am so on your team. Just want you to know.

Susan said...

We need some rosebud balm. My child's lips are cracked and bleeding they're so dry. He refuses to keep petroleum jelly or carmex or anything on them. Maybe he'd like the rose scent.

I love your randomocity.

I finished Matched too. Not at all what I thought it would be. But I should know that about Ally Condie by now. I'm always wishing for more PDA in her books. She dangles a carrot in front of you and gives you a nibble, then yanks it away. Leaves me very irritated. I think I'm more of a Stephenie Meyer fan because once you take a large bite of her carrot you are fully satiated. But that Ally Condie is one talented writer.

Lara said...

So, your first gray hair at age almost 36? Lucky you. I turned 36 in August and I am afraid I might have to start dying by 37...crossing fingers that will not happen.

Writing down Matched as a book I should apparently read.

Kristina P. said...

I found my first gray hair about 3 months ago. Better go back on the Activia.

Carolyn V. said...

I never wanted a pony either. And the both not wearing the pants thing. I totally agree with! =)

Karen Peterson said...

The problem with these posts is that I always want to comment on EVERYTHING. And that's just a bit too much commenting.

What you said about handmade cards gave me a great idea. So, thank you!

Oh, and I've never really wanted a pony either. I've always just said it because I'm a girl and that is what girls are supposed to want for Christmas.

Becca said...

Are we talking about real pudding? The kind you make on the stove with cornstarch and eggs? Or out of a box? I need to clarify, because maybe I'm with you. I don't want it out of a box. But off the stove? Mmmm. (and maybe still hot...)

annie valentine said...

I got a horse when I was nine. It was seriously neglected an abused, and they sold it when I turned 14. I know I'll owe him a big apology when I get to that big pasture in the sky.

My daughter will never have a horse (or a pony).

Melinda said...

I love random posts, you're right as soon as you get going more and more randomocity pours out! Love the pants one--too funny! Hope you recovered from your "bad" review (really you were very nice), I bet it was hard. I would've been hiding in bed all day waiting for the you-know to hit the fan. :)

The Lovely One said...

Everyone's been writing about their gray hair lately... I recently had an encounter with my grays, too! I'll have to write it out and see if it's blog worthy!

Kazzy said...

I laughed out loud at the pants comment. Holy....

Annette Lyon said...

FWIW, I never wanted a pony either. Had horse riding lessons as a kid on big ponies (shorter than horses, so I could reach the stirrups).

Result: pony phobia.

Dedee said...

Okay, so I thought the review was very well done. I'm proud of you.

I loved the pants thing too. (My theory is it's who drives the car most when you are both together.)

Pony? Me no likey.

I think I need to try the rosebud balm.

I want your mom in law to give me a gift for Christmas. Seriously!

I love pudding.

One gray in all of my life. I'm waiting for the next.

And can I just say, I could hear your voice in my head when I read these last two posts. You're awesome!

Erin said...

Are you getting enough sleep yet, or is your daughter keeping you awake still? I'm sooo tired. I'm hoping one day I will catch up.