Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I loves it.

Today is a day where I have lots of things I want to blog about. It's a nice feeling. Of course, by tomorrow I'll have forgotten most of those things, but it's good to have a moment of plenty.

Anyway, I decided today while in the shower that I'm going to fill the void left by Oprah. (I don't mean in the going-off-my-diet sense. I'm working on the opposite of that at the moment.) No, I mean, I'm going to be a pimp for my favorite things. The reason I thought of this in the shower is because I was using this:

It ain't cheap, but it's awesome. THIRTY bucks a tube. But it lasted me almost two years, so I guess that's okay. Anyway, it's a body scrub only it's not oily and it doesn't dry your skin and it feels gentle and awesome. And it has this really subtle scent that's delicious and heavenly. I gave some to my friend for Christmas (she's pregnant so I got her this stuff, some candles, and a good book and told her to lock herself in her bathroom). She texted me the next day: I LOVE IT!!! I will think of you every time I'm in my bathtub now!

Awkward? Sure. But I knew what she meant. This stuff is that good. But please don't think of me during your bath if you buy it, okay?

Starting today (Thursday), one of my favorite guilty web pleasures is back in full effect: The Mormon Bachelor. Awwwwwww, yeeeeeaaaaaah!

Say whatever you want about the TV franchise, but I love this online Mormon version. The first season was The Mormon Bachelorette and it ended in October. Guess what? Now she's engaged to be married in March to the guy she picked! How cool is that? It's a far better success rate than the TV franchise, that's for sure. The first date airs tomorrow and you get a new one each day. The videos are 3-5 minutes long and the Bachelor this season is a 29-year-old dentist from Southern California who was on the last season but didn't win Audrey's heart. Check him out here:
 (Dude, I totally can't believe I figured out how to do that.)

I guess I'm not Oprah in the sense that I'm not actually giving anything away. Or black. Or rich. Or famous. But I'm the same in that I like some stuff and they are my favorite things.

I had a few other things I was going to mention, but I can't remember what they are at the moment. This is because I'm tired and not because those things are not awesome, because they are.

Oh, I know, I like the Turbo Fire workout DVDs. They make me happy. And if you remember me blogging about my crazy kickboxing class at my old gym, all my instructors are in this video. (Too lazy to link, by the way). It's fun.

Two favorite things is good for the moment. I'll add more as I think of more and keep my Oprah-ness going that much longer.

Seriously, though. For your next big occasion, treat yourselves to the Kiehl's. YUM.


Melinda said...

Oh I know, you forgot to mention my blog as one of your favorite things!! Heh, heh. Right? I want some of that shower stuff, actually I just want to lock myself in the bathroom and have some quiet time mostly, but that stuff sounds good too. I'm SUPER excited about the Mormon Bachelor! I loved last season and I'm so stoked for this one!

Kristina P. said...

You also aren't as, uh, robust, as Oprah.

I like to bathe in the tears of Mario Lopez.

Karen Peterson said...

I can't believe I've never heard of the Mormon Bachelor. Now I have something to watch tomorrow at work!

LisAway said...

Totally on board with Mormon Bachelor, thanks to you linking to the Bachelorette a few months ago. I wish I liked Rick Buck more, but it will still be fun.

The body scrub sounds divine.

WV: "dissem" exactly what you're not doing to the things in your post today.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I've thought about TurboFire. I'd love to know more about it. Keep in mind that I'm probably HALF as in shape as you.

MommyJ said...

I so want to be on board with the mormon bachelor. How does one go about seeing the videos? Can I subscribe to youtube videos or something? (I so have no idea what I'm talking about)

The body scrub stuff sounds awesome.

Kimberly said...

Oh. my.

That video clip cracked me up something fierce! Somehow horrid and awesome at the same time. How did they do that?

Happily Cheesy said...

Goodness. Move away from Utah for a few years and the whole world chances! Mormon Bachelor? I really need to get out of my cave.

wendy said...

Turbo fire DVD's ---hmmm, I need something like that to get my plump tush of the couch. I have this HUGE Oprah urge to loose weight, but I guess I am not "willing yet to own it" as I am still stumped.
but one cool Oprah things about my, my butt "rises up to greet me" every morning.
I didn't watch the video as it uses up valuable "time" on my computer service I am offered here in the country. Everything we download takes time off my allotted computer megs/whatever time I get each day.
so stupid.
can't explain it.

and I promise...I will never think of you when in the tube. now I know you feel better.

wendy said...

ha ha...not the TUBE...I meant the tub.
Just goes to show I can't watch tv and try and type at the same time.
so much for multi-tasking, and doing it well.
had so many typ-o' in that comment I am embarrassed.

DeNae said...

Check out I met the CEO at a conference and his business is to help people who are willing to promote their 'favorite things' connect with the makers of those things, with the idea that they work out a commission type arrangement. You get paid to talk about things you love anyway, and they get to promote their products for a fraction of what advertising costs. Seriously. Give them a peek.

(And if I've missed the boat completely, please forgive me. I'm kinda skimming because I have a wicked headache. LY!)

Annette Lyon said...

I followed part of the Mormon Bachelorette thanks to you. Now I'll have to follow Rick's journey too!

Susan said...

I watched part of the mormon bachelorette and then forgot to watch the rest. I'll check this out. That cream stuff sounds heavenly.

Tracy Loewer said...

That clip was hilarious! I'm totally checking this out.