Monday, June 20, 2011

Firing up the Alice Cooper

Today my oldest "graduates" from 6th grade. You know what that means, right? 

I DID IT! Whoohoo! I survived another year! I will proceed to immediately following this post and reward my awesomeness with hot shoes for making it through elementary school and more impressively, pre-algebra. Also: fractions.

Today is a potpourri of things that smell nice on the Internet. First, if you want to read The List or give it as a gift to someone, or just hold it and stroke the cover because you wore out the copy you own doing that already, you can win a copy of it here, plus a bunch of other books, and it's EASY. Like, leave a comment easy, even.

Second, a little while ago, I posted the first page of my new manuscript for an anonymous editor to critique. I was all freaked out about it and stuff because I'm working on something different this time around, but it went well. If you want to do know what I'm doing, or offer your feedback, you can check it out here on Julie Bellon's blog.

I feel like I should write more, but really, I've got nothing to say. I guess this is a great opportunity for me to practice the principle of NOT TALKING JUST BECAUSE. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words so here's one of the shoes I think my husband is about to buy me (thanks, honey!):

(Oh, and a quick side note. If you sort ballet flats on Zappos by popularity, the first twenty that come up are Crocs. To the guilty party buying these: STOP IT.)


Kristina P. said...

Crocs are the Mario Lopez of shoes.

Maggie said...

I love those heels! And I promise, I am NOT buying crocs.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Ah, Melanie. Honey, it's only just begun. You're well into the phase where you've gone from the smartest, prettiest, most fun person in the world and quickly heading to being the stupidest thing God ever created.

Don't worry. That, too, shall pass.

Nice first chapter, btw.

Andrea said...

The sample of the hoarder story was very entertaining.

Brittany said...

1) Kristina hit the nail on the head.
2) It's probably my mother in law buying those crocs, but I love her despite her penchant for plastic shoes.
3) I know we've had the Jessica Simpson shoes discussion before and here is yet another pair of her shoes I would buy but still be a little bit embarassed about loving because of the brand name.
4) These commentors should all be jealous I have read more than just the first page of your new book. Because it's awesome

LisAway said...

Trista the Swamp Princess? Um, I love that story. I mean. I need to have the book. The critique was pretty much spot on. You just write wonderfully. In so few words you somehow manage to create a mood, strong image (I saw that room and those piles), introduce characters AND make us laugh (or at least smile with delight) at the humor and just generally how cleverly it was all presented. You are seriously awesome. And I would say that even if you'd opted for Crocs. I feel THAT strongly about it.

bon said...

Huh... I have a girlfriend who often wears a pair of those croc slipper things. She wears them with aplomb, and frankly, I think you can pull anything off with enough attitude. Sigh... but when you shoes COME with attitude? Those heels are the bomb!

Karen Peterson said...

Wait. Do you mean you're the mom of a kid in JUNIOR HIGH?

Dedee said...

Congratulations! Getting through that grade with a boy is impressive. This would be the grade I'm heading in to with my oldest son and I'm So nervous about that.

The shoes? Are awesome. And I'm not really a shoe person (though did you see mine at the Witneys? They rocked!)

Kazzy said...

I know someone who has croc pumps. No lie.

wendy said...

COVET.( shame on me) I want those shoes. I wonder if they are bunion friendly??
Of course you should reward yourself....I can't imagine what your hubby will TREAT you with after child completes Jr. High.
something BIG

Jolene Perry said...

Those shoes are so YUMMY!