Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super fun party people

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I love parties. And this month is full of them. Two book parties and a super cute son turning twelve.

Tonight was a book party and it was a smashing success. Extra smashing because it wasn't literally smashing: nothing broke, all was well, people fed on sugar and conversed and won things and it was lovely to be surrounded by friends.

Here's peeeeeeeeeekcherrrrrrrrrrrs.

I signed with my friend Kristine at this cute cake shop called Nothing Bundt Cakes. Do we look bored? Worried that no one is coming. HA.

It was so cute. We set up a little cafe environment outside with thank you cards for people to fill out for someone in their life, truffles, recipe cards, and door prizes. 
 And so then I was happy!
And busy signing books! Lots and lots of books!

 And hoping no one gets mad if their name doesn't get pulled in a raffle. Eep!

Life is good! YAY!


Kristina P. said...

Love Nothing Bundt Cakes. Perfect for you.

Carolyn V said...

AWESOME! Congrats on the great book signing! =)

Vivian said...

Nothing Bundt Cake is the best...sometimes I go in to get the mini single ones JUST FOR ME! SOO GOOD! Come do a party at the Nothing Bundt Cakes by my house ;)

Melinda said...

Looks like so much fun, I'm so glad it was a success!!

Karen Peterson said...

It looks like so much fun. I think this was a perfect place to have a book launch!

Linda said...

Looks like fun! Wish I would have been there.
Love you and am sooooooooo proud of you!

wendy said...

glad it was successful and you do look great.
If you Write it...they will come.
(that was dorky eh)

Maggie said...

Cakes and books? Is there any better combination?

Jolene Perry said...

How FUN!!

SO wish I could have been there, and not just because your weather is definitely better than my weather :D

Becca said...

Cake shops are cool. I don't even like cake, particularly, but I love, love, love cake shops.

You're cool, remember that?