Monday, September 19, 2011

Winning! Again! Because that's all I ever talk about anymore!

So I had like a mini-three day breakdown. And I'll tell you all about it. But later. Because it's a good-ish story.

What I want to give you now is a chance to win my book. Normally when I ask someone to participate in a giveaway, I choose someone who has a biggish blog following because that equals more potential readers. But this time I asked my friend Brittany who is very new to blogging (maybe . . . May?) because she is easily the first blogger I've seen find her voice so fast. Y'all, she's freaking funny. And you really need to check her out. She just whips out these throwaway lines that kill me. Anyway, go check her out because it's super easy to win NOT MY TYPE this week. Go on. Go over to My Life Herding Cats. I wouldn't lie to you. About this, anyway.

Also, Erin at If You Give a Mom a Moment blogged her thoughts and paid me one of the best compliments ever at the end of it, so it's going a long way toward resolving the mini-breakdown issue.

But anyway, stay tuned tomorrowish and I'll 'splain about this one time I went a little crazy.

For now, I'm off to make a Weight Watchers casserole. Try not to die of jealousy, people.


Donna K. Weaver said...

Okay. I've followed both. My coworker's already read your book, and I'm taking it with me on vacation Wednesday. Can't wait.

Becca said...

I'm (once again) feeling so glad you introduced us to Brittany. Because she is so, so awesome. As are, you know... you.

DeNae said...

Why are you having breakdowns, my friend? I'm bringing water, and I'll gladly pick up a couple of cases of Valium. You know, if it will help.

For the record, I've never heard of a single time where a breakdown was solved by a Weight Watchers casserole. Thought you'd like to know that, in case you've got some Ben and Jerry's in the back of the freezer.