Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Reading Thing 2008, The List

Okay, so I'm doing another challenge because I get to use my current list for both this and the Summer Book Trek (see my list for that one here). This one is through the Inksplasher blog and it's the Summer Reading Thing 2008 challenge. Here's my list, which is actually modified quite a bit from my SBT list because I already finished a lot of those.

And, the list.....

1. A Modest Proposal, Michele Ashman Bell
2. Keeping Keller, Tracy Winegar
3. Fool Me Twice, Stephanie Black
4. Spires of Stone, Annette Lyon
5. Finding Faith, Terry Ferran
6. The Counterfeit, Robison Wells
7. The Santa Letters, Stacey Gooch Anderson
8. Almost Sisters, Anderson/Littke/Morris
9. Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson
10. Well of Ascension, Brandon Sanderson
11. Beyond Perfection, Erin McBride & Juli Caldwell

I'll post my reviews as I read them and I look forward to everyone else's reviews and comments!


Karlene said...

Thanks for joining the Summer Reading Thing. Great list. Looking forward to your reviews.

I've read Fool Me Twice (loved it!), Spires of Stone (good), The Counterfeit (good). And I just bought Mistborn last week.