Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shhhh....they're listening....

A while back, I was kind of doing my usual conspiracy theory freak out. I never voice these to anyone because I don't want to be dragged in for heavy sedation and a lobotomy, but every now and then (okay, all the time), I wonder about what's really going on around us. I theorize that Disney and Wal-Mart will one day join together to form an evil empire on a quest for world domination. I'm suspicious of the grocery store cards you swipe to get your Preferred Savings. I won't even tell you what I think happens there.

And I'm pretty sure Google is watching me. My husband has assured me time and again that they only use algorithms or some such nonsense to track blah-blah-blah, but although I love him and respect his opinion on all things technical, on this one? I don't believe him.

So I began to wonder as I wandered around various blogs whether or not the security words you're forced to type are really some secret Google language, which inspired this post. And I was highly entertained by people's interpretation of this weird Google vocabulary. My good friend Nancy periodically entertains me in her comments on my blog with definitions that make me smile every time.

However, I've been contemplating some blog changes lately (one major--maybe) and a couple of minor ones, like eliminating the security word requirement. Because it's a mild annoyance when I visit other blogs so I may as well lift that burden from the seven of you that comment everyday.

Today's post (it only took 27 paragraphs to get here) is about bidding farewell to the security words. I collected some more while I was out commenting today and shall now define them for you:

Bzyrf: a genetic mutation resulting in minature giraffes

Itkfi: an adjective used by small children to describe their disdain for Scandinavian cuisine

Urwfdla: a state of confusion caused by incorrectly written recipe directions

Hqjotcvl: side pain stemming from knee jerk reactions to politics or Fox News commentary

Dfogj: an elderly person in your ward who talks at in inappropriate volume during Sunday School and Relief Society

If you didn't click to follow the older post above, you totally should because people's definitions in the comments were incredibly creative. Either way, click on the comments here and see if the Google words speak to you. If they do, leave me the definition. If they don't, click until they do.

Seven comments to move on, people. SEVEN COMMENTS.


Lisa said...

Well, my word here is MELNHCU, which is clearly a conjunction of the terms "melancholy" and "coo". (This is the best I can do) So the definition for this one is pretty obvious. It's the sound a baby makes when they are calming down after a fit of crying.

Kimberly said...

Hdkhuowy: The mother of all owies.

Yay! My favourite blogs are the ones that don't make me puzzle out those silly slurs of letters.

Alison Wonderland said...

borvt-a sport involving umbrellas, popular with cows

And yay to getting rid of the stupid things!

Heather of the EO said...

mine is
jfeshdli: giving the appearance of not being able to walk when you actually can.

I love the random stuff you think about. It rocks the blogging party.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Melanie J said...

The above comment was funny but I don't want to offend anyone (grown ups I'm related to read this) so I had to delete it. Much love, though. And no, this comment doesn't count toward the seven.

Eowyn said...

Here's to no more letters.

Oh wait, they are still here.

zcefz:the phonetic spelling of Chefs. . .if you live in Russia.

Nancy said...

rdllaj - the act of pretending you really understand what someone is saying.

"Seth, do you want another piece of apple"..."No, I don't want to get sick!"

charrette said...

Okay, so don't ever go out and rent The Net! And I'm actually convinced these pesky random letters (BLESS you for doing away with them!) are actually Freudian half the time.

This one's not: uioytxu: a drunk trying to say "You idiot, you!)

But given your slight level of internet paranoia, this one might be Freudian: bakvgv "Back v guv..ernment"
And its russian counterpart: yyeczar "Ye Czar"

Iguana Montana said...

ocytzx: The sound made when an aluminum screen door shuts on a cat.