Friday, October 24, 2008

I changed my mind.

I was feeling all bummed this morning (just a post-hectic day letdown), but I wasn't enjoying the bumming out so I decided not to be bummed anymore. And yes, the ability to make this choice pretty much any time I want to (knock on wood) is a total luxury and gift, and believe me, I know it. But I spent a morning not doing much of anything. I ate my oatmeal, played a mindless computer game (think Tetris but with fish) and even cleaned part of my desk off. Then I had a healthy lunch and decided that I was over being cranky so now I'm not.

Which means I'm going to do my Friday Favorites after all, but since I already have like, seventeen posts up today, it's a short one. Like about just over one foot tall, short. That's short.

Today's Friday Favorite is (I'm going to say I'm doing a drumroll here just to build the excitement but I'm really not because I'm having a lazy Friday and although I'm totally a goofball, I'm still not going to do it when it's just me in the livingroom because even I don't need to be entertained that much):

Favorite pictures of baby G. From Tuesday. I have different favorite pictures from yesterday. But remember when I was relieved to discover that the fact that he wants to take his clothes off all the time makes him developmentally normal (and I'm not telling you who else in this house passes that milestone on a regular basis because, well, I think it's funny but for you....ew. I actually do recognize that you would not want to know this. Yay, internal filter!)?

I think I should rename him Mullet because he's business on top:

But a party on the bottom:

I have no idea how he did this, but my husband says it probably is the best way to enjoy eating ribs. Baby G is a barbecue-eating savant to have already figured this out.
So glad my older son pointed out this little indiscretion on baby G's part before the rest of the diners in the area could be scandalized. Although I pretty much always think no pants is funny.
Oh, and don't forget to enter my little giveaway two posts down. I'm not linking to myself again because did I mention? It's lazy Friday.


Dedee said...

That picture rocks! Thanks for the added giggle. Glad you have chosen to feel better.

Wonder what I should choose now.

LisAway said...

Baby legs MUST BE SEEN. And diapered baby bums, too. Love 'em.

Kimberly said...

Sorry about the bummedness but glad you've gotten past it! Such a grand feeling, that!

Funny thing...we're totally having ribs for dinner tonight. Weird!

What a cutie!

charrette said...

Love that you're celebrating not being bummed by showing us...your baby's bum! :)

I'm sure there's something profound and philosophical in there somewhere...but for now I'm just glad that you're out of the dumps!

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh who cares about bare baby legs when they're eating. I't not like the bum was bare.
Good call on deciding to be happy. I can do that sometimes too.