Friday, October 24, 2008

I feel discouraged...

Can you guys enter my contest below? Pretty please?

Because I'm kind of sad no one's entering and don't feel funny or introspective enough to produce a list of Friday Favorites.

I'm going to eat oatmeal and see if a hot breakfast cheers me up while not thinking about our looming Cub Scout field trip this afternoon and pretending that I don't have five places to be at this morning. I'm staying in my cave until the Cubs say I have to come out.

Oh, yeah, and I'll pick up my one kid from school. Because I like him.


LisAway said...

Oh, sorry! I was husbandless yesterday and I just read you in my Reader and got sidetracked and forgot to come on over and comment.

charrette said...

I just did something completely insane and volunteered myself to be the assistant den leader! (Yikes!)

So sorry you're bummed.
Everyone is probably too intimidated to recommend any books to you...
(I was, but I did it anyway)

But I totally understand the need for a cave day, and hole up there myself more often than I probably should.

Eowyn said...

Cub Scouts would send me in a cave for sure!

Good luck with that.

*MARY* said...

I entered, can I enter again? Because I will, if allowed.