Saturday, January 3, 2009

Upping the ante!

So, have you entered to win the Tim Tams? Do you even know what Tim Tams are? HURRY, go to yesterday's post and enter now! Why, you ask?


One, because the contest ends Monday and they're super awesome cookies. But that's the lame reason why.

TWO is the awesome reason why you should: Helen at Dal, Hel and Bel is a crazy Aussie who likes to rock the party and she de-lurked after months (I'm just plugging in the length of the time that satisfies my ego so it may or may not be true) of following to tell me she was so delighted I was spreading the Tim Tam love, that she's going to throw in a full set of all the flavors for us Tim Tam deprived Americans.

Check it out: she's going to kick in (besides the caramel and chocolate which I had to drive to TWO Targets yesterday to get) the flavors of Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam Dark, Tim Tam Love Potions Double Chocolate and Raspberry, Tim Tam Love Potions Chocolate Mud, Tim Tam Love Potions Sticky Vanilla Toffee, and Tim Tam Latte.

WHAT?! I said, she's a CRAZY Australian. And I think these might be coming from AUSTRALIA, not even via Target!


I strongly suggest you check out the blogs she follows, find out if you're one of them, and mention Tim Tams on your blog. She might HOOK YOU UP!

She even offered to send me all of those flavors but I felt bad for making her do it twice, so I DECLINED because I'm incredibly honorable.

But it was HARD.

I feel like SUE today. HI, SUE.

So for the love of TAMN or Tim Tams, or even just for the chance to love Tim Tams, enter here.

Oh, and I just found out even more hilarious Tim Tam stuff through commenter Chris's blog. You gotta check it out!


Jami said...

Well, I'll start the comments off, because I'd hate for you not to hit your minimum and leave us waiting and waiting for a new post.

Remember the Toblerone!

Josi said...

So if I enter here, dies that count as an extra entry? And I so admire how incredibly honorable you are :-) (will abject compliments make that three entries?)

Chris said...

HI Melanie!

Thanks for the link! :)

I'm hoping for another Tim Tam post because I'm finding them a HOOT, so I'm commenting too!!! :)

That Tim Tam commercial with the genie is so funny! I need one of those around to refill empty Tim Tam packages... once I finally track some down, that is! :)

Hel said...

Oh, it was sooo many months of lurking it's embarrassing. I like to call myself a professional lurker.

Soooo.... Arnotts have changed the Tim Tam varieties on me. I promise there will be just as many, but I can't promise they will be the same. SORRY! I may have made a liar out of you.

Heather of the EO said...

I can't believe Hel made you LIE.

Kidding, of course. Whatever the variety I'm sure they're yummerific.

This is so much fun, Sue. Oh wait...I mean, MELANIE! YES, Melanie J!

Sue said...

hee hee

I mean, HEE HEE.

CaJoh said...

Figured I might as well comment to at least get a chance to try what all the excitement is all about.

Way too late in the evening to remember if there are any local varieties of cookies or candy that I love. Thanks for the link.

Shellie said...

so um is this mean I get another entry. I'm so tempted to just go buy them right now.

Janette Rallison said...

Choclate . . . my true love.