Friday, March 13, 2009

I need a snooze button for my life.

I just got hit with the most timely tag EVER, you guys.

My husband has been subbing in seminary this week (early morning daily scripture study class for high school students) and class starts at 5:45 a.m. This coinicides with the baby cutting two molars and crying in his sleep all night so that I have to get up to soothe/medicate/feed him. And I'm suffering from one of my infrequent but not unheard of bouts of insomnia, which I blame on daylight savings time. You know what that means, right? I've been practicing being pregnant. Because that's what my last pregnancy was like: no sleep for days on end, wandering around delirious, forgetting stuff, taking twice as long as normal to do stuff. Awesome. For my husband, the huge upside is that this week has swung the pendulum wildly back in his favor for waiting a while longer to have another baby.

I'm tired.

So very, very tired.

I slept for two hours last night. Sort of slept. One. two. Not enough.

And therefore, my favorite thing this Friday is this tag, which means I don't have to think of what to write. It's the lazy blogger's writing prompt. So thank you Carolynn at Willow Tree, for making my sleep deprivation just a little more bearable.

1. The first random fact I have is that my middle name is Random.

2. No, it's not. It's Ann. My real first fact is that I can't eat sandwiches without onions.

3. I guess you actually have two facts about me. So this really is the third. The sound of plastic wrappers opening during quiet times (church, theaters, etc.) makes me feel almost violent.

4. I can't fall asleep if the bathroom door is open. Monsters, you know. Closed doors stop them.

5. I used to have fingernails over an inch long. I quit that after high school. It's not that I really liked long nails. I was just too lazy to cut them.

6. I'm slightly OCD about keeping my feet clean.

7. I'm a really good hula hooper.

And if you ever can't think of seven random things about yourself on your own, ask your husband. He'll come up with ten without even trying.

As for who I'm I'm honestly too tired to do the links right now so I'll come back and do that later. I'll make my choices based on who I think will truly give the most random, entertaining answers or else who I'm new blog friends with. Nay, I choose both. If I leave you a comment that you've been tagged, you'll have to decide which category you fall in.

Oh, I need chocolate or Red Bull or some sleep or a full-time baby nanny or all of these things right now. Except the Red Bull. I might never sleep again with that. Shudder.

P.S. You should read this book. A biddy gets her comeuppance. It's cool. You'll like it.


Kristina P. said...

My name is Anne too. Except it's spelling the right way. With an "e."

Kimberly said...

Out of sympathy, I'm going to go to bed now instead of staying up an hour later playing online scrabble.

I hate the sound of those plastic wrappers too...except...sometimes I do it because my kids are hungry during church and I was too lazy/running behind schedule to put the food in quiet containers.

Please don't hate me.

p.s. I got my lipstick and gloss today! It looks fabulous on me! I'm taking off on vacation first thing tomorrow but before and after pictures WILL be posted.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, golly, I hope you get some really good sleep very soon! That's just not right.

charrette said...

I have insomnia too. And a hubby who leaves at 5:45 for production meetings. I despise Daylight Savings Time and the terminal jet lag feeling I get from it. Seriously, I'm pushing to have it repealed on the next ballot. And I so understand walking around in a fog and forgetting basic things.

BUT I do not have a teething baby. Or any babies at all any more. AND I take naps.

I hope you get some sleep soon. Some serious survival sleep. If I could bottle some I'd send it to you. (If I could bottle some I'd also be very, very rich!)

Christi said...

I am convinced that daylight savings time is a plot by the government to drive us insane. Now they are saying it also raises the risk of heart attacks.

And Kristina, she is tired. Sleep deprived. You can't expect her to remember how to spell her name.

Cause it is spelled with an "e" My birth certificate says so.

Another Anne

LisAway said...

We haven't changed time yet. Not sure when it happens. . .

Bathroom monsters are certainly the scariest, but it is very convenient that they can't get past a door.

And when I did this tag and asked my husband the only thing he came up with was that I get mad at him if he eats the last brownie. Nice. . .

Shellie said...

you totally had me. I was thinking wow "Random" must be some sort of family name?

Kazzy said...

I have only struggled with insomnia a few short times. It is truly evil. Best of luck!

CaJoh said...

I almost believed that Random is your middle name— but Ann is just as good. I added a second middle name so I could have a pen name based upon my two middle names. It's not legal, but makes a good story none the less.

DeNae said...

I don't have a middle name. So as of this moment I'm giving myself "Random", since you apparently have no need for it.

And I'm going to write a bunch of nonsense letters right here sal;kfjewotijo because I know you're too tired to even notice.

You might as well have that next baby, baby. You're already at the brink of a psychotic break, which puts you in a really good place for multiple children.

Anonymous said...

I was about to type a long comment but I'm too sleep-deprived to manage it. But may I just say I just got wakened from a mid-morning nap (the new baby and the sick 8-year-old are sleeping, too) by the yells of the two-year-old who had climbed up on the counter and gotten stuck and was holding two bottles of the medicine I'd kept meaning to move to a higher counter. Thank heavens he'd grabbed the childproof bottles and not the chewable pills in the open-able packets. I threw all the medicine in the higher cupboard (hodgepodge) and traded him the medicine bottles for a fruit snack and put him back in front of PBSKids on the TV and now I'm going back to bed.

(That was actually the long comment I thought I didn't have the energy to make.)

Annette Lyon said...

Hope you get some sleep soon. Ugh.

Stephanie and Co. said...

Don't ever sit by my mother anywhere. She always has very, very noisy wrappers and opens the candy very conspicuously. She does it in the temple too.
(And I must admit at church I do it all the time with fruit snacks. I figure it's a better noise than screaming and crying. But please don't hate me.)

Eowyn said...

Plastic wrappers do the same thing to me. Murder doesn't seem good enough for people when it's right in the middle of a piano concerto!

Can't go with you on the onions though.

Here's hoping you get more sleep!

Debbie said...

Wait a minute. Your husband is teaching a class for high schoolers that starts at 5:45 a.m.? Did I read that correctly? Because the only thing I could do with my high schoolers at that time of day (well, technically night) would be to duck and run.

wendy said...

Those were good 7 things --I have to have my feet CLEAN to -or ya know what, I can't breathe!!!! Yup. Sorry for the lack of sleep. no advice there-------
and know what else, I used to teach early morning seminary right after I had my 4th baby, That was HARD. I am soooo not a morning person.
talking to much ---shhhhh, go get a nap

Alison Wonderland said...

I don't want to keep you up with a comment, just go about your business and good luck with it.

Jessica G. said...

Jumping on the "Middle Name is Anne" bandwagon. And maybe that's why there are monsters in your bathroom and not in mine.

Heather of the EO said...

I feel that way about doors and monsters too.