Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kodak moments

I was going to blog about our fantastic Palm Springs weekend for my husband's 40th birthday, but he already did in yesterday's comment trail. Here's the gist of it, leaving out some of the ooey-gooey stuff:

Here's what she did: 1. Planned a romantic get-a-way for two at a cool little Moroccan themed Inn and Spa near Palms Springs. ...*boring, mushy stuff*.... 4. Once we got to the Inn, we didn't have to DO anything or BE anywhere if we didn't want to. She left it all up to me. And consequently we didn't do much and I enjoyed it immensely!

So since he kind of told you everything already, I'll leave you with some pictures of the El Morocco Inn and Spa. It was a lovely desert oasis. We've stayed in hotels in New York, Paris, Rome, LA, Florence, Nice, Glasgow, Venice, and the English countryside, and this was HANDS DOWN my favorite of all of them. No detail overlooked, the owners are warm and wonderful, and the experience was utterly perfect.

Twilight by the mineral spring pool

Our 7-foot round bed in a room called "The Sultan's Playpen." Don't love the name, LOVED the room. And there are crazy piles of pillows hidden behind those veil thingies.

Interior shot of the HUGE hot tub fed by a hot mineral spring

This is where I lounged pool side and thought about writing but never got around to it.

All the doors are painted Moroccan blue

My favorite picture EASILY. Study it closely:
This captures the split second before Kenny's momentum as he raced to beat the self-timer on the camera carried him backwards over the bench and he landed in the weeds with his feet sticking up in the air. It's totally worth me looking like a dweeb for the pleasure of that memory.
P.S. I'm not fat. It's just my posture.


Debbie said...

You are beautiful and oh so funny! And how great that he fell getting the perfect shot.
So, I've never slept on a round bed. I think I'd feel like I was falling off all of the time.

CaJoh said...

So romantic— love it. I'm sure there are some spas somewhere around in ChiTown. I'll have to consider something like that for my wife.

LisAway said...

WOW! I've heard hints about your amazing gift giving abilities, but this is just awesome! Lovely pictures.

Your posture is fat? So's mine! :)

Annette Lyon said...

You. Are an awesome wife.

Kristina P. said...

That place looks awesome!

And you don't look fat at all! Now, your posture is a different story.

Lara said...

Wow! What a wonderful birthday getaway...I'm sure it was just as great for you as it was for him! You'd have to feel like a queen sleeping on that bed!

Emily said...

Yay for hotel retreats with your hubby!

Looks beautiful!

I thought your favorite part of the picture was his Louisiana State T-shirt!

LexiconLuvr said...

What an awesome experience! And I'll go with LisAway's comment and say you've got mad "gift giving abilities!"
I thought you looked great!

Kimberly said...

I wish my posture was a skinny as your posture.

It looks absolutely lovely there. Very warm and inviting looking!

DeNae said...

K, I'm totally looking into this place. And I'm not fat either; just poorly distributed.

OK, I'm fat.

BTW, any chance of life bringing you Vegas way in the near or distant future? Lately I'm all about lunching with select, coolest of the cool, blogging pals. Think about it!

Jami said...

They should give you a free extra weekend for this. Wow! It just sounds so delightful.

Kazzy said...

Oh man, this is the second blog I have read today about couples going on a getaway. I need more money!

Alison Wonderland said...

Sultan's playpen? Seriously?
Who thought that was a good idea?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ahahah h a hah a At the thought of Kenny about to biff it AND at CaJoh saying "so romantic"

That guys is classic, ain't he?

OMGOSH you hotel getaway sound so FABU! You lucky ducky!!!!!

So jealous.

LisAway said...

How dare you edit out the "boring mushy stuff!" That was my favorite part. I didn't find this post to be even remotely self congragulatory, just so you know.

charrette said...

Excellent! I want to go there. Now.
Except I will be so tempted to rename the Sultan's Playpen or whatever naughty thing that is...

Need cash. Need hubby-hotel-getaway.
Need new posture.

But seriously happy for you! :)