Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save me from Slappy Hooper!

This is the notebook I scribble in right now:

It has one page of notes I took on a trip to New York when I was pretending to be all writerly in the city and observing the natives. Then I lost it for it year. Then there's about twenty pages of notes and to do do lists for that stupid family night fundraiser I corralled.

This is the notebook I bought from Staples the other day to give away:
Cute, right? Oops. I forgot to take pictures of the purple pens. Whatever. Anyway, guess who won this notebook? Erin from If You Give a Mom a Moment!

This is the notebook I bought at Target yesterday because I wasn't kidding about having a problem. Then a whole bunch of you enablers showed up in my comment box yesterday and shared your deep and abiding love of notebooks too and I couldn't resist giving out another one. And guess who won that? Nancy!!!!

So what am I giving away today? Well, if your name is Slappy Hooper, you're going to be super excited. I'm giving away the chance to name a character in my current manuscript. And it might get published, too. Maybe even probably? I don't know. I think so! Anyway, I thought someone might like seeing their name as a character in a book, kind of like how Janette Rallison put James Dashner in My Fair Godmother (LOVED it). When I mentioned that's what I was giving away next, my husband said, "I'm going to enter that one and name the character Slappy Hooper!" which is his eBay i.d.

Uh, so please, a lot of you enter and decrease the odds that my smart, sassy Ashley ends up making out holding hands with Slappy Hooper. You have until midnight and you just need to drop a comment down below.

But wait....that's not all! I've had themes (sort of) for each give away this week but I have something else to give away that doesn't fit anywhere really, so I'm giving it away today. I love shower gels and smelly lotions and by far my favorite is Philosophy stuff. Soooo good. Especially Cinnamon Bun. Heaven! They even put the recipe on the bottle. But today I'm going to give away a shower gel scent from Philosophy called Raspberry Sorbet. Check it out:

Tomorrow I'm giving away my reason for writing, so stay tuned for that.

Speaking of, I think I do stuff besides give away things on my blog all day.

Where was I?

Yeah, writing. Yesterday I told you about why I deep down for REALS blog now. It's about the love and neurotic need I have to be validated. And also talk to grown ups. But I did start out looking to connect with other writers and I've found some wonderful blogs in that vein. Early on someone pointed me toward LDS Publisher and reading that is one of the smartest things I ever started doing as a writer. That eventually lead me to Six Writers and a Frog and Writing on the Wall, two blogs that look at different aspects of writing. But then those are kind of the business, not fun, blogs I go to. When I want to hang out with like-minded writers who make me laugh smile and think, I go here:

Annette Lyon at The Lyon's Tale. You know her, you love her. She talks about writing all the time, like in her Writer's Journey which I find fascinating. But she talks about lots of other things that I love, like grammar and linguistics and Finland. Well, I don't know if I love Finalnd, but I love hearing about it. I'd love it if I went there, I bet. Want to take me, Annette? Anyway, she's so articulate that no matter how long her posts are, I NEVER get bored reading them and I have the attention span of gnat when it comes to blog posts sometimes. That's not to say hers are long. I just mean that she's one of the few people who can truly hold my attention for any length of time. Her personality and voice just shine through and she is in person exactly like I thought she'd be from her blog. And she has helped me soooo much, even though I ask some seriously stupid questions. She always, always helps me.

Lexicon Luvr: One of the nicest people EVER. Ever. I love reading her blog because it shines with such sincerity and she's soooo passionate about writing. You can tell she just loves it with every fiber of her being.

Becca Loves Books: I'm really new to this blog but man, she speaks my language. She's so down to earth and committed to her craft, but not all like super serious. She finds the fun in writing and I really like that.

There are a couple of other writer's blogs I like dropping in on a regular basis but the focus of their blogs isn't really about writing which is the only reason they aren't showing up in this list. Don't be sad!
Oh, AND. . . I forgot to anounce the winner yesterday for the recipes. It was Jessica G. Yay!
And don't forget to actually look at my new blogl ook if you haven't seen it yet.
Okay, enter away!


Luisa Perkins said...

THIS is the prize I want! Pick me to name your character!

How's your mouth, btw?

Shellie said...

That is an awesome prize! I love your notebook addiction... I have one notebook that I thought I'd be able to jot down ideas but its also filled with to do lists :)

Anonymous said...

My husband wants to name the first dog we get Gloppy McGilly. I feel your pain.

Don said...

I wanted to name our first child Cassion.

Cassion Carey.

Yeah, that's what my wife said.

But I know I can do way better than Slappy Hooper. ]>:-)

Erin said...

Yippee! I saw that notebook and thought, "How cute!" Then I saw that I won. Thank you!

Eowyn said...

Me! Me! Me!

Love all of those sites you mentioned. (Except the one I haven't been to, but I'll remedy that.)

I obviously need to stop buying the 10 cent notebooks. Those are all waaay cuter than mine. I still have a bazillion though.

Amber Lynae said...

Write Stuff, I forgot to mention yesterday that you are beautiful. I love the new header.

Thanks for the list of blogs. I haven't written much on my blog about my writing journey. But my journey is a more recent one. Thank you for listing blogs that have inspired you. I visited them and will definitely be adding more blogs to read.

Emily said...

Pick me! I PROMISE to think of a good name! Plus, I want that shower gel!

DeNae said...

I humbly submit my own name for consideration in the contest for naming a character, which, if I win, I will humbly submit my own name for consideration.

But her name would have to be "DeNae Jolie", since I'm always mistaken for that other Jolie chick anyway. At least now - if I win - I can say, "No, you're thinking of that character in my bloggy pal Melanie's book. It's ok; I get that all the time."

Kristina P. said...

Congrats to the winners!

Aubrey said...

Slappy Hooper.
Laugh snort.

Thank Kenny for me because the way this day is looking, that might be the only giggle I get all day.

Heidi Ashworth said...

You and I have a lot of the same favorite blogs!

Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...

Melanie! You sure know how to keep us coming back for more!!! Slappy Hooper. ummmmm!!!???

Sue said...

I MUST WIN THIS so that I can torture you with a completely inappropriate character name. {insert evil laughter here}

Linda said... give away!!!!!

nano*ink said...

Is the Nancy winner ME? Wahoo!
I won a Bible once...hundreds of years ago.
I like the name Harry for a Dad's name.

wendy said...

Raspberry Sorbet---------WONDERFUL!! notebooks are fun and I love them as well,

Heather of the EO said...

FOR REALZ??? Oh BOY, this is FUN.

But I forgot I wasn't entering your giveaways anymore because I always win with some kooky mind control I'm using but I have to enter this one because I just have to. So there.

Emily said...

Ah, it's me again, feeling the blog love! I was searching your entries to find out who designed your new blog look when I noticed my blog was on your blog roll!

Feeling so loved right now . . .

What was my question?

L.T. Elliot said...

Melanie, you're TOO nice to me. I've totally fooled you! I'm really a mean, vicious, baby-eating, monster! Okay...I don't eat babies. Much.

Thank you so much, Melanie! You really are too kind and I just love the heck out of you. (SERIOUSLY! I'd hug and squeeze you until there was nothing left. But I won't because you're super hot and the world needs to see that super nice people are also super hot.)

charrette said...

I love this prize. And I'm good at names. (Ask Luisa). :) Do I have to tell you my character name right now? Or just come up with one if I win?

Actually I MUST enter your giveaway because I think yours is the only one I HAVEN'T won. (I'm lucky like that. But apparently not as lucky as Heather.) :)

Kenny, the Husband said...




That's it. I commented. I'm in the drawing. And the universe will go my way.

BTW, I'm watching you draw the "random" winner this time!

Annette Lyon said...

Aw . . . here I was about to make some snarky comment about not winning again, and then you all make me misty. You said such nice things about me. *Sniff.*

Anonymous said...

Guess what I just got in the mail? YUM! It's so rich I think it *might* actually last me a while. :)

I've been avoiding entering the other giveaways since I felt I should give others a chance to win, but I had to pop in and say THANK YOU!

(I am, however, not good at naming (which really bothers me since I think it ought to be right up my alley,) but my husband and kids are good at it so I'd ask for their help if I won this one. We might even come up with something as good as Slappy Hooper.)

Becca said...

If I were to ever get one of those little yippy dogs (which I won't) I would name him Spencer W. Kibble.

But I'm not very great at naming people.

And also, thanks for the love. Some of your friends are already some of my new friends. And isn't that why we do this thing?

janabananagirl said...

If you're giving away all your reasons for writing, by all means, send them my way! I seem to have misplaced mine...

Oh wait. That sounded really sad and depressing, like I've lost the will to live or something. Erm...really it just means I've got major writers block, which is quite ironic since I am a writer by profession (shhh, don't tell my boss).

I'm crossing my fingers that I win the shower gel, although it would be cool to name a character in a book (I don't recommend giving me that prize, though. Writers block, remember?)