Friday, September 25, 2009

Word up

I love words. Like maybe psyhcotically so. As in, if my husband uses a really nice $2 word, I will kiss him. And if he's not in kissing distance, I will slap him an air high five. I still remember the first $2 word he ever used on me. "Dichotomy." It's one of my favorite words now.

I was thinking today about a couple of words I like. I love the word "gloaming." It means twilight or dusk. It reminds me of the ee cummings poem and his line, "The magical hour when is becomes if."

I also thought about the word impresario. I like that one too, mainly because I like the way it bounces around my mouth when I say it.

Spit out your favorite words in the comment box and let them bounce around there. Is fun. I promise.


evitafjord said...

Fjord is my favorite, favorite word, but I am also fond of onomatopoeia, linguistics, palindrome, and superfluous.

Luisa Perkins said...

I love "gloaming." It is in the title of one of my half-finished fantasy novels.

I also love "chary," "inimitable," and any adjective ending in "-id." Limpid, fervid, gravid, fetid, etc.

I could go on and on.

Air five Kenny on my behalf.

InkMom said...

I always count syllables and high five my husband, too. Funny. He doesn't do it to me. I think that's because I'm a little over the top in the vocabulary usage department.

I just discovered this word:


And I love it. It will play an important part in an upcoming post that's still in the formative stages. But isn't it a great word? It's fun to say it, and it's fun to type it. Syzygy. Syzygy.

Love it!

Don said...

Penultimate. So much more elegant than "next to the last." We need to use it more on this side of the pond.

April said...

I stink at this game. I but I am having fun watching you play!

Kristina P. said...

Wow, I love words too, but I can't think of my favorite word!

My coworker Charlie is always making fun of me for my vocabulary, and he accuses me daily of making words up. So I like to use big words to make him feel bad about himself. I'm a great coworker.

The two words he's been using incorrectly right now are "ebullient" and "preternatural."

Kenny, the Husband said...

Don, I love "penultimate" too, ever since I learned Spanish. I also love "antepenultimate", for which we don't even have a common phrase..("the one before the second to last one"?!?)

aficionado (the best Spanish word introduced to the English language that it not food)

My favorite word of the week has to do with my new woodworking hobby: mandrel

Other woodworking terms I like:

Eowyn said...

Abscond. There's just something about saying that word. . .

callipygian (You'll have to look the definition up yourself of that one.)

I like words too. I remember being at a writers workshop and the lady talked about listening to the words around you. Her son went a whole 10 minute drive once saying the words "tea tray" over and over because he liked how it sounded.

I can't hear Luisa's "-id" adjectives without thinking of Anne of Green Gables. :)

I love words!

L.T. Elliot said...

I love fruition, erudite, effluvium, ubiquitious, archaic, fecund, and I could go on and on. This is pretty hard to just pick a few! I love so many!

I loved Kenny's list on here, especially antepenulitimate. I also loved your word, dichotomy. It does taste so pretty on the tongue!

Becca said...

Okay, so there's "persnickety" and "snark" (or "snarky", noun or verb), and I've always loved "bozo". But not all the words I love are insults. I also love "abscond" (like Eowyn) and "felicity" and "don" as in to "don clothing", but on certain days, you just can't beat "crapulent".

kelberology 101 said...

I love the word plethora.

Kimberly said... is a site for word nerds to compile lists of their favourite words. Love it.

Discombobulated. Plethora. Transcendental. Anthropomorphological. Idyllic. Languish. Corruscated. Addlepated.

DeNae said...

I love "exacerbate" because it sounds a little naughty but really isn't!

Another one from that category is "weenus", which is the skin over your elbow. My kids can entertain themselves for hours with that word.

However, if you were to ask my family what my favorite word is based on usage, I"m afraid it would start with "sh" and rhyme with "it".

I'm not proud of that.

DeNae said...

Oh, and years ago I sang with the group that recorded all the Hymns for the church (so if you own those CDs, listen for the altos. That's toally me) And we couldn't stop laughing during "The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare" because of that fabulous line "sultry glebe".

Oh, my, those are great words.

Sultry glebe.
Sultry glebe.
Sultry glebe.


Kazzy said...


Man, I'm weird.

Kaylie said...

In Canada, we have this song everybody sings around a campfire called Fire's Burning. One of the lines is "In the gloaming", but when I was little, I always thought it was "in the glowing".
Here's a good (well, not really) word: recidivism.

That Girl said...


We award POINTS for cool words, but attaching dollar amounts could be fun too ...

wendy said...

If you use your SEXY voice and say Diarrhea ---it sounds kinda lovely.

you asked.

Emily said...

My father, the linguist, always pulled $2,$5,and $10 words out of the secret Rolodex in his mind. Growing up, I used the word "persnickety" all the time because that is exactly how you describe my twin.

Just a few months ago, my dad told one of my siblings not to recidivate and we were all, "HUH?"

Now, I don't know how I've lived this long without that word!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

uninhabitable (just fun to say).
And (Kenny will appreciate this) when I took Spanish 1 in high school and learned the phrase "montar a caballo," for some reason I thought it sounded so beautiful that I would repeat it over and over again in my mind and say it out loud on bike rides.

Anonymous said...

Susurrus. I just read "Gilead" by Marilynne Robinson and she used it twice, and when I told my brother so, he said, "That's right, she does. Twice." (He read the book about two years ago, but remembered that detail.)

Wow, I just barely learned the term "50-cent word," and already there's been 200% inflation?

My husband remembers and uses the vocabulary he studied for the GRE, and he has once or twice corrected me on a word and been right--like, I didn't know that it's only within the Church that we say "proselyte" as a verb, whereas everyone else says "proselytize."