Thursday, October 15, 2009

Driver's ed.

I have picked a new title. It will be submitted with the committee's title and we'll see how they stack up against each other. I kinda like them both.

Anyway, here's the thing. The "winning" title didn't actually come from the comment trail; it came from my brother. Who knew he was a gifted chick-lit-title-thinker-upper?

His title is: (Drum roll, please...)

Love Bytes.
Ha, ha, ha! I love it!
However, I am deeply grateful for all the suggestions you guys gave me, too. I counted 49 total. So using the good old random number generator, it turns out that the winning suggestion is 23, and that means the copy of Aubrey Mace's cute new book Santa, Maybe goes to LT Elliot. Yay!
Now, in other news...we got a minivan today!
Of course, I realize that there are a lot of people that would not say "Woot!" to a minivan because they would say "Woot!" to an SUV. But I would not say "Woot!" to an SUV. Um, I actually wouldn't say "Woot!" at all because I only write "Woot!"
Anyway, it's used (because I am imminently practical), it's a Toyota Sienna (because I am imminently practical), and it has some lovely bells and whistles (because not every single part of me is totally practical).
I always thought getting a minivan would be the equivalent of wearing mom jeans with stretched out, faded t-shirts and house slippers. I figured myself for an SUV girl, maybe a Yukon or a Highlander or something. That was until we had to shuffle around a bunch of adults and luggage and we tried both kinds of vehicle.
It was way easier AND roomier in a minivan. And I hate climbing UP into SUVs. I am a young thirty something with the knees of an old, old man. As in, not hairy and knobby. As in, creaky and groany.
And it's way easier schlepping a baby carrier in and out of a minivan than it is an SUV.
Of course, I know you're either one or the other. This is like the Israel and Palestine of vehicle philosophies, so go ahead and spill your guts. There's no brokering peace, so let's all vent our opinions in the comment trail and try for at least a cathartic purging. (This always seems to make the anti-minivan people especially feel better.)
Oh, and so far, the minivan's name is Cute Pearl.
Guess I better tell Kenny that.


Kristina P. said...

How did I not come up with that title! Classic! Love it.

And my husband hates minivans more than I hate Mario Lopez.

Don said...

Hi. I'm Don, and I drive a minivan. I started about a year ago for practical reasons that had nothing to do with cargo space or fuel economy, but those are the things really got me hooked.

Minivan drivers kind of have a reputation, I guess. It's not entirely undeserved, and looking in the rear view mirror I suppose I'm not doing a whole lot to reverse the stereotype.

I have a truck I can drive if I need to try and look cool (so what if it's fifteen-years-old with a quarter-million miles), but even the Ranger can't beat the van for cargo capacity. And kid capacity? Forget it.

It's a good thing I've grown into a middle-aged fat man with a bad, graying haircut, because I think minivans will be part of my life for a long, long time.

InkMom said...

My Honda Odyssey has more pick-up and more responsive handling than some sports cars I've driven. I always make sure my kids are buckled because sometimes, I just NEED to take those corners a little on the fast side.

I'll take you down, SUV driver. My minivan will take you DOWN!

Luisa Perkins said...

Nice title! And congrats to LT!

Siennas = awesome!

We had a Honda Odyssey for five years. I loved it (her name was Betsy): the automatic doors, the roomy cargo area.

Then we got a Honda Pilot because we needed four-wheel drive. Winter driving is just too scary here otherwise. I love the Pilot (her name is Amelia): the 4WD, the XM radio. We've had it for three years, and we'll drive it for another two or so.

Then we had baby #6, which means we'll have a Pilot for the foreseeable future, since it's the only remotely fuel-efficient 4WD SUV that seats 8.

But I hope they come out with the Pilot Hybrid in this country soon.

Valerie said...

LOVE the title!

We also drive a minivan. I fought it for five years- but after driving an SUV, the minivan is more kid-friendly. Oh, we named our van "The Whited Sepulchre" because it looks nice and white on the outside, but on the know (but no "dead men's bones"- we're not that creepy).

Becca said...

When Kid 4 showed up, we had to finally let got he Accord that we loved so much (mostly for its nearly 40 mpg) and what we could afford (to buy, to gas, to insure) was a minivan. And I will never say I love it, but I appreciate so many things about it. It is quiet. It gives my kids a place to spread (show me an SUV with captains chairs and I may convert). There is Room for all our Stuff. Mmm. Stuff.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

That's a great title. I totally meant to come back and add one in the mix after I thought it over and had genius insight. In fact, the name I thought of was "Love Bytes." Really. I totally thought of that. Kind of. Okay, not really, but that's exactly as brilliant as the one I was going to come up with.

I thought I would hate a minivan, but I love it. Not even for cargo space alone, but because I feel safer, I have better night vision b/c I'm seated higher, and because I can separate my children. I'm not ashamed.

MommyJ said...

So, I had an Odyssey, then I traded it for a Pilot because I was literally living over the river and through the woods (you actually drove through water to get to my house, so yeah... the 4 wheel drive was a necessity), but then we moved, had one more kid and I missed the ease and functionality of the minivan. So I traded the Pilot in for another Odyssey. I love it. It's the perfect kid car, and it will hold five without any trouble. And it's paid for, which means I ain't getting anything else for a really long time!

Carolyn V. said...

LOVE the title!

Congrats L.T.

and yes, I am a mini-van fan. I swore I would never be (especially when I was a teen), but I am. My mini-van ROCKS! Plus the whole rocking out while picking out kids is still my favorite thing to do. mwa ha ha!

CountessLaurie said...

I love the title.

I am anit-minivan. I am anti-suv. I'm even anti-four door, but having put kids in the back seat of a honda civic for 6 years now, I may cave on the 4 door thing.

Dang this adulthood!!

Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...

Love my Sienna! Has 175k miles on it and going strong!!! Mine does not have the bells and whistles on it.. but it has 4 doors which was a MUST for me.. We had a SUV for a while,before I got my 1997 Sienna. It sure has changed my life for the better! My dream car is a VW beetle- baby blue convertible!! I know it's not practical, but can't a girl (oops woman) dream???

Congraulations on your new to you Sienna!

Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...


I love the title, I was thinking of that but then I thought Reality Bytes -book and a movie was too close???

Aubrey said...

That's SUCH a great title! I wish I had come up with it. I guess brilliance just runs in your family as far as titles go. :)

wonder woman said...

l o v e the title.

And minivans. Seriously. I've dreamed of the day I get one for years. And I'm only mid-20s. Such a nerd.

We have an Explorer right now. The only thing I like about it is that I named it Dora. (....wait for it.........THERE it is!)

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

that is a totally awesome title!

Myself, I'm not a minivan person--or an SUV person! SuVs are so honking huge! But I love my Honda Pilot. I think it's the best of both worlds. I still feel like a young chic even though I'll be able to fit six kids into it. LOL.

Amateur Steph said...

What a great title for your book!

I love minivans. They are so useful. The Toyota Sienna is number one, too. Having said that though, we rented a mid-size SUV for our last vacation and absolutely loved it. It's way out of our price range though, and really minivans are so practical.

Kimberly said...

I love love love the title!

In our family, I'm the cross-over SUV gal, and my hubby has the mini-van (he chose it because it's practical, funnily enough).

I miss my family right now, but I miss my Taurus-X too. Sniff sniff.

DeNae said...

Well, I'm old enough that we toted our little ones around in hand carts. No carbon footprint issues, but my arms look like they were rented from "Orangutans R Us".

K, not really. Had a minivan and loved it. Have a Yukon XL and love it. Hope some day to just drive a giant gas tank around, guzzling up valuable natural resources and mowing down rain forests.

But hey, that's just me.

charrette said... did I miss the title contest? But I do adore Love Bytes (hooray for savvy brother-in-laws) and I'm so happy that LT Elliott won, because she is so very lovely and literary, she deserves it.

And I'm with Novembrance. I'll be driving my honda pilot till the end of time.

charrette said...

But InkMom made me laugh!

Colipoki said...

Great title! I tried to think of one for your book but couldn't even muster a single idea, so I didn't post. Maybe your brother could pick a title for my book. :)

Lara said...

That is the perfect title! I am sad I missed the whole contest, not that I could have been as clever.

And Woot! to the minivan! I love mine!

Kazzy said...

Love the title!

And minivans are designed perfectly for families and stuff. Congrats!

CaJoh said...

Both SUV's and Mini-Vans are huge cars to me so I have no opinion.

Congratulations on your title. Tell him he's quite the clever one when it comes to clever title pickin'.

L.T. Elliot said...

Wow! Thanks, Melanie! I'm SUPER excited to read Aubrey's book! Hooray! (and thank you to everyone for all the congrats!)

I'm a mini-van driver. I had a hard time submitting to the will of the Mini-Van Gods but I'm a faithful follower these days. Not sure if I'm a true believer or not but I'm content in the flock. ;)

Emily said...

LOVE THE NEW NAME! What a witty brother!

And as far as the mini-van goes . . . well, I'm totally NOT a fan, but my super practical husband is and I think a van is in the cards for us.


Let me know how you love it.

Heather of the EO said...

GREAT title!

And...oh, the minivan. I kinda want to say I'm a part of the "rage against the minivan" clan, I'm not. My husband got that great deal on one and now I'm hooked to the convenience. I still feel all weird driving it sometimes, but then I say WHO CARES and seat dance to a hip and cool song while no one knows :)

JennyMac said...

I love the name of your minivan...even though I swear i will never own one! LOL.

April said...

The title Rocks!
I've had a van, and I will never go back! I love my red Yukon! Yes, I have to climb into it (I'm only 5'2" when I stretch). But I also have a CRV and that is cute too. But, my Yukon is my fav!

Julie Wright said...

I love the idea of a minivan! Congrats!

Kaylie said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm a Sienna girl, too. I hate gas-guzzlers, partly 'cause of the whole emissions thing, and partly 'cause I'm nervous gas prices might go above $4 again. But they do have hybrid SUVs. So I may jump onboard someday.

Eowyn said...

Love the title.

I drive a crossover.

I'd love to have a mini back.

That's all.