Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a Win-Win. One for you, one for me.

You are invited to a meeting of the Brain Trust. (That means if you're reading my blog, you're in the Brain Trust. It's a super exclusive group.)

Here's the scenario:

Twilight is already taken so. . . I need a different title. Want to help?

I helped my friend Aubrey Mace come up with the title for her new book, Santa Maybe. Know what I got? A free copy. And I'm going to pay it forward. If you can help me come up with the new title for my book, YOU also get a free copy of Santa, Maybe which is out this month. I'll tell you all about the total cuteness that is her book in a minute.

This is the dealio. My editor emailed me yesterday to tell me that there was a big pow-wow back at the Bat Cave regarding my book title. Seems that even though I submitted the novel over a year ago, a novel that just came out from them last month has a similar title and so they need a new one for mine. The new title is the subject of some debate and ambivalence among the sales and marketing teams, the retail executive staff, and store buyers, so they wanted my opinion. My opinion is that I'm. . . ambivalent.

While I can't tell you the new title, I have full permission to get your ideas for alternate suggestions. I'll give you a blurb of what the book is about, plus the old title. I'll look at your suggestions for a new title and the one I like best will win the commenter a copy of Santa, Maybe.

Okay, the nutshell: Jessie is a twenty-something accountant working for a major software company in Seattle where she just got a major promotion. Her fun-loving roommate Sandy is constantly trying to drag her out to have a social life but Jessie resists, usually because she has too much work. Mischevious Sandy sets up a profile for Jessie (without her knowledge) on an LDS dating site. At first Jessie is ready to kill her--until she sees a profile for Ben Bratton. Long (but really funny and totally engrossing) story short, Jessie has to work through her hurt from a past relationship and broken engagement and decide it's worth not hiding behind her work anymore to make a go of it with hot, funny Ben. There's lots of texts and IMs and emails in addition to their dates, so it's definitely modern dating.

The original title was Click. All parties agree that this is a great title. It fits because of the whole mouse "click" internet dating thing, and because of how they "click" with each other. However, the novel that came out last month is called Right Click and since it was first, mine has to change.

The only thing I've come up with is something like Working it Out. It kind of plays on the workaholic element but with the right cover, it could come off as light and hip. However, I can't say I love it. So this is where you guys come in. I'd love your ideas/suggestions. You get a new book out of it. . .

This book:I got to read this when it was just a Word file on my computer, but I started re-reading it now that it's an actual book and I still LOVE it! It's a really fun Christmas romance about a girl named Abbie who, to appease her nieces and nephew, writes a joking letter to Santa asking for a husband for Christmas. Guess what shows up under her tree in the wee hours of Christmas Day? A hot guy with amnesia, dressed in his pajamas and intent on eating all her breakfast cereal. Thus begins Abbie's mission to figure out who her handsome stranger really is. There has to be a logical explanation, because there's no such thing as Christmas magic. Is there . . .?

She won the Whitney Award for romance with Spare Change this year, and with good reason. I like Santa, Maybe even better and I know you'll have a great time with it, too.

To enter: throw out your suggestions for a title for The Novel Formerly Known as Click.

Come on Brain Trust. Rock it, my pretties!


InkMom said...


I'm still thinking. I'll be back with more!

Shellie said...

You've Got Mail?


i thought Double Click but it has the word click.

How about

"You make me :) and LOL"

"I <3 You"

oh shoot I don't know... but I'll think about it during the day!

evitafjord said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
evitafjord said...

In Real Life

eta: Is that too internet specific? Does everyone now know what IRL means?

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

Santa Maybe sounds totally darling. If I don't win it I'll have to buy it

I think InkMom's on the right track. Some texting jargon title like...

txt if u wan2


check yes or no


b4 u call

Don said...

You know how good I am at coming up with what not to name a book, but I thought I'd take a stab at it.

I actually liked the symbolism of the rock, and how Jessie needed to overcome her past before she could move on, and I tried to figure out a way to combine that with the technology element. I came up with:

Clicks and Stones

Kristina P. said...

How about, "Every Cyber of My Being."

How have I not written a book yet?

Anonymous said...

Ok here is my brain dump on the titles.

Nose to the Screenstone
Text Thumbs
Motherboard Hookup
Waiting on your text
Indox Full

I am not so great at this but good luck!

Becca said...

Oh, I feel your pain. You know I do.

All Work And No Play


Oh, where, oh where has my title mojo gone? I'll keep trying and get back with you.

Emily said...

This is WAY out of my creativity league. Want a photo when your SIL is not available? That I can help with. :)

Emily said...

Oh my heck! Kristina thought of the BEST title! How has she not written a book yet? :)

Migillicutty said...

no time 4 luv?


can i trust u?

I dunno.

Kimberly said...

So far I like Don and Kristina's best. You would think I could come up with something though since my first romance was an internet based one...hrmm...

Clickety-Clack, Please Text Back?

Don't :) at Strangers?

Err, yeah. I've got nothin'.

L.T. Elliot said...

I actually liked evitafjord's a lot.
Santa Maybe sounds darling! I've really got to check out her stuff.

My suggestions:
IM away
(this one's a joke) Blue Screen of Death
User Friendly
Troubleshooting (some play on this)
Technical Difficulties

Eh. I sucketh at this game.

Melanie's Sister said...

Single in Seattle.

Do you disown me now?

Melanie's sister said...

Workin' it!

Yeah, I'm defnitely disowned. And kinda embarrassed.

DeNae said...

How about "Stepford Wives"?

What? It's been done?

Sheesh, no one tells me anything...

I'll keep thinking and get back to you.

Aubrey said...

If I were a REALLY good friend, I would have the perfect title all ready for you, since you so kindly came up with mine. Ummmm....yeah.

Meh. Nothing yet.

But I've got my thinking cap on!

Anonymous said...

All Atwitter

(BTW a malaprop I've collected and not used yet is "all a-titter." I love that one.)

mimeerkat said...

Verbal Locket

The title of one of almost 2300 online love emails to me. Would love to share.


Becca said...

Okay - what about "the Key(board) to her Heart" or something ?

Titles, be cursed.

Tracy said...

Hmm...titles are tough, especially without reading the book, but here are a few. Just remember, they're free and you get what you pay for. :)

Heartbroken dot com
Scroll Down for Love (on second thought, that sounds R rated, haha)
Love In An Instant Message
I.M. In Love
Love Screen
2 L8 4 Love

I'll be back if I think of any more.

Valerie said...

It's late, so I may not like this title in the morning, but how about "Digi Date"?

annie valentine said...

I'm not loving the current working title, and in fact, I just read it 20 seconds ago and now I can't remember what it was.

Unfortunately I'm not much better at this than anyone else. Here's what I've got.

Virtually Single
Love Online
Relationship Re-do
Virtual Chemistry (although that one sounds a little iffy)
Type Yes
Send Love

That's all I've got. Good luck, and I love the title you came up with for Santa Maybe.

Luisa Perkins said...

Less Than Three
The Mouse and the Maiden
The Guyatus

These are all pretty slangy and may be too obscure for the committee. But my teens like them.

Luisa Perkins said...

PS? The person who really needs to be consulted is Charrette. Her titles ROCK.

FireFly Jamie said...

Love bytes
Profile of Love
Profiled for Love (sounds like a serial killer love story)
Love Types
E-Charmony (man that's bad)
Submit for Love
Compute Her
Submit to Commit
You've got Male
"Enter" into Love
"Return" for Romance
High-Speed Romance
Virtually There

charrette said...

You synopsis of that Santa, Maybe book makes me want to read it.

It was fun to read these posts backwards, knowing the winning title, and then hearing your plea for ideas. I think you have a winner on your hands.