Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Props to everyone who guessed Baby Girl's name is Seven.

But no, it's not.

It's not Apple or Moxie Crimefighter or Zuma or Inspektor Pilot or Sparrow or anything else equally. . . ridiculous.

In fact, let's talk about names.

Although I have lots and lots of concerns about having a girl (I stress a little less every day because to quote the movie, that little doodle can't be undid), the ONE thing that I thought right away was, "Well, at least clothes shopping for her will be more fun."

This was immediately followed by the additonal relief that we wouldn't have to think of a boy's name. Boys' names are hard. Our girl name we had all picked out and ready to go.

I'll announce it eventually, but I'll give you some hints. If you want to guess it, you can send me an email and I'll tell you if you're right. (And no DeNae, the first right answer does NOT win the baby.) Your hints: the name is Biblical, has four letters, and starts with a vowel. Enjoy.

Now, this was the name we came up with before we found out Baby G was of the male persuasion, so we've basically been holding on to it for over two years and we still love it. I think that's a great sign. It's just one HUGE less thing to worry about in a pregnancy during which I am a constant knot of anxiety, convincing myself each day that something new and horribly wrong has occurred to the little jelly bean residing in my womb.

If I had to think of a boy name? Uhhhh . . .

Let me tell you a sad story. For a long time, a boy name would have been no problem. James, my first one, was easy. That's my brother, father, grandfather and his father's name. Duh. I happen to love that name and knew from the time I was a kid that I would name my first son James. Just like I knew my second son would be William (another family name), Will for short. And no, I didn't worry about some vague future husband and his opinions. I can be remarkably bratty persuasive.

But my hopes for a Will were dashed because James got a brother named William from his dad and stepmom before I was even dating anyone. It's not like they knew I wanted the name or that I would have thrown a fit even if they did. Yeah, right. I had no idea if I'd ever even have more kids at that point. The dating pool looked murky with a light layer of scum resting on top.

That was okay, though. My next favorite name was safe: Jacob. Good old Jake.

And then I married a Jacobson. I couldn't convince myself much less my husband that Jacob Jacobson was a good idea. (I even tried it with a Scandinavian "y" sound for the J. Didn't help. Made me giggle, though.)

That's when things got tricky. See, I dated for SIXTEEN years before I got married and I dated A LOT of guys. That's a whole lot of names that were suddenly off-limits. I would not curse a child by naming them Sam or Aaron or any other name I liked if it had been sullied by a--a--a. . .well, a stupidhead of the same name.

Did I mention that was A LOT of names out of the mix?

Oh, and then there was the lovely fact that I taught mniddle school for five years and the handful of names left that I liked had generally been tainted by some middle school knucklehead. Ask a teacher: being in the classroom will ruin most names for you.

And the thing is, I'm not a big fan of trendy names, or unusual names, or made up names. I like traditional names. Unfortunately, that's what the trends are coming back around to, but whatever. That's been my preference for fifteen years and it's not changing. I'm also not a fan of normal names with odd spellings. I think it's mean to do that to a kid. Let them change the spelling later if that's what they want, I guess. And yeah, I realize that offends some of you. Don't be offended. I realize I'm in the minority on MY name preferences and it bothers me NOT AT ALL.

Anyway, had this baby been a boy, I think we finally agreed on Bennett. That's my maiden name. I was still working toward convincing my husband that we'd call the baby Ben, but I was making some progress because I'm bratty persuasive.

It's a moo point, as Joey would say. We've got a girl coming, ready to give her a name we love. And I get to buy lots of pink stuff, so I guess that's all I really need to know before I birth a female, right?


L.T. Elliot said...

Alas, I cannot participate. ;)

It's true that many a dating adventure/schooling ruins a name. And I hate to tell you, I am one of those who took a normal name and spelled it a little weird. *don't hate me*

InkMom said...

Oh, I'm totally with you on the traditional name thing. I'll be posting on names here in a week or so, too -- baby is coming, and we're naming!

I have also been known to eliminate a name as a possibility because of a character in a book I didn't like. My favorite name choice for this baby has a character in literature that I dislike, but I love the name so much that I've nearly convinced myself to overlook Elizabeth Bennett's impetuous and impulsive younger sister.

We'll see. CPod is not in agreement. But then, he doesn't have to risk life, limb, and vaginal integrity to bring her into this world. And after IVF with the twins -- well, usually all I have to say is, "Egg aspiration" and he's putty in my hands.

MommyJ said...

It's one of my pet peeves... normal names spelled ridiculously. Why oh why do that to a kid?

Who wants to spell their name for every single person that rights it down? Maybe you get used to it... I got used to telling everyone that I was NOT named Jennifer. My name was JUST Jenny, which I guess makes me some what of a minority. Even with how much I repeat myself, some people still insist on calling me Jennifer.

I'm totally going to figure out your name. And I agree that girl names are easier. If I have a girl, I know exactly what I'm going to name her. But a boy? That will be tougher.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I know it. I'll email you. Do I win a minivan or something? And I agree girl names are easier.

Tracy said...

Weird names were never my thing either, although I sometimes wonder if I'm relegating my children to a ho-hum kind of life. That feeling passes as soon as I remember that I'm not raising future rock/movie stars (um, not that there's anything wrong with that. I just have less exciting aspirations for my offspring.)

Lara said...

Naming is absolutely the hardest thing ever. Such responsibility!

I am also not one for spelling things strangely. In fact, shortly after I had Chloe (classic spelling), I was looking at a scrapbooking site online and I saw a page that had a picture of a little girl and her name was Kloeigh. It took me a full five minutes to realize it was a horrible spelling of Chloe. Poor child.

My name is spelled a bit differently, since it's not Laura (although, it really is just a completely different name even though the general population doesn't get that) and I HATE having to spell it out for every person and then having them still spell it with a "u".


ok my guess for the girl is ANNE and i say that b/c my daughter is ann claire

i am w/ you on the traditional vs trendy. how many tylers and taylors can we stomach? seriously? btw i know both and am related to several of the aforementioned names

and as a final note, my friend named her son bennett and i'd never heard that before, so wow, there ya go

found you from steph in the city

Sue said...

I like traditional names as well. My kids are Megan, Emma, Jacob and Joshua - Emma and Jacob are both ultra popular names right now, but that isn't my fault ;>

I'm guessing Eden?

Kristina P. said...

You are naming your daughter Abel? He wasn't the evil brother, right? Even if he was, totally OK! It's your right as a parent to make your child's life miserable.

And I'm so glad you admitted you were a bit of a hussie back in the day.

My brother and SIL are also pregnant with a girl, after two boys. You should see the names they are thinking of. Ridiculous spellings. Apparently, they want people to think they are ignorant.

wonder woman said...

A moo point. Like a cow's opinion. (Gotta love Friends)

I love the traditional names, too. I've always loved Sam and Jake. But with the last name May, I decided I can't have a one syllable first name. Or even a longer name that is easily shortened. Luckily I was able to find boys names both parents liked that weren't trendy or weird. (Isaac and Eric.)

But this little girl........I have no idea what her name is going to be!! I liked Emily for a really long time, but it's far too popular now. (But how cute is Emmy May?!) I don't want my kids to have lots of other kids with their name. I love Olivia and Lily and Isabelle and a million other names that are intensely popular right now.

I have no idea what her name will be.

Don said...

Names can be so hard.

We've got a girl with a four-letter, vowel-initiated, biblical name, too.

I give you permission to copy.

Carolyn V. said...

I've been gone for a week. Are we guessing the name of your baby then? Sweet! Now I'm going to have to think...think...think...

Anna said...

I'm about in the middle of the name ideas. I don't like way traditional... but I don't like way out there either.

My sister in law has some names of her daughters that are a bit out there for me. But it seems to fit her kids well.

I don't like lots of lots of multiple names in family. So I choose names not in the family for first names. Middle names have meaning.

My son's is my husbands middle name. My daughter's is my grandmother's middle name (that died when my mom was just a baby). My baby's middle name is the first name of my absolute FAVORITE teacher I ever had. Loved the teacher.

I like some meaning of why I named them what I did.

Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...

Like DeNae- I also have a girl who has a 4 letter bibical name that starts with a vowel- you also have my permission to copy! :-) Good Luck!

Kimberly said...

I love the traditional names too and the fact they've become trendy annoys the heck out of me.

Yay for having a name you really love!

CaJoh said...

I couldn't help but think of the They Might Be Giants song "Seven"

I always wanted to wait to see what the baby was like before picking a name. I had known a whole lot more girls than guys, so picking a girl name for me would have been easy.

Unfortunately, my wife already had children and was a bit too old to have ones of our own, so I never got the chance.

charrette said...

I love your throes of deliberations over the name choices. And I cannot wait for you to have another boy so you can name him Bennett. I have a brother named Bennett.

And I love that you already know you're having a girl and already know her name but aren't telling yet (Anna?)

But what totally made my day was your description of the pond scum on your dating pool! Just one more reason to love you!

Heather of the EO said...

Love the Juno reference.

And I really like Sue's guess, but I don't know...

I better not throw out more guesses cause I'm ALWAYS right. Kidding of course.

So happy for you. Really.

DeNae said...

Methuseleh? Gomorrah? Tyre and Sidon? Ur of the Chaldees? (THAT one's catchy! C'mon, Melanie, is it Ur of the Chaldees??)

I'm thinking I missed out on the hints portion of your post.

And if I don't win the baby, then I'm not playing.

Seriously. I'm sulking now.

Eowyn said...

Names was a huge issue for us. Eventually Faramir named the first two and I named the last two.

I think we're done with that, thank heaven.

Glad you have one all picked out.

Of course there's always the chance that someone will take it anyway. Both my sil and I had an idea for a name and neither of us said anything and the other sil took it. Apparently we all like the same names in Faramir's family.

Or you could have your cute girl and then 6 months later someone close to you will use that name too, since (obviously) they liked it first.

I could go on and on with name stories.


Kenny, the husband said...

Huh?!? Four letters?!? Starts with a vowel?!?

I thought we settled on the name Isaiah gave his child (Isaiah 8:1)...


You know..." To speed to the spoil, he hasteneth the prey."

I'm so confused...

wendy said...

Picking out a name can be fun---and stressful. I really don't want to have to re-read the whole Bible to find the name that starts with a vowel ---could you give me a chapter and verse perhaps???

I too love traditional, solid names. I love names that can be tracked to family heritage and meaning.
Except for my son Travis who was named from the movie Ol'Yeller (remember the 2 brothers, Arlis and Travis)

Kazzy said...

I always liked the name Ruby (cute old lady name that would have been so cute on my little fictitious brunette baby girl), but alas... sigh

I am depressed now.

Terresa said...

Bennett is a lovely boy's name. Love it that it's your maiden name, too.

And yes, girl's names are easier. I have a ton of girl's names for babies I'll never even birth...maybe I can persuade my daughters some day to use them for their girls.

Guymons said...

I guess I can't really "talk" to your commenters here, unless they come back and read your comments at a later date...but I want to tell all of you who LOVE a name but don't want to use it because it is "too popular" now, USE the NAME, use the name you love. We didn't name Melanee "Megan" because it was "too popular" in 1990, but seriously, we had all boys after her, and never got to use our "favorite" name and we have never even known any Megans who are Melanee's age....should have used it!

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman and I like the same names--I even have an Isaac like she does. I LOVE the names Isabelle and Lily, too, but I have a sister Lili and a niece Isabelle so I never got to use those ones.

We ended up with very unusual traditional names because my husband likes uncommon names and I like old-fashioned, traditional names. (Hazel and Henry are both turning out to be quite trendy, though, although not nearly so much so as some of the strangely-spelled supertrends.) Sometimes I think I would never have named a daughter Mabel if not for Dean's preferences against more common names, but then I remind myself that I also would never have had our daughter at all without him.

P.S. My thought was Anna, too, but I like Kristina's guess. And DeNae's, although she wasn't paying attention to the number of letters. (Maybe Uriah with the "h" left off?)