Monday, December 14, 2009

More brain droppings

The winner of my Favorite Things is. . .

Laura Moffitt!

Yay! Email me your address and I'll get those in the mail to you Tuesday.

That post was one of the more fun ones I've done for me personally because I got to discover how many things I have in common with many of my blog readers that I didn't know about before. For many of the books and TV shows you picked especially, I wanted to reach out and give many of you a high five and be like, "Me, too!"

Laura is a great example. She said she really liked The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I absolutely adored that book. Ditto the people who said "30 Rock" or "Firefly" and about a dozen other favorites you mentioned that I wanted to cheer for, too.

In other random news, I saw The Blind Side this weekend and definitely recommend it. VERY worth it.

Also, I just realized how close we are to my Merry Birthiversary. Just to recap:

Anniversary: December 22
Birthday: December 24
Christmas: December 25

It's a busy week.

I'm having a great Christmas so far and I'm doing just about every Christmas thing I can think of: cookie exchanges, drive through live nativity reenactments, a boat parade in the nearby harbor, secret Santa  projects, Christmas music. Ahhhhh, fun stuff! I love Christmas!

Way more people read my blog than I realized. I'm glad I'm not in the habit of saying snarky things about them in writing. Humble pie is nasty. I now officially applaud myself for being a nice person. (Um, okay, it may be common sense that saved me and not niceness, but whatever. I'm still applauding.) Not that I ever have much bad to say about people but you know how sometimes you do an eye roll over the antics of a friend or family member? I'm glad I've never committed the written equivalent. Because frankly, that's dumb.

My husband sneezes very loudly. That is neither snark nor a criticism. Simply something I happened to notice right this second because he just did it. In fairness, I should disclose that I am not perfect, either. While I'm not a loud sneezer, I do sneeze multiple times. At least three times every time I sneeze. So it works out.

I haven't bought a single thing at the mall for Christmas this year. I didn't plan it that way. It just so happened that everything I needed was pretty much online.

The most irreverent person in our Sunday School class is the teacher's wife. (Me.) Because I think I'm funny. It's a bad habit.

Two-year-olds are extremely funny. And repetitive. Okay, mostly repetitive. But the funny stuff is pretty funny.

I like my Christmas decorations. Even though they include my son's paper bag turkey dressed in camo with an artillery belt. It kind of adds a little something now that I'm used to it.

I think it's funny how the posts that I go, "Huh. I have nothing to say. I'll spit out a couple of random things," end up being the longest ones I do.

Merry Christmas!


Luisa Perkins said...

Hurray for Laura!

CaJoh said...

Happy Christmas and Merry Birthday!

I think I also have a lot of readers. When I look at my Feedburner statistics I realize that I have over 100 people who receive my posts. Perhaps I have been fortunate enough not to have a bad commenter, but I chalk that up to not having a very broad exposure.

Thank you for writing all that great stuff you do.

Angie Muresan said...

Well that was highly entertaining, so you could have kept going. Merry Christmas to you too.

Susan said...

I agree about The Blindside. That movie left me with a huge grin and that hasn't happened in a long time (other than New Moon and that's a given). So glad things are great with you.

Kristina P. said...

Isn't it always weird when you find someone who reads you blog and you didn't know it. Yeah, it really cramps my style to rag on them. That's what happened with Oprah.

Carolyn V. said...

Merry Christmas Melanie & Congrats Laura!

Lara said...

Love the randoms.

I need to start being more excited about Christmas. I've just been dreading all the Christmasy activities this year.

DeNae said...

I just sneezed, very loudly and three times. I feel very close to both of you right now.

How did I miss the part where your birthday was Christmas Eve? My daughter's is New Year's Eve, which works out great. If she wants to have a new years party, we can host it here and supervise...

The boat parade here in Las Vegas was a complete disaster. I guess some traditions just don't translate very well.

Hmmm...random comments for the random post. I guess great minds buzz alike.

L.T. Elliot said...

Congrats to Laura!

Happy Aniversary, Birthday, and Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Becky said...

Embrace the randomness!

And good luck next week - I'm having trouble coping with just one day of festivities!

That Girl said...

Longest and best, lady!

Amber Lynae said...

The Blind Side was amazing I agree with you.

And Merry Birthiversary.

Heather of the EO said...

OH dang, I missed it!!! (the favorite things) I would have won too, you know I would have. Being sick sick sick kept me away from so many fun things...

And your randomness is so great. I love it. That sneezing thing cracked me up. It's the exact same over here. Ryan scares me to death every time he sneezes, it's so loud. And when I start to sneeze, he starts counting.

Kimberly said...

What an exciting time of year for you!

nano*ink said...

Ratz - I missed the favorite things entry. I am so excited about your 2nd book being picked up in such a grand manner.
Here's my list anyway 'cuase I thought about it for more than a minute.
1. The Wednesday Wars
2. Rejoice and Be Merry with the Kings Singers and Tab Choir
3. the vitamin face stuff the Bare Ecentuals sells
4. peanut butter trails ice cream
5. PBS Pride and Prejudice

nano*ink said...

Actually I really love the Getz/Gilberto Album...good jazz

Eowyn said...

My husband snores loudly.

Merry Birthiversay to you. Although my birthday is not in December I feel that way anyway. From December 11 to January 15 I have the following:
Kendra's B-Day
My Anniversary
Tyrone's B-Day
MIL's B-Day
Faramir's B-Day

Merry Birthiversary indeed!

I love random posts.

Terresa said...

Have a very merry Birthiversary. And I thought having a bday Jan 6th was bad.

Year after year, the bday presents, all mostly found @ after Christmas sales, w/price tags affirming my fears. Wrapped in left over Christmas wrapping, etc.

But girl, you've topped me by far!

Happy days, this post was a bit giddy & so fun to read. You are a joy.