Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strike a pose.

And now for the post I've been threatening to do for two weeks:

PICTURES!!! Wheee!

I have no idea if anyone wants the labor and delivery story, but I guess I'll tell it and you can just hit "Shut up," a/k/a "Page Down" if you don't want to know.

I've been doing non-stress tests since December twice a week at the hospital. And every time I went, everything was fine. "Baby's heart rate is great, amniotic fluid levels are great. See you in a few days."

Truthfully, I was beginning to feel a mite foolish for even being there, so much so that I asked my midwife about maybe not going any more. Not that I minded, but I felt sort of hypochondriac-ish. She said, "Nope, you're staying in."

The very next week, I went in for my regular Monday appointment. March 8. My due date was March 23. They did the heart rate thing, and it was fine. They did the ultrasound and said, "Huh."

Not really my favorite medical word. Then the nurse said, "I'm going to get a second opinion." Oooookay.

The second opinion was that the first opinion was right: my amniotic fluid was way too low and I was having the baby. So we walked down the hall and I got a fabulous dress for the annual pervert ball, complete with a peekaboo closure in the back. Suh-weet.

I called Kenny and said, "I know when Eden's birthday will be."

He said, "Okay. When?"

I said, "March 8."

He said, "All right." Then there was a pause. "Wait. Isn't that today?"

I said, "Yep."

And he said, "I guess I'm headed to the hospital."

So I'm too tired to correct the spacing on these photos. I'm just going to number the captions and you can match them up, 'kay?

1. So I got comfortable in my luxury hospital bed. (Seriously, this hospital was crazy fancy. And all brand new.) But the comfort didn't last long because that little baby was in a bit of distress so, just like with my other two kids, I had to spend most of my labor on my side which is super uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Oh, and they kept making me go on oxygen. Sigh.

2. Totally worth is because then Eden was born. Labor was 9 hours and the contractions were by far the worst this time so I was extremely happy when I got my epidural. During the whole getting-the-epidural portion of the program, I was hurting and extremely cranky so when the anesthesiologist said, "I'm going to give you a shot to numb the area," I was not happy. In fact, I whined and said to Kenny (like it was his fault), "Why do I always have to get the shots? I'm tired of stupid needles." But after the medicine kicked in, I was glad.

3. Eden wasn't too glad to be born at first.

4. But then she seemed to think it was all right.

5. She's super cute when she's awake and striking super model poses.

6. But she's prettiest when she just looks around with her big, bright eyes.

7. Believe if or not, these two little boys were way more excited when she came through the door the first time than they were on Christmas morning.

I like this mom gig.


Tracy said...

She's beautiful! Um, not that I expected her to be ugly or anything. That exclamation point was meant entirely in the most sincere "I'm so excited to see such an adorable baby girl" tone, and not in the "I'm so surprised that she's so cute" kind of way. I just wanted to clarify that in case those post-partum hormones are doing a number on you. ;)

Seriously though, congratulations on the lovely new addition to the family.

Heather of the EO said...

Oh my cuteness.
Thank you for sharing the photos, and congratulations to you all!

LisAway said...

You weren't just saying that! She really is pretty. And I don't believe I didn't beg for your story. I ALWAYS want the story. Good thing you went in for that non-stress test! And nothing really compares to your older children falling in love with a new sibling.

Kristina P. said...

She really is quite beautiful! And I love that her big brothers love her so much!

Wonder Woman said...

Doesn't it just make your heart want to explode when the big brothers love their sister so much?

Carolyn V. said...

Melanie! She is adorable! =) I love the picture with the cute orange hat on! Oh the things we do to get those sweet children here. What a cutie. =)

NIKOL said...

Congratulations! She's simply gorgeous.

InkMom said...

Can we be friends? I mean, Eden and Miscellany? I'll bring her to hang out on your beach and you can bring Eden to hang out in our mountains.

Super cute baby. Good job, Mom!

Karen said...

She is so beautiful!

Maybe you should record some of these brother-sister moments to remind the boys how much they love her when she turns mobile and starts getting into their stuff.

TheOneTrueSue said...

She's gorgeous Melanie! I'm so glad everything went (relatively) well.

Sarah M Eden said...

I showed the pictures of Eden to my little girl (because she LOVES babies!). She said, "That baby needs some clothes." She felt much better when I pointed out that little Eden was only clothes-less in one picture.

Aubrey said...

So, so cute. I think she looks like you in the picture with the pink onesie and the brown polka dots.

Jami said...

What a lovely baby! Not surprising, given her lovely mom.

I so glad all of the distress ended so well.

Becca said...

Mmmm. Happy, happy. I love the mom gig, too!

Also, I want a hat like Eden's.

DeNae said...

Dang, she's cute! And I read the whole thing AND looked at all the pictures, even though I knew there was the possibility that I would read or see something that made know, react.

I think I'm growing up!!

(FYI, everyone, I had 4 c-sections. At almost 46 y.o., I have never seen a baby born, not even my own. So I'm as bad as a kid about these things.)

Charlotte said...

Congrats again. I had low fluid "issues" and stress tests with my fourth and it was never fun.

Kazzy said...

SO pretty. I love baby photos. Congrats again.

Anonymous said...


peewee said...

I can NOT believe that when I met you you had just had a baby!! I figured you'd had her like, a couple months ago...not weeks!! You look incredible. Geez if I knew you could look THAT good after having a baby I woulda reproduced YEARS ago! (because that is ALL I care about, looking good)

Erin said...

Oh, how cute! I'm glad things went well, even though your amniotic fluid was low and you had to keep being on oxygen.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

This is so great, and she's lovely. Congratulations to all of you.