Thursday, May 20, 2010

I want the box of 64 with the sharpener!

We've been picking paint. Lots and lots of paint.

One wall in James's room will be red. "Red Delicious" is too dark for him and "Candy Apple Red" is too bright, so I'm trying to find the one shade exactly in the middle that he'll like. That has resulted in splashing Quite Red and Ruby Ring on the walls.

For the bathroom, we want a spa feel so we have shades of brown ranging from Pumpernickel Bread to Mocha Latte.

Grant's room was easy, a nice bright shade called Marina Blue.

Eden's room gets tricky again. We're doing two shades of pink split by a chair rail. So far we've tried Lauren's Lullaby, Colonial Rose, Deep Dusty Rose, Temptress, Morning Blush, and Sweet Baby Girl among others. Many others.

And we're just touching up the front room and hallways, but who knew there were so many names you could call white?

My head hurts already and we haven't even bothered figuring out what we're going to paint the kitchen. Right now it's a violent red color courtesy of the previous owners and it totally clashes with the cabinets (which will be repainted a soft white called "Swiss Coffee") and the granite counter tops. I know the walls will be some kind of neutral and I'm sure it will be called something like Sole of a Foot or Coppertone Self Tanner or some other nonsense. 

It occurs to me that maybe my creative talent is wasted on being a novelist. I should be a paint color namer. For example, let's take gray. Gray? Gray? I spit on the word "gray." No. It should be more like "Dirty Old Spoon" or "Slide Bolt on My Garage Door." Now that tells you what color you're dealing with, right?

And yellow. Hah. How about "Raw Egg" or "Yellow Snow?" Much more helpful and descriptive, n'est-ce pas?

Let's play a game. I'll give you two colors and you give me your best color names. Winner gets a cool prize, specifically a book. You can choose between The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt or My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison. If you've read both of those, then I'll find something you haven't read. And if you hate books, then . . .

You are a sad, sad person but I will send some sort of candy that won't melt en route, okay?

Here are the two colors. Take your best shot:

Happy Friday, y'all.


Kristina P. said...

Snot Apple Green and Kristina's Toenails.

Lara said...

I'm just impressed that you're painting so much! We've been in our house now 9 months and have managed to paint 4 rooms. Of course, most of the rest of the rooms require a lot of wallpaper stripping and I am ignoring that...

"The Color My Face Turned While Riding Space Mountain" and "Radioactive Bubblegum"

cb photos said...

Sea Monster Baby Turd


Neon Eggplant

This game is fun, do more colors! :) I love picking paint for rooms, I know its a lot of work but the results I'm sure will be fantastic! Too fun!

DeNae said...

Dermis du Kermit

Mod Squad Mauve

(Hmmm...I think I'll keep my day job)

Story Lady said...

Wow -that is A LOT of painting! Way to go! I'm horrible with colors. Horrible. Paint colors, clothes matching, scrap booking... it all make me whimper.


Throat of laryngitis

Call-Him-Out Knock-Off Amethyst

LisAway said...

This reminds me of Ellen's Here and Now where she's talking about all the different colors of white: magnolia...eggshell...smoker's teeth. . . off.

Slimer and Somewhere Between Pink And Purple

Becca said...

Sinus Infection Chartreuse

Paris Puce

(And when you put them together, they rhyme. Like Painting Poetry. You're welcome.)

InkMom said...

Peas 'n Boogers


Steroidal Bougainvillea





(I'm such an overachiever. Sorry.)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

The M&M Seductress


Granny's lipstick mistake

Braden said...

First of all, when you say, "we" want the bathroom to be like a spa, is that truly a we, meaning "my husband wants this as much as I do" or we meaning, "I really want this and my husband either doesn't object too much or doesn't have an opinion."

Stomach Flu Denoument


First Middle School Crush Blush

Charlotte said...

I love painting walls, well I at least love the finished product!

I'm going to go with

"Alien Blood" and
"Favorite Lipstick of 60 year-old trying to look 18".

NIKOL said...

I choose: In the LIME of Fire, and Electric Raspberry Slurpee.

For the second one, I was going to choose "Summer Toenails" but Kristina sort of beat me to it. Sigh!

Kazzy said...

I love color! I like any shade of soft golds. It seems to work with any room.

My youngest son is named Gray, but I take no offense. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm sure I couldn't improve on any of these suggestions. I do have a great red paint choice though--Ralph Lauren Barn Red. Perfect.

Susan said...

We have Swiss Coffee in our house and we LOVE it.

Ummm, Double Dare Slime (remember that show on Nickelodeon?)


Old Lady Lipstick

CaJoh said...

Oh for the days where you can just identify a color with its Pantone number.

So glad that I am not red-green color blind or I'd have to say Grey for both.

Here's my stab:
Candy Apple Green
Color Me Purple

Terresa said...

I love paint color names! Fun game, here's my try:

Fresh Cut Grass

Pepto With Heels

Kelly O. said...

Glow in the Dark Shrek

Baby Food Beet Surprise
Expired Pepto Bismol
Bridesmaid Dress

Wonder Woman said...

"The colors in Miss Marvel's room"

Valerie said...

Stop light green and Kool-Aid Surprise, 'cause when my kids eat raisins and we have to change their diaper, we call it raisin surprise. So, you know, I think that's what you would see if your kid drank Kool-Aid. And Skittles.

Sarah M Eden said...

Unripe Banana
Blood Blister, Day Two

Carolyn V. said...

LOL! Awesome colors.
Pea green slime
yesterday's puke.

Two thumbs up on the painting Melony! I wish I had the energy to paint. =)

Marian said...

Green Apple Jolly Rancher


Grape Jelly

Annette Lyon said...

Toenail fungus

Lady Gaga's newest wig

wendy said...

I haven't looked at other peoples suggestions...I don't want to cheat
I was thinking GREEN and PURPLE'ISH

but my next suggestion is
#1 - gummy worm, really slimmy but sour geen, with a hint of oregano
#2-- The kind of purple your mother said would make you look like a 'HO

DID I WIN???????????

Anonymous said...

Neon Booger

Tawdry Talons

I deliberately did NOT look at the other comments before I thought of those. But it appears there are plenty of great minds here that think like mine for that first color. I was also considering something having to do with lime Jell-o, though.

Stephanie Faris said...

They both look like glow-in-the-dark condoms. Does that make me a pervert? :-)

I gave you credit on today's blog. I'd been racking my brain to figure out which blogger passed the book to me, so I'm so glad you commented today!

Kris said...

For the green color: Primordial Ooze

For the pink/purple color: Hemorrhoid

Amber said...

I'm gonna go with jungle juice for the first and LA sunset for the second.

Good luck with the painting. : )

Eowyn said...

I'm behind. I love color. Did you ever pick a winner? I want to play even though I don't expect to win because I'm way too late and some of the other answers are beyond cool. But I'm still playing!

Funky Granny Smith


Ballet queen unitard (based on personal experience)