Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm all cultured and stuff.

Thanks for the niceness on Monday's post. It turned out to be an all right day, one of those days where I realize, "Maybe I can make it as a grown up after all."

I wanted to share another favorite thing today. I keep thinking of stuff I want to tell you guys about and then forgetting. Seriously, I need to starting keeping lists that are better than "earwax." I find notes to myself like that all time, sometimes even accidentally publish them in Google reader, and then I have to figure out what I really meant. 

Anyway, for Christmas, I commissioned a painting for my mother-in-law from an artist I remembered seeing on another blog. The artist's site is called Audrey Eclectic and she specializes in folk art. If that's not your thing, you will find her stuff slightly disturbing. My mom was a big fan of folk art so it's comfortable and happy-making for me.

So I contacted the artist, Heather, and explained what I wanted. I sent her pictures of my kids and told her what colors I'd like and the feel I wanted. And then I got the painting:

I love it. Even better, my mother-in-law loved it!

And her prices are totally reasonable. 

That's why I'm commissioning THREE MORE!  Yay! I'm going to have her do a portrait of each of my kids so I can put them on a currently bare and boring wall in our family room. It's going to be awesome.

And that's my favorite thing this week. Oh, and also the Mormon Bachelor, of course. I liked that Beana girl way more than I thought I would but the down side to watching this week is that I won't be happy until my husband takes me on a trampoline date. Just saying.


Kristina P. said...

I know you have mentioned the Mormon Bachelor several times. Why am I not watching yet? Seems like good judging.

MommyJ said...

Kristina P. not watching The Mormon Bachelor!?! Join the dark side Kristina. You won't be sorry. The trampoline date was very cool. And I liked Beana too. Based on his reactions alone though, I think Alicia is at the top of the pack.

I think the folk art is awesome. Will definitely be checking out her site..

Migillicutty said...

Happy-making? Do I detect an Uglies reference??

Karen Peterson said...

I'm in the same camp as Kristina. Why am I not watching this?

Also, LOVE the painting!

LisAway said...

Neat painting! Please show us the portraits when you get them!

I'm loving MB too. I've had company for a week and a half and have loved catching up on everything in long sittings over the last few days. Beana WAS quite awesome. I agree with MommyJ: Alicia is at the top of the list. One of the least exciting dates and even videos but you could totally see how smitten he was and it was a pleasure to watch. Samantha's (actress) date was awesome and they had a blast but he seemed more star struck and less seriously smitten with her.

So I've been proven wrong again. I thought I wouldn't like Rick before the season started as I thought he seemed slightly annoying personality-wise and especially when his ex-girlfriend talked about him giving her estrogen tablets before their date. ICK. But I mis-judged. He is a very nice and genuine guy, as you say. Not my type but I'm hoping he finds someone awesome. :)

Becca said...

Love the painting. I have a little warm place in my heart for slightly creepy American folk art - the kind where the children look out from the paintings like those porcelain-faced dolls that may or may not be plotting your demise...

Or else I just like the lighthouse in te background. (Look at Brian Kershisnik's website. I love his style, but he is really not inexpensive. But very cool.)

Melinda said...

It looks like the same artist that did the painting for Heidi Ashworth right? Too fun and what a great idea!

As you know, I love the MB too--its been really fun to see his personality. Of course I thought Aubrey was more gracious but I think Rick's holding his own pretty well!

peewee said...

How have I not been privy to this mormon bachelor?? I know what I will be doing this weekend! Thanks!

wendy said...

A trampoline date would so NOT work for me, as I tend to piddle a little when I jump. just so ya know,.

Love the art.

L.T. Elliot said...

So will you divorce me as a friend if I tell you I haven't watched any Mormon Bachelor?

That painting is pretty darn precious. I hope you'll post pics of the individual portraits because it would be just cruel if you didn't.