Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten's been done. I'm going for eleven.

1. The nerdiest thing I do: Watch Dr. Who with my husband.

2. My baby is driving me crazy right now. Oh, the whining. And then there's whining. And then there's some more whining.

3. The people who most need to be told to get over themselves are the ones who will not comprehend the message AT.ALL.

4. I bore my testimony of The Mormon Bachelor in our combined third hour meeting today. I also outed myself as having a blog. I made a valid point while doing so. But it was soooooo dumb to do that. The admitting to my blog part. The Mormon Bachelor is true.

5. My husband stayed home from church with the two little ones today. I don't think we'll do it that way anymore because HE BOUGHT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES while I was gone. I forcibly restrained myself from purchasing GS cookies from friends. I've held my own personal GS cookie fast. I was so proud! And he bought some. THIN MINTS. On a Sunday. Those cookies are doubly damned. I have already eaten five. They are rotting my soul and then clinging to my hips. Stupid cookies.

6. The surest way to tell Grant is sick is when he stays put on the couch. It's even more reliable than a thermometer.

7. I love having friends over for dinner. I love having a house big enough to do it. I love knowing how to  cook. I love my Thai peanut dipping sauce recipe. I love living where it's warm enough outside to grill the chicken that goes with the sauce. 

8. My 11-year-old draws me these funny, quirky comic strips every Sunday during church. Today, he made the lady next to me laugh so loud when she caught a glance of one that a bunch of people turned around to stare. I like him.

9. I am constantly frustrating people because I compose answers to emails in my head. I never actually send them. But I think of my reply and my brain files it as "done." I've earned myself the reputation of being a flaky correspondent. But I'm not. I'm just flaky on the typing it out and sending it part.

10. I put my hair up after church today and didn't take off my glasses. My husband said, "You look like Sarah Palin." There are worse people to look like. And it's way better than sounding like Sarah Palin (and I refer to both content and accent here). (I wonder how many people I just offended?)

11. My baby has four teeth and they are ridiculously cute.


Kristina P. said...

Wait, it's Girl Scout cookie time?

InkMom said...

We have some nicknames for our little Elena:

1. Of course, LaneyKate, which is what she gets called most of the time, by most of the people she encounters.
2. My personal favorite: Our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction
3. The Pterodactyl (because that's what she screams like)
4. The-Grass-Is-Always-Greener Baby
5. Pinball (because that's what she acts like, bouncing off of every surface she bumps into)
6. Gingersnap
7. The Tackle Baby -- as in, Garrett introduces our entire family to strangers (a regular occurrence) and says, "And this is LaneyKate, our Tackle Baby." Because she tackles. A lot. If your knees are somewhere below her shoulders, watch out. You're going down. She takes down much, much bigger kids with an ease that scares them -- I'm talking, older kids run away in fear when they see her. We're not exactly sure what to do about it.

Now, don't all those just make you want to rush right over to North Carolina and set up a playdate with Elena so Eden can learn all of these lovely behaviors from the master?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

(And also, I just reread this comment, and I think I'm going to turn it into a post of it's own. Because she's funny.)

Barbaloot said...

I love the Mormon Bachelor. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to audition for it myself. Then I remember I'm socially awkward and content myself with just watching.

LisAway said...

Don't eat the damn cookies! I mean the damned cookies!!

I am exactly the same with email, thoughtful, prompt(ish) responses every time that the receiver never gets. I do the same thing with blog posts. I've written a LOT more blog posts than you see on my blog. Quite completely, too, except for the typing it out part (why-oh-why can I not type things in my head while I wash dishes/shower/hang laundry/sit on the couch daydreaming!?!

LisAway said...

Oh, and I forgot to say "agreed" about all aspects of Sarah Palin (and I'm very conservative) AND I love my baby's two front teeth. LOVE THEM.

Kenny, the Husband said...

OK, regarding the GS cookies...I was praying for something to stop the whining and crying and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday. Then two little angels showed up on the doorstep with the the Balm of Gilead in the form of chocolatey-minty goodness. And it worked! There was peace in the home after that.

...oh, and the kids liked 'em too.

And regarding the Sarah Palin comment, what can I say? My wife is hot! And even better, I like listening to her talk.

L.T. Elliot said...

Wait. Thai peanut dipping sauce? And you haven't posted this recipe...why? Because you want me to storm your castle and live in your backyard?

I would have said something witty about the GS cookies but I can't refute Kenny's balm of gilead. Those cookies are nothing short of divine intervention.

Kimberly said...

I ADORE Dr. Who. A lot.

The Mormon Bachelor ROCKS. Although is it just me or were most of the best matches for him in the first half of the show? Recent dates are falling a bit flat for me.

I write email responses in my head too. And when I go to write them for real I'm like, Hey, I already did this. I think I'll go read a book instead. Sad, but true.

And thin mints are of the devil.

Anonymous said...

Oh Melanie, I'm sorry I tempted you with my cookie pitch. Don't worry, I specifically avoid selling on Sundays and we're sitting out the troop booth day (a Sunday). I can't eat any of those cookies and it's so unfair that can't make something delicious for the highly allergic and health conscious. Good luck on the fast. Tell Kenny he needs to repent.

Life in the Highlands said...

I just ordered 36 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Yes, you read that right. 36! But I plan on sending some to my two sons (one is on a mission and one is at college) and we always freeze some that I use when the kids tell me at the last minute that they need a treat for school. Still, that leaves 33 boxes for me to eat ;)

And I regret that I ever told anyone in "real life" about my blog. It's one of the reasons I hardly ever write on it anymore.

PS. Doctor Who rocks.

Larsens said...

Im glad you spilled the beans Sunday because I find this blog to be an enjoyable read, but I wont tell anyone because I know it would be hard to get any real venting done.

Karen Peterson said...

Baby teeth are one of the cutest things ever.

And, okay, fine. I'll watch the Mormon Bachelor already.

Wonder Woman said...

"But, it goes to ELEVEN." I've never seen that movie but I quote it all the time.

I need to catch up on the Mormon Bachelor. I had never heard of it till your post. And I watch the man-whore Bachelor religiously. So thanks for that.

A few people in my new ward know I blog, but I'm hesitant to tell too many people. I feel inhibited as it is.

Also, I want to see a picture of your Palin. I, too, would prefer looking like her to sounding (in any way) like her. I'm really hoping that quitting the govenorship and taking to reality TV has ruined any chance she has for the white house.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love numbers 4 and 9! Thanks for the laugh.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Just jumped over here from LisAway. Love the list, and wasn't even too offended by the Sarah Palin comment. Her accent IS annoying, but her viewpoints are refreshing, even though sometimes facts are unimportant to her. But then, I am from north Idaho, land of the rednecks, so what else can you expect? ha ha. Anyway, I enjoyed this post and the other two that I've had a chance to read. I think I will be back!