Friday, February 11, 2011

I TOLD you so.

Ah hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Some of you think my delight in the Mormon Bachelorette is crazy. But it's so FUN. And now, I get to say I was ahead of the curve on a trend because look what showed up on LDS Living today:

This story. See? I  know a good thing when I see it.

Read it. Go. Now. It's awesome.

Notice this all grew out of Huntington Beach, CA where my new book The List is set, because it's a really fun place to be single and LDS. Have I mentioned my book? Here:

And I just finished writing my fourth one which means I'm ready to start my next one, and guess what it's going to be about? THE MORMON BACHELORETTE. I already interviewed Erin Shelton (who is awesome, love her) and got all kinds of inside info that started the plot wheels turning in my mind. 

Having said all that, it's Friday, so let's briefly discuss the Mormon Bachelorette, shall we? Okay, so Kimberly at Temporary? Insanity says it's Melanie for the win (not me. Melanie C, duh, otherwise my husband might have hurt feelings). And I like her best but I don't know . . . that date with Jane in New York may have the edge. (Or was that just the music in the video that made me feel that way?) Except Melanie C is moving back here soon from Ohio, so maybe it will be her, after all.

Oh, and my publisher sent me a link to this article in The Mormon Times and I opened it to find my face staring back at me: 

"Melanie and a bunch of other much classier people talk about Valentine's Day."

How fun is that?

Happy Friday, everyone. Oh, and Happy VD, too. No, I mean, Happy Valentine's Day. Kenny and I are celebrating early by going to see A Midsummer Night's Dream tomorrow which (shockingly) I have never seen staged, and by all accounts this production is excellent. Yay! Our very first date was to see Twelfth Night so I like the idea of passing this holiday with Mr. Shakespeare. (Dear Kenny, don't buy me a Valentine's gift this year, okay? I officially absolve you. Unless, however, you feel strongly that you would like to treat me to some Golden Spoon tomorrow night. That is all the gold I require, thankyouverymuch.)


MommyJ said...

It's definitely between Melanie and Jane. I was sure Jane, but then he gushed so much today about the chemistry he has with Mel... I don't know. I would be bugged if I were one girl or the other, and I had to be watching him kissing other women...

Also, did you see that Melissa Lundquist commented on the Jane date post and said she loved the date with Jane. (Guess we can officially take her out of the running... huh?!)

Melinda said...

I LOVED todays date, I thought you could for sure tell they had chemistry, while with Jane I did wonder if some of it had to do with the music and camera work. I love the Mormon Bachelor, its awesome.

Alison Wonderland said...

The advice from Shannon Hale was particularly classy.

PS Could you please be a little prettier? I couldn't quite see the clear blue of your eyes from the other side of my house.

Kristina P. said...

I meant to tell you that after your last post, I did go back and read and catch up, but I forgot to add it to my Reader so I haven't been following.

BTW, my supervisor's name is Shannon Hales, and she has people all the time asking if she wrote a book.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Can't wait to read your book! Seriously, the cover is so cute. And I'm excited to read your Mormon Bachelorette one as well! What an awesome idea! I had no idea they even had a Mormon Bachelor... **hides** I may have to check it out. :)

wendy said...

I don't even know ANYTHING about Mormon bachlorette...I doubt it shows here in canada.????
so I am out of the loop

love the look of your book. good for you!!!!

Shakespear huh........and hopefully a little Golden Spoon

{autie} said...

umm, rad picture, Melanie! how fun!
ps...where can I buy your book, and when will you sign it?

Susan said...

I need to start watching MB. I read that article yesterday and thought of you. Can't wait to see how you pull together into a novel. This should be very entertaining.

Kimberly said...

You? Are da bomb.

I'm totally torn between Melanie and Jane right now (Jane was my early favourite, but I thought Melanie's date idea was FABulous). That video of the date in New York was so sweet and romantic. But then, the movie trailer cracked me up something fierce. I giggled through the whole thing and usually? I'm way too cool to giggle.

Can't wait to come down there in May and scoop up a copy at Storymakers. You will have a stack there, right?

Barbaloot said...

The movie trailer date was pretty intense. I'm kind of thinking she'd be a shoe-in if it weren't for the Utah thing. That's gonna make it hard...

L.T. Elliot said...

So terrible of me but I still haven't watched it. But I hope it goes awesomely.

Congrats on the article! It was a great article from all you brilliant people. =]

Have fun at Midsummer's! It's so great to see in person!

LisAway said...

I still get to watch the last two dates before the announcement! And I love the Valentine ideas article!! Your suggestion was awesome but (and I know this is superficial) I think I can guess why they put your picture on top. What better way to get people to read an article about Valentine's Day than putting a picture of a "hot chick" (quoting Ashley's cousin Dave) on it?

Karen Peterson said...

Every week, you remind me about The Mormon Bachelorette and then I promptly forget about it. I will finally watch it. For reals.

And congrats on being famous and in the paper and everything!