Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bowling you over

Do you want one of Kenny's awesome wooden bowls? Like maybe this one:

Or this one:

Or how about this one:

How do you get a chance to win? Well, I saved my very most special giveaway for last, so this one requires a little bit of work. I need to scrounge up HONEST reviews for my book, especially on Amazon and Deseret Book's website. If you've read it (that's part of the work you had to do) and you're inclined to rate it (that's the next part) and give it a sentence or two in a review (that's the last part), then you are entered to win your choice of one of these three bowls. Just come back and let me know which ones you did, and you get a point for each entry. You can totally copy and paste your entries. (Also, while you're there, if you've read Josi Kilpack's Blackberry Crumble, you can do the same for her and be entered to win some different prizes via her blog. I had already planned this before she started hers, but some of you might benefit from the work of one stone here, know what I'm saying?)

Anyway, this has been a pretty fantastic month as far as book-related things go. You may want to look away for a moment because I'm going to shout all the things that are making me happy from the rooftops right now:

1. My local bookstore ordered 50 copies of The List. They sold out.
2. A month ago, 19 people had requested it through the Salt Lake County library. As of last week, that number was up to 184. Yes!
3. It's in this quarter's Deseret Book catalog, p. 28. THAT was fun to get in the mailbox.
4. The LDS fiction buyer for the Salt Lake library gave my book a shout out on Goodreads. She liked it! She said YOU will like it!
5. One of my writing mentors Facebooked me to say she read it and it was fabulous.
6. The List is now #3 on the Deseret Book romance bestseller list!
7. I've gotten messages from strangers almost every day telling me they loved it and begging for more.

And there's more. But that's enough Braggedy-Ann. I'm just happy.

Anyway, there are actually a bunch of ratings on Goodreads, none of which I solicited and (almost) all that I appreciate, but I've got nothing on Deseret Book and only 2 on Amazon.

If you have already reviewed it in one of these places (or any other review sites I didn't mention), and you want to win a bowl, leave a comment.

If you go leave a review at any of these sites, an HONEST review (I'm tough, I can take it), then come back and let me know which sites, you'll get an entry for each one. And then, next week, I'll let decide which of you awesome peeps gets a bowl.

Chop, chop, people! This is the best prize I've given away all month!

You don't have to read this part, but I want to emphasize, I mean it about the honest thing. I can always tell when someone's mother, sister, and aunt all put up a review of the writer's work. I like a spectrum when I'm reading reviews. I don't mind if you think it's a five star book. But don't say that unless you mean it, okay?


Angel said...

I left you a review on Amazon. It's the one that starts with "It's a cute little book." I really did like it! Congrats on getting it published and all the success you've had since. You deserve it!

Rebecca said...

I guess I really want one of Kenny's bowls. Either that or I'm on the computer WAY TOO MUCH! Anyway, left you a review on both Deseret and Amazon. Congratulations!

Kimberly said...

Those bowls are GORGEOUS. Truly. Kenny has such a talent.

I haven't read it yet but I'm sure I'll praise it to the skies when I do. And congratulations on all your well-earned success!

MommyJ said...

Just left you a review on Amazon, and one on Deseret too. Those bowls are beautiful. And woman, brag away. You've earned the right fair and square.

Laura Bullock said...

First review I have ever done. I put it up on Desert Book

Susan said...

I'm out for this one for DB. For some reason, that sight won't let me log in no matter what I do. I'll go to amazon though.

PS: Kim, what are you waiting for?!

annie valentine said...

And you thought I was ducking my review. Seriously Melanie, you have found your calling. There had better be dozens and dozens to follow. I'm putting reviews on both sites, and I don't even need a bowl.

Enjoy Birth said...

I already left one on Amazon, but went and added one to Deseret! I love those bowls! :)

Karen Peterson said...

Kenny is so talented!

And #3?? Doing a happy dance for you!