Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get it, girls!

Seriously, want to win my new book? SO EASY. And there's not a lot of entries yet so chances are good. Go check out this post here at iCandy Handmade.

Did I mention it's easy?


Melissa Bastow said...

So, I'm really REALLY hoping to win your book at icandy. But if I don't, I think you should have a giveaway that only I can enter. And then I can throw a party when I win. Because I have socks kind of like the ones on the cover.

Kelly Bryson said...

Hi Melanie- I saw your comment on Natalie Whipple's blog and, as a Mormon in SC, thought I'd hop over. Congrats on your book b-day- I hope that when (if?) my time comes, I'll only be twice as neurotic as you claim to be;)