Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I've discovered I'm neurotic.

No, that's not quite right. I've discovered new levels of neuroses. Yes, that's it.

In addition to the other assorted bits of crazy I have hoarded over the years, now I've developed author issues.


It works like this: when The List came out I was super nervous. What if it doesn't sell? What if nobody likes it? What if Covenant doesn't publish my stuff any more?

But the stars aligned and not only did it sell, it sold well. I had placement in the DB catalog, I wasn't up against any other authors writing to the same audience, and my cover rocked.

I guess that's why I thought the release of my second book wouldn't be so nerve-wracking, I was wrong.

Now I have new fears: what if all the people who bought the first book just to be supportive don't feel the need to buy the second one? What if people bought the first one to try something new but don't find it compelling enough to buy the second one?

And there are other fears: my cover is AMAZEBALLS but what if it looks too YA even though it's perfect for the story (which is not YA)? And I'm being released the same time as Traci Hunter Ambramson who is a MONSTER in this market (deservedly so). And Sarah Eden who is also an A-list Covenant author who also writes romance? And Deseret Book didn't put me in the catalog this time (because I'm a big deal only in my own mind and I know it). And they just barely put the picture of my cover up on their website and my book is debuting at NUMBER FIFTY? I debuted at number 12 before. Yikes.

So I think about these things and I start to hyperventilate.

And that's why I'm thankful for my husband who says things like this:

"Melanie, I know you have lots of friends, but you don't have X,XXX (the number who bought the first book). They bought it without knowing you. It'll be okay."

Who without being asked says, "Hey, I just did all this stuff to your Amazon author page" because it's one of the few things he can control so he immediately fiddled with it when he saw me sliding toward panic this morning.

Who is giving up his one favorite monthly activity and will skip his woodturner's meeting to support me at my book release party (which conflict is totally my fault and he never says a word about it).

Who posts about me on his Facebook page whenever he's proud of me. Which is a lot.

Who humors me in my writing frenzies when my job takes about half the time his does but makes only a twentieth of the money.

I'm really thankful for Kenny. I love you, honey!


Barbaloot said...

I don't care what your debut number is or if you're in the catelog or not (never seen that catelog before, FYI) but I am going to buy your book. And not just cuz I'm trying to be supportive. But I liked your first book, and I like the first chapter of this new book. And also I just LOVE new books!

Barbaloot said...

PS-my roommate saw your book in my room the other day and mentioned how her book store sells it and it's popular and she liked it---and I totally bragged about how we're "blog friends."

Kristina P. said...

YOu are simply awesome, that's why it did so well!

Vivian said...

He sure supports you all the way. He is a keeper :) By the way, no need to worry, your writing is AMAZING!

CaJoh said...

So glad to know that you have a husband who supports you in what you do.

And it's cool that you are still able to write a second book. It seems to me that this one took less time to write correct?

Congratulations on your first book's success and here's hoping your second will surpass the first subduing your fears.

LisAway said...

Husbands are great for neurosis. Sometimes assuaging and sometimes exaserbating it. Glad Kenny's gone the right direction this time. :) I'll bet your book will do great. Sorry the start seems shakier than you hoped, but just you wait. You'll see.

Emma said...

LOL, I am neurotic too! I will definitly be buying your book if that is any help! I read you last one and loved it! Plus, I am addicted to books like your last.... thank you!

wendy said...

I am just impressed that you can even WRITE a book...let alone get it published
and have readers will continue for you
I can't tell you to "chill out" cause I am the WORSET chiller outer in the universe. nice that you have such a supportive hubby.

Donna K. Weaver said...

That's sweet. I bought your book, and I think your new book looks awesome. And the cover rocks. I voted for it, so I'm glad you chose that one. I think your hubby's right.

Becca said...

Hooray for the Supportive Husband. I think every writer should get one of those. At least, every writer who is female...

Heather said...

Your husband is one smart man and I wholeheartedly agree with his comments!

Stephanie Black said...

Totally understand the neurosis. You worry EVERY TIME. It doesn't matter how many books you've published--you worry EVERY TIME. It's part of the fun of being an author :)

Your husband is awesome! And I know your book will do awesomely well.

Carolyn V said...

Aw! What a great hubby! And your second book will be just as great as your first.

Brittany said...

Take a deep breath. Repeat these words, "I am a Fan-freakin'-tastic writer. I am a good friend. But that is not why people buy my books."
Haven't read Tracey A., but just read Sarah. Loved it. But it is totally different than what you write. And, you're just as good. Your book will sell. Lots and lots of copies.

Kazzy said...

Kenny is a rock star! Your book sold well because you are good writer and people are compelled to read what you write.

Susan said...

You're going to be so fine. I don't know if you remember this, but I specifically do--DB didn't put you into their catalog the first month. You were in there the second month of your release. I was watching for you and it was kind of like you had to prove yourself and then they put you in. You'll be in there very soon, I have no doubt.

Your book is going to do great. I predict it will do even better than The List, because it's even more awesome than The List.

Susan said...

Oh, and Kenny is awesome!

(My husband too is awesome and super supportive of my writing dream. Be thankful for this. I talked to a power house LDS author at last year's Storymakers who told me her husband was not supportive at all when she started. She had to train him. Apparently it was a big bone of contention for a long time. So give your sweet hubby a hug and kiss and tell him thanks for being so good to my awesome friend.) (Uh, the hug and the kiss should be from you. The thank you, from me. Just to make that clear.)

Linda said...

I pre-ordered your book and can not wait for it to come! Book launch party without ME??????