Monday, October 10, 2011


There is muchness to report and I SHALL, beginning tomorrow with photos and everything! 

In the meantime, I did a sort of funny guest post over here at Fire and Ice Book Review Blog. Also, it's your second to last chance to win my book, so run on over and leave a comment. It's easy.

Hasta la manana, y'all. (I'd do the squiggle thing if I knew how.)


LisAway said...

I'm going to comment here because I don't want to enter, since I've already won your book (YAY!!!)

I just wanted to inform you that I adored this paragraph: "That idea disappeared to the same place that has stolen all my best money-making schemes and sure-fire bestseller ideas. In other words, it went into the ether and it's floating around with all the wished upon dandelion fluff and falling star dust, waiting to coalesce into another dream for Stephenie Meyers."

Kazzy said...

Heading over to read your guest post.