Monday, October 10, 2011

Saying "Cheese!" and also "Sorry!"

Reminder, check out Fire and Ice book reviews for the second to last chance to win Not My Type.

All right, so I know I've been pretty absent in the blogosphere. I've been getting some posts up but not commenting nearly as much as usual. That's kind of normal for me (I'm learning) when I have a new book come out because life is hectic. But this time, I'm also so close to finishing a new manuscript that I can taste it. Therefore, I've been writing twice as much as usual (literally) every day for days and I'm giving up other things to do it. Like commenting. And proper hygiene. And The Practice because that show is dumb now.

I'll be coming back around soon. But now you know: you don't have body odor. I just have poor time management skills.

There's been other busy stuff, too. Like more book signings. And my son turned twelve. Here's my (lame) photographic evidence. 

This is about right:

 Sad you can't see this darlingest girl's darlingest pigtails but look closely at the right side of her head and you'll catch a glimpse.
 When given a choice between a great face/fat tummy pic and a constipated face/no tummy pic,
constipated face will win.
Me and my friend Becca at my Saturday book signing. I miss her!
 Me and one of the coolest ladies I know, Sarah. More about the apron on Wednesday, but how much do you LOVE it?


Kristina P. said...

Fabulous shoes!

Vivian said...

I see you and your daughter are into the whole zebra fashion :)

Collette said...

Hey! Becca is my husband's cousin! We miss her not living in HB as well! I read your new book and loved it! Reading your writing is like a big, contented sigh at the end of a long day. Thanks!

Carolyn V said...

I love the apron! I thought it was a cute dress at first. Aw!

Becca said...

I want the apron. I am a big fan of adorable aprons. And the food I can make while wearing one.

Melinda said...

Love the shoes too! At least you have an excuse, you truly are busy, I'm mostly just yeah. :)

Maggie said...

Awesome on another manuscript. You are fast! I love the apron.

Karen Peterson said...

The apron is awesome, the pics are fun, and just finish that manuscript! We'll still be here. :-)

Amanda said...

I BLEW through Not My Type in a day. I did absolutely nothing on Thursday but sat on the couch and read, made lunch for the kiddos and read, changed diapers and read...SEE it was GREAT!
Then at the end there was another book listed by you so I bought that too and guess what I did yesterday? I sat on the couch while my hubby tended the kiddos(5 kids 6 and under) and read! The List was GREAT too! Ok, knowing that Not My Type JUST came out, WHAT'S NEXT?
I can't wait!

And yes..
I am aware my bookworm is showing!

Sarah Sews 4 love said...

Anyone interested in the apron? I just got my Etsy store up and running! Check it out at I'm on Facebook at