Monday, January 16, 2012

A potpourri. Kind of the cheapy, discount kind. But a potpourri.

Lately blogging goes like this for me: "Haha, that was funny. I'm going to blog it."

Then I clean up another mess, make a meal, or two, write (or most likely revise something), read a painfully average book (by assignment, unfortunately), referee a couple of spats, think of four different activities for Grant to do, and then  . . . 

I sit down to blog. An I stare at the screen. And I go, "Wait, what was that funny thing I was going to write?"

So . . .  sorry.

The more I blog, the more ideas I have to blog about. Now that I'm a tad out of practice, the idea well has dried up. I feel like I should make a breast-feeding analogy here.

Hm. No. Let's not get breasts and blogging all tied up, and yes, you're welcome.

My toddler is riding a toy pony and pushing a toy stroller. At the same time. A couple of months ago, BAM, that would have been its own blog post somehow. Now, it's just kind of funny and also a good reminder that we need to go visit somewhere with horses so she understands the fundamentals because right now . . . she doesn't have it down yet.

But it's okay. I'll do a better job of making mental notes when something funny happens. Or interesting. Or otherwise blog worthy. But I'm also not going to stress it. Because why? I've never used this blog to make money. I don't use it as a family bulletin. I don't have any obligations to blog. I'm definitely at I-blog-because-I-want-to now, and that feels good.

And now for some randomness. I have lost six pounds now. And my BMI is officially in normal range. I am apparently no longer overweight. Thank you, raw almonds, green smoothies, and protein shakes.

Downtown Abbey totally lives up to the hype.

I still really love fairy tales.

My husband makes a mean mango and sticky rice dessert.

The board game Pandemic is fun.

I need my upcoming girls' weekend desperately.

I can't remember the last time I read a book just for pleasure. Four more books to read in the contest I'm judging and I can read whatever I want again. That's not to say that within that category there aren't some really fun books. But I have about six to-read-just-because books on my nightstand and I'm itchy to get to them.

I am craving chocolate far more than normal lately.

Grant just told me I could be Strongbad because I'm writing an email. 

The children are shooting each other with giant pipe cleaners. I just said, "Quit hitting. You can only shoot each other." I find myself making a lot of equally absurd parenting comments. And now I'm going to make more of them because the kids want to play. And I kind of want to, too. So . . . progress.


Kristina P. said...

I had a blog post all ready to type up last night, and then I got lazy.

I will share some of my brownies with you!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Yay! Congrats on the healthy BMI achievement. That's awesome.

And definitely play with the kids. The other stuff will still be there when they're grown.

wendy said...

well, I think whatever you come up with to blog about is just Fine.
Sometimes I get an idea, and wonder "hmmm, will this be interesting AT ALL to anyone else"

good job on the 6 lbs, Sneaking Kristina wanting to give you some brownies.

now, go shoot some kids.

Barbaloot said...

I love mango and sticky rice so I'm super jealous. And I would like a new read-just-for-fun book written by you. Can that happen soon?

Vivian said...

I would love to get the recipe for the mango sticky rice dessert...sound yummy! 6 pounds? How did you do it? Any tips..Didn't the holidays just passed? I, on the contrary, gained..don't even dare saying. grrrr

Rachel Sue said...

Dowton Abbey is the best.

I need to buy a scale. My pants fit better, but I have no tangible proof. I'm pretty reliant on the almonds too.

And I forget my mental notes All. The. Time. Makes me crazy.

Jessica G. said...

Strongbad! Haven't read Homestar Runner is far too long.
I could really use some chocolate, too. I'm supposed to bake cupcakes tomorrow…might do it now and make extra batter just so I can lick it off the spatula.

Karen Peterson said...

I love your random posts. They're my favorite.

LisAway said...

That cheap potpourri smells quite nice!

Whenever I don't blog for awhile everything else in life starts to seem so much more important and anything I would blog about so insignificant/pointless or sometimes lame. But don't worry, because once I start blogging again I can really pump out pointless post after pointless post.

I am very jealous of those watching Downtown Abbey because we can't get it over here. And congrats on the six pounds. I would love to lose six pounds...

LisAway said...

I just read my comment over and realized that my first sentence makes it look like I'm a fan of ACUTUAL cheap potpourri. Can't have people thinking that. I was ONLY referring to your post.

Kazzy said...

We LOVE to play Pandemic. The mango sticky dessert sounds fab. And I cheer you on in your weight loss!

Phew, I typed fast enough to remember all of those things!

annie valentine said...

Sometimes blogging is hard. There are days when a weekly deadline just about puts me on medication.

I talk about medication a lot these days. Hmm...

Charlotte said...

I suffered from blogging blackout for a long time. It is hard sometimes. Anyway, I just found Downton Abbey on Netflixs the day before the new season started and fell in love instantly.

Maggie said...

I ALWAYS forget my "funny" ideas. Maybe they really weren't that funny anyway.

DeNae said...

I've begun to wonder if I have any blogging stories left in me. That would make me very sad, and it would also make my word verification word kind of prescient: pangs. That's it, really.

Also, speaking of random, I just realized by looking at your sidebar that Crash and I used similar titles to our posts. But since she posted a couple of days ago I'm assuming my subconscious was just copycatting her.