Monday, March 5, 2012

GO time!

And now my word baby is out on the shelves. Hooray for TWITTERPATED! I got lots of messages from people who saw (or even bought it!) on different Seagull bookshelves this weekend, but also lots of folks who said they went in but their store didn't have it yet.

As of Tuesday, it should be at all Seagull bookstores and Deseret Books too, but you might want to call ahead.

However, if you're a betting person and want to WIN it, check out the iCandy Handmade blog, which SLAYS me with the insane cuteness and cleverness. It's hosted by my friends Autie and Jen from my old ward and they really are as good as the stuff they post on the blog makes them look.

Also, my son told me this riddle today. I will transcribe the conversation as it happened.

Him: What is more powerful than God, more evil than Satan, rich people want it, and poor people have it?

Me: (After a prolonged sound of crickets chirping) Money?

Him: No. Nothing.

Me: What? That's not a riddle. That's stupid. A riddle has to have an answer. *Stomps out.*

*A minute passes.*


Him: *Slaps forehead.*


LisAway said...

That IS a great riddle! And I would have reacted EXACTLY like you did. Hooray for Twitterpated!

Karen Peterson said...

That riddle is awesome.

And I'm very excited for Twitterpated!

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on your new book! I bet the dialogue in it is just as fabulous as it's predecessors (sort of).