Friday, April 13, 2012

Shaking off the dust

LOOKIT: I'm here!

And you can't see it, but I totally just did a high kick, scissor jump with a full twist and a Mary Catherine Gallagher landing because of the excitement of it all! I love you, blog. *Reaches out and awkwardly hugs computer.*  *Even more awkwardly, computer hugs back.*

Sorry I've been gone. Kinda, but not really. Something had to give, guys. And it was the blog. I have to write. I also apparently have to clean my house and feed my children and I don't know, DO STUFF with them when it's Spring Break. And I've kind of, sort of, been getting it all done. 1500 words a day. At least two clean rooms each day. I even disemboweled the 12-year-old's closet. 

But guys: 1500 WORDS A DAY. And I fight for every single one of them. 

But I had a crazy break through in the middle of this manuscript about how to write it (I already knew what I wanted to write) and for the first time ever, now on manuscript NUMBER SIX (because I'm a slow learner) I may  not be 20,000 words over when I finish the first draft, begging for someone to club me and put me permanently out of my misery before I have to tackle revisions.

I am delighted.

I also thought I'd tell you about some random things that I am in no way being compensated to endorse, but I kind of like them, so you might too:

As far as deep pigment lip glosses that you don't need to wear over a lipstick that actually stay in place for a long time and also don't attract your hair all day go, this is my favorite. But I like the Forever Raisin color. Because nothing evokes the image of plump luscious lips like calling it raisin.

James's Australian stepmom thinks that kettle corn--and anything sweet and salty--is an abomination. I think that is weird. What is not weird but rather delicious are these (but don't have them in your house if you're dieting):

I have lots of cookbooks. This is the best one where every single thing has come out tasting YUMMY:

And the cool thing is that they have a blog where you can get the recipes for free. My favorite is the Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos (I could probably live on them), but I've also made the sweet-and-sour meatballs, coconut chicken fingers, spicy honey chicken, Natchitoches pies, steak fries, coconut rice, and carmelized green beans. Plus some other ones I forget. It's all easy and it's all good. 

Lastly, I have, shall we say . . . an overabundance of booty (see above recommendation). But I like this brand of pants (Kut from the Kloth--let's all forgive them their stupid use of the letter K) because it works if you're bootyful:
I actually have these shorts. I'm wearing them right this second. Brittany has these shorts too. Don't wear them on the same day as her. Actually, that tip will probably beat any other tip I can give you so I'll stop right there.

Happy weekend, y'all!


Josi said...

Did I ever tell you I bought the urban decay lipgloss (in Wallflower per your recommendation) and it's my most favoritest? And now I want this one too. And the shorts. Some day I'm going to hire you for a day of "make me beautiful" and I will replace my wardrobe and make-up and be totally lovely.

Brittany said...

You are really too kind. And I'd take your 1500 words a day + two clean rooms + getting other stuff done talent over my shorts wearing abilities.

Kimberly said...

Glad to see you back :) Loved the scissor kick!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Go you, balancing all of that. And doing kicks, too? That must be giving you the cardio you need.

Have a great weekend. Sounds like you and your kids had some fun this weekend--and you got writing done. How awesome is that?

Melinda said...

Hey I'm wearing shorts like that today too! I feel so close to you right now... I'm on a no sugar/no bread diet for 2 weeks (per doctor request, started yesterday) and for the last two days there is nothing I want more than sugar and sweets. Kill me with your recommendations! ;)

Kristina P. said...

Shorts scare me. I wear dresses/skirts 99% of the time. Also, lip gloss is no bueno for me. I am a hard core lipsticker.

Erin said...

The cookbook: okay, you have to make the pork tacos with chili verde (pg 146) and the black beans on pg 202 to accompany it. We actually call it the "green meat" but it is SOOO good. (Yes, it is sooo good that it requires the extra o's.)

Becca said...

We had spring break this week too. If you count blog posts, I did a lot of words. If you don't count blog posts, I still had 2 days over 1000. (But alas, I'm no MelanieJ.)

Kut Jeans = good for thighs, too. Amen.

DeNae / SHP said...

I am wearing jeans and a TURTLENECK because northern Utah has decided it kinda likes winter (Las Vegas style; temps in the 40's) so I'm jealous of anyone who is wearing shorts of any variety. And I'm going to check out the lipgloss and the cookbook. AND...I totally get what you're saying about your blog. I love my vitual living room, and I refuse to cave to invitations to turn it into something it's not. I even dislike promoting my stuff over there; it's like inviting friends for lunch and then selling them Amway for dessert. Blech.

(p.s. Pleeeeze get rid of the word verification. It's been outsourced to Satan and old blind people like me can't read those blankety blankin' words.)

wendy said...

ok all good.........but my FAVORITE
the Mary Catherine Gallagher part
LOVE HER !!!!!!

Karen Peterson said...

I hatehatehate when people use K's instead of C's like that, but those shorts are cute, so I might be willing to forgive if they come in my size...

Amber Lynae said...

Great recommendations!!! I will be trying them out.

Kazzy said...

I love sweet and salty together, and I love those shorts. Not necessarily in that order.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

KaseyQ said...

I love your blog! You crack me up, so I gave you an award at Mormon Mommy Writers. :-)