Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Monsters

Seriously, want to win my book?

Two shots: Just comment on my post yesterday or visit the fabulous Mommy Snark and comment on hers. Also, you should read that review. I like when people say nice things about my book, bless her.

And now I have to play Baby/Monster with the kids. This is where I rock them (even my giant four year old) like a baby and sing a lullaby until they growl like a monster and I throw them out of my lap. Seriously, they can do this for an hour straight. *Whimpers.*

*There's a really cute new button for my book over in the sidebar. I wouldn't mind at all if you put it up.


Rachelle said...

That sounds like fun! My kids love it when we play sleeping monster. This is where I pretend to be asleep and they sneak up on me and try to wake me up and I turn into a monster and chase them. Wait, doesn't that sound like real life? :)

Karen Peterson said...

I think that game would last about 5 seconds with me. This is probably why I don't have kids.

Kazzy said...

How are the book sales going??

And kids create the best games, huh?