Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Bit of This and That

So I can't participate in Soap Opera Sunday today because

1) I've had an excessive number of long-distance relationships but
2) I can't remember the details of half of them and
3) even if I could remember, it makes my hubby sad when I tell stories about other boys I dated past the age of 16. In fact, I never dated anyone after I was sixteen until I met my husband. That's the truth (we choose to believe).

However, you should check out Soap Opera Sunday here.

Now, on to blogkeeping: Did you notice it looks a little different around here? I thought I was going to move away from the pink but I liked this template too well. Even though I'm afraid it might look a little bit like panties. Which I probably shouldn't say because that's what all of you will think of now every time you see it: that you're digging around someone's underwear drawer.

But that aside, do you like it? Will you leave me a comment if you do? I think so far only Charrette and Heather and Alison Wonderland have said anything. Is it because the rest of you can't say anything nice so you can't say anything at all? That's sweet and I appreciate it, but I don't mind if you tell me how you really feel. Really. It's not like I can't easily change to a panty-less template.

Wait, that didn't come out right.

You know what I meant, right?

Also, I've had some super pretty blog bling I've meant to post for a while and it's now over in the sidebar.

Oh, and Lisa at Away From It All gave me a shout out on her blog and it made me all smiley. Thank you!

And I updated my blog roll so go check out some of the super cool blogs listed.


*MARY* said...

I loved your notebook layout but this is nice too.

Annette Lyon said...

This has a softer pink, and I like the black with it. :)

Heather of the EO said...

I thought it was purple. So I believe that you've moved away from pink. and I will choose to keep believing that.

I am going to think of panties from now on though.

Jami said...

So does this mean I can snag your notebook? Because I've been coveting. So yeah the pink and dark dot panties is uber cute. Can I use your notebook template?

Alison Wonderland said...

Hey, I commented on the new look! Where's my linky love? Sniffle.

Alison Wonderland said...

But I'm on the blogroll! WAHOOOO!

LisAway said...

Love it! I like how it's still clean but very cute. Sort of girlie but not at all cutsie. I'm with Heather, it seems a tiny bit lilac to me.

I was thinking of posting a poll on my blog to see if my color change makes people not want to come back. I wanted some nice kind of rust or pumpkin pie color for fall. I didn't find exactly what I wanted and I hope what I'm using doesn't make people feel like they need to rush to the bathroom!

Nancy said...

Well, the dots are nice, but I find the darker bars on the side a bit distracting...but don't change it cause of me...I still like it.
James' forts looked awesome!
Are you familiar with the Pixie Pit (email Scrabble)?

Kimberly said...

Cute! Sorry for not commenting sooner. I was about a 100 miles away and couldn't reach the keyboard. =P