Friday, May 1, 2009

The shoes were (not) made for walking...

There's still time to enter the giveaway. Just go to the comments of Wednesday's post and tell me where you would want your castle and you're entered to win Aubrey Mace's book, My Fairy Grandmother.

Just know before you even read further that 90% of the time, this is what I wear. My good ole brown Reefs. Or my black. I'm not a Rainbow flip flop girl because the straps are thin and hurt. I will kick anyone who says differently. But it won't hurt much because my flip flop will fly off. Of course, it could fly off and smack you worse than what the kick would do to you. But probably not, because my aim is terrible.

These pictures are courtesy of Kenny and his mad Photoshop skillz, by the way. He took an hour out of his life that he can never get back just to take pictures of my shoes at my request because he loves me. I ought to cook for him. Or something.

Now, I went to Utah for four days last weekend. Clearly, this necessitated six pairs of shoes. I actually wore every one of these pairs at some point during those four days. The math makes sense if you use Chinese numbers.

I love those Converse slip ons. I just got some in brown.

These were my all day Thursday shoes. In them, I am super tall. They're also super comfortable. I can throw these on with jeans and a black shirt and make a statement just with my footwear. That's a good shoe.

These were my Whitney Gala shoes. I forgot to bring the ones I meant to, so I bought these in Utah for $22.They hurt, but they work. This is the shoe boudoir shot. This shoe is a little burlesque, I think. You know, when the closet lights are off and human eyes aren't looking? Don't act like stuff doesn't happen in your fridges and closets when the you aren't there. Surely you've seen Toy Story. I'm not making this up.

These are THE shoes. I had to use this pic instead of the fantastic one Kenny took because this one looks properly pink. My toe nails are this exact color right now. And by three o'clock on Saturday, I couldn't take them any more and I slipped them off underneath a table every time I sat down.

I have a lot of shoes. Kenny, don't read this part. I have about 45 pairs.
Okay, Kenny you can read now. I'm convinced this is average. I know people with far more and far less. That number is now fixed, not because I'll never buy more shoes but because two years ago I made a rule for myself that any time I buy a new pair of shoes, I have to give one pair I already own to Goodwill or D.I. It's amazing how many shoes I suddenly DON'T have to have now. I got that from an Oprah show. She's good for something besides making me cry.
Anyway, my coolest pair of shoes is actually a pair Kenny bought me two birthdays ago. He picked them out all by himself. How cool are these shoes? How cool is my husband?

And there you go. I know you wish I had the other (Kenny, don't read this part) 39 pairs (okay, you can look again, husband) to read about but if it's okay, I won't post them all. You're all okay with that? Cool. Thanks.
Friday Favorites. Shoes, shoes, shoes.


Debbie said...

You do have a wonderful husband! I love those shoes.
I am not a shoe person though. One or two pairs is enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoes!! Why do we love them so much?? Really it doesn't make much sense. That is awesome that your husband bought those for you. They are gorgeous.

Lara said...

Oooh....I love me some shoes. I don't think I have 45 pairs anymore though. When my husband was doing grad school we just didn't really have a shoe budget, but boy have I ever been building it up since he got out.

I love those pink ones!

Kazzy said...

Ooo a shoe post! I love shoes, but I don't always like wearing them, if that makes sense. Charrette said you were adorable, and I am assuming that besides your own natural beauty your shoes were the cream on top (or the bottom).

LisAway said...

Woah. SO worth the wait, let me tell you.

I like them all. The pink are smashing, but the red and cork ones are my faves. So CUTE. And now I'm crying a little because I don't wear heels anymore, since Greg thinks they're ridiculous and I decided to agree with him (but deep in my heart I'm TOTALLY a wearer of heels) Plus, if they're comfortable, and you said the red ones are, they stop being ridiculous.

BTW I considered not commenting because I suddenly felt even frumpier than usual after this post, but then I scrolled back up and saw your most excellent flip flops again and gained courage. :)

Jami said...

Fun shoes! I love shoes on other people. I love the shoe section in Nordstrom. The nice thing is that since I hate actually wearing shoes it's a pretty inexpensive thing to love!

Kristina P. said...

You are a girl after my own heart!

And I own about 90 shoes. It's a sickness. But I really can't wear shoes over 3". Those already make me 6' tall.

Emily said...

Loving the photos! Can Kenny come photograph stuff for me too? Like my family?

DeNae said...

I have the brown Converse aleady. I like to imagine that they make me look "hip", although if I eat any more brownies my metabolism will take care of that.

I love every single shoe on this post. I must have the pink ones. Must. Have. Them. I'm telling you, Mel, offer THOSE as a giveaway and I'm pretty sure you'll hit the 500's in comments, 475 being from me!

Um, I just called you Mel. Interesting. I think I did it because that's how I think of you. I hope you don't mind my taking liberties.

wonder woman said...

A girl after my own heart.

Oh, Kristina already said that.

Still true. I have ones like your pink ones in black, and the same pair in slingbacks. Bother clearanced at Target, and I needed a pair for winter and summer.

I love making a statement with shoes. I think I need some pink heels, now.

Kimberly said...

I'm the one throwing the average off. I think I have about eight pair including winter boots. In my defense though I have a high arch so finding comfy shoes is a challenge.

I want the red ones though. They is sooooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about shoes last night -- not because of your post, but because I was thinking about my current problem that there's something wrong with the 4th toe of my right foot (which I keep meaning to see a doctor about) and because of that and foot size changes from pregnancy (including that some of the shoes I wore while pregnant are now too loose) I currently own not. one. pair. of truly comfortable shoes, shoes that I could walk a mile in without them flopping around nor pinching. Not even tennis shoes.

While in this train of thought, I remembered learning, a couple years ago, with great surprise, that Utah County women buy the most shoes per capita of any county in the nation. (A county in Southern California came in second.) I'm still trying to explain this statistic to myself, but last night some of the possibilities I came up with were:

Shoes are often sexy but never immodest (so they're all fair game for modest women)

Since LDS women attend church and other dressy functions regularly, we need dress shoes

We also have lots of possibilities for hiking and other outdooor sports, and need appropriate shoes

We all (cough, or anyway most of us) exercise regularly and need shoes for that

We have all four seasons here (even if Spring is only two weeks long,) so we need the full complement of seasonal shoes

We're not New Yorkers or Seattle-dwellers so we actually wear color and like having shoes to match


I came up with all of these explanations because I was trying to avoid coming to the conclusion that LDS women are vain.


Without going upstairs to count, I'd guess I have about 20 pairs, but most need replacing for the reasons I gave at the beginning of this post, as well as just from their being old and worn out. I do have my own shoe snobbery in that I just won't wear shoes that aren't leather.

P.S. I looked at sandals at the other day and they had about 1000 pairs. I don't know how we can believe ourselves to be in a true recession with that kind of shoe choice (but we'll see what happens to the selection in a few years -- I imagine all these shoes were in the works before the economy headed downhill.)

(There I go writing a post-length comment again.)

Oh and I just remembered another thing. once posted some fabulous t-strap pink heels she'd bought and was in love with (I hate to say it but they were even more fabulous than yours) and I couldn't help thinking that she was showing her Mormon roots in loving those shoes -- there were even east-coast commenters saying things like "Really, Dooce, *pink* shoes?" And then a few weeks later she mentioned wearing the shoes to a nephew's or niece's baptism and I thought "Yup." (I remember the shoes well because I searched for them online but they sold out as soon as she posted them. A few months later they were back in stock but by then I'd decided that, sadly, I really didn't have anything to wear with them. But if I get pink clothes I might have to search for the shoes again.)

Becky said...

I think I'm in love!

Shellie said...

that was a very nice input from the last commenter :) and I totally agree about that we have a lot of shoes because most of the time its the only sexy thing we can get away with publicily.

I have about 40 pairs of shoes. I LOVE SHOES!

also kenny did good. those are awesome shoes. I'd kill for a pair!

Melinda said...

I LOVE the shoes your husband picked out! SUPER AWESOME! I LOVE me some shoes!! I wish I had more, but sadly my budget doesn't allow it, still I'm working on it.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

Your hub has got some serious skillz. I almost had to look away a few times those shoes were positively . . . provocative.

LexiconLuvr said...

I'm going to the hellfire for coveting all that beauty...

April said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you! My favorite shoes are Born shoes. They are comfortable from day one.

Chris said...

Shoes. Sigh. I love shoes.

I'd say it was in my blood except that I was adopted.

My mom & dad owned a shoe store until they retired a few years ago. I cannot begin to express how much I miss that place! They specialized in shoes that FIT and I got so spoiled!

So, don't go counting the number of shoes my family can claim. It's just embarrassing. :)

charrette said...

Yep. Those red shoes were the very first thing I noticed when you showed up on my front porch! They are fabulous!

But the very next thing I noticed, with an even more lingering impression? Your beautiful, expressive eyes.

Personally, I don't know how you walk in ANY of those shoes! The mission cured me of high heels forever. But those eyes? Are an oasis.

I might have to forward this post so Jeff will know that my collection of around 20 shoes is, well, modest!

wendy said...

Oh man, I am jealous of all those gorgeous shoes. I LOVE shoes too, but have very few actually --DUE TO THE BUNION (it's on one of my posts) and so alas, I can not wear most shoes that have SASS AND STYLE as they hurt like )#(^^. But sometimes I suffer through my vanity and wear them until I am wincing in pain. loved seeing those, and I can't believe your hubby picked out such a COOL pair of shoes for you.