Monday, July 27, 2009

I hate Perez Hilton.

*I've been debating on posting this because it's not exactly edifiying. I am extraordinarily cranky right now. But. . .I'm also too cranky to think of a different blog post. I promise if you come back on Wednesday, I'll post about puppies or something.

If you don't know who he is, do me the favor of NOT checking him out. I refuse to even link.

Now, let me confess before this rant continues: I like celebrity gossip. I have no idea why. I don't even mind a little snark mixed in with said gossip, which is why I check regularly. (I'm not going to embarrass myself by telling you how often.) I also wander over to the home pages for Us Weekly and People. Oh, and

There, I said it. You may sit in judgment on me for the rest of this post.

Back to Perez Hilton.


He's a blogger that runs a celebrity gossip site and I'm pretty sure nothing can make me angrier in a shorter amount of time, which is why I quit reading him shortly after I started reading him. Let me be clear: I saved some brain cells that way.

He is poisonous.

It's one thing to take jabs at people, but this guy is the biggest hypocrite EVER. His site goes way beyond the wink-wink, nudge-nudge of who is dating who or whatever. It goes all the way back to middle school, which is the last place I remember seeing those "slam books" where people wrote insults about each other and then passed the book around. He rips on people for their clothes and hair, sure. But he usually goes past that to ripping on their looks and weight.

That stuff's just mean. (Have you seen this guy? 'Nuff said. I'm not trying to be mean, too. It's just a fact.) So are the obscene words and drawings he makes on their photos, like an emotionally stunted sixth grader. It's never been funny. Not once.

But that's not the really hypocritical part. (Um, okay, it's actual pretty hypocritical). THAT comes in when he sets himself up as some sort of truth-saying moral conscience. He rails against bad celebrity behavior and claims the moral high ground in his diatribes against people like Chris Brown. Fine. Whatever. That guy deserves some abuse of his own.

But Perez Hilton has also taken it upon himself to "out" several celebrities who had chosen to remain closeted until he made that decision for them.


He considers it his duty because he's openly gay so he's acting like he's doing the gay community and society in general a favor by doing this. I won't even explain his logic because it's stupid. And it's just a lame cover for him and his efforts to get more page hits. At least be honest about that, you know? Anyway, that's hypocrisy example #1.

Next is two highly publicized recent dust-ups. The first was the whole Miss USA kerfuffle, where he again decided to be an activist for gay people everywhere whether they want him to be or not, by going on a rant against (the admittedly idiotic) Miss California for her pro-Prop 8 position. I can't stand the girl myself, but she does get to say what she wants to about her opinions and her opinion happened to accurately reflect the majority of the voters in her state. But as a judge at the pageant, when he got the answer that wasn't what he wanted versus the contestant's honest opinion, he blew up. He recorded and posted his rant the next day, and sounding belligerent and inarticulate with his name calling ("You're stupid and ugly"? THIS is how you make your point?), proceeded to ream her and cause a media firestorm.

I have zero problem with him having his opinions and wanting to be accepted as a gay man, no matter my own political views. But to seize for yourself the title of spokesman for your cause and then use the spotlight to defend it with first grade schoolyard insults?


Ignorant, but not hypocritical. Until...

You factor in last month's debacle where at a party, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas confronted him and asked him to stop insulting Fergie on his blog (and Perez is mean about her--very mean). Perez couldn't handle being called on his stuff and responded by calling Will.I.Am a (insert ugly homophobic slur here). Oh, the irony.

No, oh...the complete hypocrisy.

He got punched for it. You know what the public reaction was?

Um, Will.I.Am gained a whole new fan base. (Although he didn't throw the punch).

Perez, being the socially tone deaf individual that he is, took to his blog again in a lonnnnnnng video rant the next day talking about how violence is never the answer.

I guess he never got that lesson about how words hurt worse and all that.

Anyway, GLAAD, the organization that most media outlets turn to when they want a REAL mouthpiece for the gay community, issued a statement saying Perez Hilton needed to apologize for his slur. And it STILL took him days to publicly back down. I think he only did it because he was getting torn apart in the media and on the internet, not because he really saw anything wrong with what he did.

Then he committed a huge gaffe after Michael Jackson died, announcing the news on his blog and then speculating that it was a ploy to drive up ticket prices for his concerts. Yeah, lots of people none too happy about that.

I read an Entertainment Weekly article a couple of weeks ago that analyzed the sensation that is Perez Hilton and they couldn't find ONE person to go on record to defend him publicly, even among his so-called friends like Lady Gaga. One famous New York gossip columnist called him a parasite. Even his own kind can't stand him.

Here's the thing. I don't mind celebrities getting called out for idiotic behavior. It actually doesn't bother me in the least and in general I find it funny when people expose those folks' emperor's new clothes foolishness.

This Perez guy, though...

Look. I know it probably wasn't easy for him to grow up as an overweight, Latino homosexual. There are three fronts right there that people will come after you on, and it's wrong. ALL of it. And I realize that artists will often mine their pain for material, turning it outward as comedy or using it to fuel artwork or as a well they tap when acting. But Perez isn't an artist. He's a punk kid who calls people names for a living BUT has the nerve to act like he's providing some sort of public service in doing so.

My beef with him isn't that he's mean or petty. It's that he's NOT HONEST ABOUT IT. You don't see any more clearly than the rest of us, Perez. In fact, I'd say your perspective is severely JACKED.

That's why I quit reading him months ago. I don't hang out with people like that in real life, and I refused to be one more hit on his stat counter. I just wish the rest of the media would ignore him too because I am so tired of this guy.


Tamara Hart Heiner said...

yeah, I'll stay away from his blog. Doesn't sound like a nice guy.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Huh. And I just thought he was Kristina P's boyfriend. (JUST kidding, KP!)

Agreed. There are a lot of toxic folks in the media. Sounds like he stands near the top of the list.

MommyJ said...

So, little known (or a lot known) fact about me, in the past, I've been a big fan of Clay Aiken. Generally, his style of music doesn't do much for me, but the Dude has an amazing voice. I love it when he sings Christmas songs.

Anyway... Perez Hilton is always really, really nasty to Clay. I've never followed anything that he's said, but that was enough to leave a really foul taste in my mouth. I'm not sure there is really anybody that respects him, which is kind of said that that is what his life has boiled down to.

I'm glad you ranted. :) It's real, it's humans, and sometimes it helps us feel better.

Josi said...

THAT guy? I didn't know his name but I've seen him here and there, drives me nuts. I'm not a big celeb gossip but it was clear to me that his comments were always much more about HIM than anyone else. Lovely Rant!

Kazzy said...

I have never been to his blog but have certainly heard of him. He does sound extremely hypocritical. I can't stand the "You are oppressing us! So HERE!" And then there is some kind of retaliation. Makes no sense.

InkMom said...

Okay, so this is going to be a long comment. I promise to make it count, and to make it apply.

So CPod and I watched a movie last weekend that was rated R -- as it should have been, since the real version had an average or 2 f-words per minute, and extreme violence -- but I digress. It came on FX in the edited version and I swear we didn't hear a word any of them actually said because they were all dubbed for tv.

The movie was "The Departed" and though I can't in good conscience actually recommend it, it made me think a lot about morality. Here's why.

The bad guy (Jack Nicholson) is really, really bad. But he is a bad guy in an unapologetic way. He has a mole inside the Boston PD (Matt Damon) who sort of justifies his own behavior. To me, he seems to be the worse bad guy because his evil is wrapped up in a pretty package, the poster boy for a good cop. His persona is an inaccurate reflection of his true self -- and it's absolutely contrived to keep him from being under scrutiny. He even ends up heading an internal investigation of his department to discover the mole.

The protagonist (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the opposite of Matt Damon's character. He infiltrates Jack Nicholson's organization as an undercover cop and it is harrowing to watch him struggle with the conflict between his inner morality and outer depravity. He is torn up by the mismatch of who he is and who he pretends to be. But his antithesis, Matt Damon, who is evil but calls himself good, only seems to have issues when his two personas come directly into conflict and he has to choose to preserve his position with the Boston PD.

Here's where I'm going: I appreciate the honesty and the morality, yes, morality, of calling evil evil. It's slightly more moral than trying to call evil good and mislead people into seeing what you want them to see. Honesty in representation of yourself goes a long way to clarify the "lines" in this world, and artificially creating moral grey areas by misrepresentation is insidious, and despicable.

So. I have a great deal more respect for those to do not couch their snarkiness in a blanket of morality -- if you're a snark monger, Perez Hilton, just be straight up about it. Call it what it is -- call yourself what you are. It's not moral. It's not nice. It's not, as far as I'm concerned, either palatable or interesting enough to cause me to even glance at your site in passing.

Apparently, you hit a nerve with me.

I'm through now.

April said...

What I don't approve of is the "media" pandering to Perez because he is the flavor of the day or to stay off of his bad side. A bully is a bully is a bully.

Annette Lyon said...

I know bits and pieces about him, but not much--just enough to, like Josi said, have a bad taste in my mouth. Glad I didn't imagine it.

Erin said...

I thought Perez wrote on TMZ. Shows how out of the loop I am. (Maybe I will promptly subscribe to TMZ!)

I saw a link from a link from a link of Perez's rant against I clicked on it and watched for maybe 6 seconds, and then just turned it off in disgust. Although I had never read anything about Perez or seen him online or anything, I thought he was ignorant and rude in just those six seconds.

Kristina P. said...

Steph, he's not my boyfriend anymore!

He's become incredibly more hateful over the past year, and writes really nasty things about Mormons. I think I have him listed on my sidebar still, now that I think about it, and need to take him off.

I think that people in Hollywood are scared of him. He's become a celebrity in his own right, and he has a HUGE readership, and so people don't want to do anything to make him mad. He gets invited to shows and events now.

I thought that how he went after Prejean was so ridiculous.

wonder woman said...

I'm so glad you wrote this!! I'm such a reality TV junkie and avid blogger that I'm kinda surprised I've never visited celebrity gossip blogs. But I never have. I guess I only see it on TV and have never checked the web for the gossip.

But I've seen a few of the pics Perez has "edited" on like Vh1 or something and YUCK. Stupid. Immature. Ridiculous. You're right -- he doesn't gossip, he just slanders.

LisAway said...

If I let myself I can get pretty involved in celebrity "news". But I do try to stick to the news. I just feel like, "What if Brad and Angelina broke up and I didn't know it?", since they never mention stuff like that over here (which I sort of love. The world does not revolve around movie stars!)

Anyway, I went to Perez's blog ONCE and read about an actress who'd had a baby a month before or something and he was going ON and ON about how it was time to get back to the gym because she looked nasty etc.

Oh. That was enough of him for me, thanks. (Plus anything else I've ever seen of him makes me a little ill, too).

Lara said...

I've only been to his site a handful of times, all because someone linked a particular article of his, and every time I have been disgusted.

After the Miss California incident, though, I will never go back. He is truly vile. Thanks for spreading the word. :)

Kimberly said...

Oh there is nothing like a good rant, is there? Brava!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Yeah, he is seriously vile. I can't even stand to look at him when he's shown on tv. I'm sure one of these days there will be a great downfall. I mean, he can't last forever when he hateful to everyone.

And one question - why was he even asking a question at the pageant??? Makes no sense.

Aubrey said...

Wow-- I'd forgotten all about slam books. How low-tech we were! Now kids have cell phones and blogs to text and post their snarky comments instead.

L.T. Elliot said...

Mean people suck. Mean people who hide behind the guise of something else suck worse.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for him. Srsly. It must be deeply depressing to be so utterly adrift and lacking of any sort of moral compass.

I stumbled on his site a few weeks ago for the first time in a couple of years--I probably linked there from the story about his fight and video rant--and besides being appalled by the grotesque obscenity (as Kristina says, he's gotten even worse than he used to be,) I was also plain confused as to where he was really coming from--he goes way beyond mixed messages, to complete gobbledygook.

Luisa Perkins said...

Such a sheltered life I lead; I had no clue. I'd seen the name but figured it was someone misspelling Paris Hilton's name. Glad for the warning!

wendy said...

Well, I am not familiar with that guy --thank goodness it would seem. I promis you if you read MY blog it will be just , well , "basically nice" Even if I am a little overweight, dumb blonde Canadian about to enter her 3rd marriage" - don't judge me (tee,hee)
I probably won't be able to check back with you until September with my move and needing HIGH SPEED, crap, I will miss my blogger friends.

The Micawbers said...

You know I actually blogged about this guy myself. I just don't understand why he is so stupid. I mean come get 50 million hits a second on your blog and you can't see you're onto a good thing? Instead you just let the power rush too your head and you start acting like you can't be beat.

It's really sad. Look at his latest 'tour' he is trying to shift tickets for. We all know he thought he had the power to just put any artist on his page and the masses would just follow. That's actually what my blog post was about - he has no influence like he believes.

Anyway...thank you for your post it made me feel like someone else 'got it.' All the best.