Monday, January 3, 2011

Zappos, my new e-BFF

This Christmas was the year of the shoe, y'all.

Before you get jealous, you have to understand that my slogan for Kenny would be:

Kenny Jacobson: Making everyone else's husbands look bad since 2006.

He's just THAT good. 

Every year he buys me one pair of shoes for my birthday and this year I had a pair of worn out boots so he threw in a pair for Christmas, too. (Remember, I'm not quite as spoiled as I sound because my birthday is Christmas Eve.) Anyway, this is what he got me for my birthday:

Yeah, I know. He's awesome! He picked them out all by himself!

Then he got me these boots for Christmas and while I normally go for a higher heel, these are amazingly comfortable:

For my birthday gift to myself, I bought the ones I was eyeing (even though Josi says they look like her grandmother's couch. I bet they're as comfy as that couch, too. Love them!):

Then there was a little (okay, biggish) mistake on Kenny's order from Zappos and he got a $25 credit, so I've been needing some dressy/churchy brown shoes for about a year, and I think I might get these with my birthday money from my in-laws:
To be be perfectly honest with you, prior to this shoe little binge, I hadn't bought myself shoes in at least six months. (Yeah, I know. Cry you a river.) I haven't bought myself much of anything wardrobe-wise in about that long because it's not fun shopping for clothes when I have 20 pounds to lose. But shoes . . .

Well, shoes always fit since I don't gain weight in my feet. My butt and gut always claim it before it makes it's way down there.

I've started my get-healthy plan and I figure four months is plenty to lose twenty pounds, so that's the plan. (Then I'll be jonesing for another birthday and an excuse to go on a spree once more.) I scored Turbo Fire on Craigslist for half price today, I joined two different weight-loss challenges with some money on the line, I've broken out my favorite healthy recipes, and I'm excited.

IT'S NOT A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION, THOUGH. So don't even say that.

I only made one resolution this year: wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook. That's it.

(Okay, I did do that thing where you pick a word to focus on all year and I picked: kindness. It's going to be SO HARD being as I'm evil.)

Happy New Year!


Kristina P. said...

Hot, hot hot! I love Zappos. Free shipping both ways!

Stephanie Faris said...

Ooooooh nice! I've never shopped on Zappos. I got some Skechers Shape-Ups for Christmas, as well as a pair of silver and black stylish houseshoes that are boots. They're awesome!

MommyJ said...

I love shoes, but oddly enough, I don't buy them all that often. Your post is inspiring me. I'll tell my husband to thank your husband.

Karen Peterson said...

Jealous of your shoes! And your husband. But, right now, mostly just your shoes!

I woke up this morning thinking about the word-for-the-year thing and "kindness" is what popped into my head, too. Drat.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

cute cute shoes! I'm not a shoe person. but I totally understand the not wanting new clothes while I'm 20 lbs overweight.

Kris said...

Any chance you might be posting the brand of those boots? It's possible that I might be coveting them.

DeNae said...

I think the couch shoes would be really cute with some dark wash skinny jeans. It's all about what you wear your couch WITH, Josi!

And guess what? The Zappos WAREHOUSE is right here in Vegas. Every now and then I drop by and offer a sacrifice at one of its altars.

Kazzy said...

I am completely blown away that he picked your shoes out. I was married about 2 years when I finally got brave enough to tell my husband to stop buying me clothes or anything else I would wear. We laughed about it, but I was dead serious!

Amber said...

Beautiful shoes! My husband picks out most of my shoes because I do not have the sense to pick cute ones.

InkMom said...

Holy hotness, those red ones are something else. And I need them. My sister buys blue jeans. And I buy shoes. But those red ones are significantly absent from my closet. Must remedy . . .

LisAway said...

Great shoes. I quite like the couch ones. They look like a cozy leather blanket for your feet.

Best wishes on your dieting! I'm shooting for maybe 8 pounds (but won't be mad if I lose more, I'll just be SUPER thin. :) Mostly, though, I'm trying to break the habit of eating so much junk, which is why I chose something more than just a calorie counting diet (I needed more of a jolt, and eating low fat protein for a few days and then adding in veggies before returning to a more normal diet should do the trick. Then I can start baking only once a week)

And I'm just like you. I know how awesome it is to get birthday wishes but rarely give them on facebook. Partly because I want to say more than just "Happy Birthday" and am not ready to commit to thinking of something nice and new to say to each person every day. . .

And kindness. Yeah, that one should be a breeze. :P

Have I told you enough about everything? Can I end this comment now? Okay.

Susan said...

I've never cared too much about shoes, but you're converting me. I love the boots!!!!

You can do it-the birthday wishing, and the kindness thing.

And good luck with the weight loss. That always sucks (getting post-baby weight off. I swear it's like double-sided tape, double strong, and doubly hard to get unstuck.)

Carolyn V. said...

Oh my gosh, I love the last pair!!! So darling!

I'm always looking for a nice pair of running shoes, not as fun as boots (which I love). =D

Happy New Year Melanie!

Linda said...

Kenny has such good taste!!! After all, he did marry a "Bennett".
Love the shoes girl!!!! Looking forward to seeing them in person...fingers crossed!
Love you.

Amber Lynae said...

My feet are super jealous of your feet..... next you are going to tell me you have smallish size feet too so you can always wait for the shoes to go on clearance because all of the size 8-9s are sold out.