Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm the Little Stream.

Reminder: To win a copy of The List, just comment on THIS post. (If you want another opinion, check out Erin's review today at If You Give a Mom a Moment . . .)

I write LDS "chick lit." Literature for chicks. Light, fun, sassy stuff. And chick lit has some conventions. Snappy banter, good looking love interests, fashion. Oh, yes, lots of fashion. I love fashion. I don't stay on top of the trends like I used to because I'm in the house so much now since my two little ones are really, really little and really, really hard to take out by myself. But I still love fashion and writing it into my books is a fun way to "dress" vicariously through my characters' wardrobes.

So this week's theme for giveaways is about fashion. First up, accessories. I love a great statement necklace and I'm absolutely smitten by this one from the girls at iCandy Handmade. Autie made this out of sweaters she recycled from a thrift store. I LOVE IT. It's fun and whimsical and sassy. And now you can win it:

For a look that's both earthy and sophisticated, my talented woodworking husband is offering up one of each of these necklaces:

I'm wearing this style in the picture on yesterday's post.

I love the lift a new dress gives me, and this one is fantastic for spring. It's a Shabby Apple exclusive and I adore it. It's available in size Medium for this giveaway, so if it doesn't fit you, then you may have a daughter/sister/friend who'd love it as a gift.

I know, I know! You want, need, MUST have it all, right? How do you get it? Simple. If you've already "liked" my Facebook author page or signed up for the newsletter on my website, you're already entered. Cool, right?  (If you haven't, you can go here: http://melaniejacobson.net/ and sign up for the newsletter--it takes two seconds. Plus, you can just press "Like" below and you'll be entered automatically for another chance to win, too).

To increase your chances, you can also do the following things:

1. Throw the button for my book from my sidebar up in YOUR sidebar. It's up there, at the top. Comment here to let me know you did it.

2. Include a link from your blog to my website at http://melaniejacobson.net/ and tell people they can read the first chapter of the book there. Comment here to let me know you did it.

And that's it. You can do any or all of those things. Sign up for the newsletter, like my Facebook author page, grab a button for your blog, or send people to my website.

Oh, and to win a copy of the book itself, you just need to comment on yesterday's post.

It's easy, yo.

Tomorrow's post is going to deal with lists. I'm ALL ABOUT lists. Oh, yes. Lists, lists, lists. I might even make lists of lists. And then cross that off my list. Yeah, baby!


Susan said...

I've totally done all that stuff. So I'm entered like ten times, right? And i'm size Medium. I totally need a new dress.

Kristina P. said...

I Like you, I really Like you!

MommyJ said...

If only one could win the dress AND the necklace, then they could wear them together. I love every single thing from this post.

Kimberly said...

You are having so much fun with this, your enthusiasm is just radiating off my screen.


I'm a total fashion neophyte. Seriously. I don't think I'd even dare wear things that cool.

Erin said...

I have done every single one of those things on your list of things to do :)

What an exciting time for you!!

Andrew & Sarah Clawson said...

Love it!!!! Would love to get the dress for my daughter (it's her fave color too!) Hope to see you soon!

Kazzy said...

It is all so dang cute!

I am so glad to see your enthusiasm with your new book. That is so cool!

Emily said...

Pick me! Pick me! I liked your FB page before I realized it entered me into the giveaway, so does that give me two entries? :) Also, I'm writing about your book in my post tomorrow! I'm not sure how to add you in my sidebar since I use Wordpress and anytime I add anything to my blog it involves a lot of HTML and other computer geeky stuff that only my husband can understand.

It was fun seeing you last week! I wish I had season passes like you! We could hang out more often!

Jen said...

I am a medium, and my dress collection is sadly tiny...I liked you and we have this giveaway posted....(beg)

milliemorganmedia said...

hello! i am your newest follower from the blog hop. your site is so cute and i look forward to reading more posts. i would also appreciate if you took some time to check out my blog and followed me too! thanks & have a great day!

{autie} said...

no really...I want that dress...and I'm a medium...so, pick me!
and I've done the other stuff!
ready, pick me!