Monday, May 16, 2011

The devil made me not do it

My life is not hard. I admit this. But I have to say that even still, it is hard to blog and draft new stories and revise old ones for official deadlines for my publisher.

Especially because I am undisciplined.

I can honestly spend two hours doing everything except what I need to and not have any idea where the time went. Random research for my novel on the Internet. Business-type conversations with writer-type friends. Scrabble. But not write.

I'm frustrated with myself when I do this but I keep doing it. I think the frustration comes from knowing exactly how much I can get done when I buckle down. Want to know how much? GOBS. I can bang out impressive word counts when I put my mind to it. I just too often don't. 

I fritter. I'm a fritterer. I ought to have a pageant sash that says so. And a scepter made of origami-ed Wrigley gum wrappers and a tiara of jimmied paperclips, both of which I could produce if you put me in front of my laptop and said, "You have two hours to write" and then left a pack of gum and a small tray of paper clips lying near by. Well, sure I COULD write, my train of thought starts, and then wrecks on, but I could also make fantastic creations out of gum wrappers and paper clips because I am the MacGyver of procrastination.

So that's how that goes. More or less every day, really.

Anyway, Tuesday is a new day. A new day where I will grumble about not having the time to get things done, but really--I have the time. It wouldn't even be that hard to fit it in. I'd just have to, I don't know. . . quit blobbing on the interwebs for an hour or two. 

I think I need to spend some serious thought on figuring out exactly  how I'm using my time lately. I don't watch that much TV. I don't read nearly as much as I used to. Ditto blogging, both reading and writing. I'm really sort of confused by all this. Is it really possible that I'm spending THAT much time on


Well, before I go, it's time to announce winner of the giveaway of Bumpy Landings by Don Carey. Survey says . . . it's CYD. Whoohoo! Email me your address and I'll make sure a copy gets out to you soon!


Kristina P. said...

You and I are more alike that I knew. I'm a fritterer t....rzkieytsthe

LisAway said...

So let the devil make you make oragami scepters and paperclip tiaras then sell them on Etsy. That would show HIM because you would have been productive afterall. But then I guess you wouldn't do that either, he'd make you find something more useless to do. Sorry.

Susan said...

I've been wasting my time too. Then I read a quote that said on judgment day we would be judged for everything--every word, every thought, every action, the way we spend out time. We're accountable for all of that.

So I got up early to do my Personal progress. And guess what? I ended up on your blog. It's not funny at all. So why am I laughing? (In a shake my head at myself sort of way.)

Sierra Gardner said...

ME TOO!! I will promise myself I'm going to write and then all of a sudden it is 5pm and the only thing I have really done is showered and put on my makeup. So glad I'm not alone in this.

Stephanie Black said...

Oh wow, can I ever relate. I mean to write, but then I'm checking blogs, and email, and falling asleep . . . If anyone has some spare discipline, send it my way. I could sure use it.

Cyd said...

For a minute there I thought I'd posted on someone else's blog and then forgotten all about it because I was downloading something to my Kindle and getting a snack and playing leapfrog over the stack of research sitting on my floor waiting for SOMEONE to sift through it and figure out an essay topic and... sorry. What?

(I'm not sure where to find your email. I'm cyd2lets at gmail dot com - and I'm super excited I won a BOOK! You can never have too many of those. Kindle notwithstanding.)

Melinda said...

I feel exactly the same way at the end of each day. Where did the time go? How did I not get ANYTHING done today? It just doesn't make sense.

Wonder Woman said...

I am SOOO the same way. When I have something important that needs to be done, I generally go out of my way to do everything BUT that. I have found that giving myself something even MORE important to do kinda helps.

Like if I need to read a book for book club that doesn't look too interesting, I tell myself I should do the dishes first. Suddenly, I find myself in my chair with the book, avoiding the dishes.

Maybe you need to dust all your baseboards? Darn socks? Pull dandelions by hand?

p.s. WV is nitro. How's that for motivation?!

Kimberly said...

I actually mopped my floor yesterday to put off working on a chapter that was giving me grief. Frittering is just easier. Plus? I totally rock at Tetris, don't'cha know.

We're all human. We could all do more or do what we do differently and/or better. It's especially hard when you can "get by" doing it the way you are. Because then, where's the motivation for change, right?

Sarah said...

I think Kimberly said it -- you can get by just fine so why put the pressure on. Years ago I said I worked best when stressed... probably because I'm awful at putting that drive into myself. I find when I do well in the morning, the rest of the day goes along easily. If I drag in the morning, it's 7 and the kids are in bed before I realize I haven't done anything but fritter every second away.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I really get this. I really do. I feel this huge guardian angel/taskmaster breathing down my neck that I should be writing, and I want to, but I ... can't. Which as you explained so well, is just stupid.

Sarah M Eden said...

The internet it my writing nemesis. I finally discovered that the only way I can consistently meet deadlines is to go down to a particular corner of the BYU library where I can't get an internet signal. I take food (don't tell the librarians) and a big ol' bottle of water and go at it for a few hours. It's the only way. The. Only. Way.
(Obviously I am not there now. And, yes, I am supposed to be working on my WIP. *sigh*)

Jenny P. said...

Know what I said to my husband the other day? I said I had no flippin idea when I wrote my book. WHEN? Cause I'm supposed to be working on revisions and working on a sequel and I am writing nothing. I too am a master fritterer... I think I justify it by saying that when the baby is sitting on the floor playing with toys, I can't really sit down and get into a good writing groove, cause I'll have to get up in just a few minutes. But I CAN read blogs. Cause, you know, that doesn't require a huge commitment or anything. But if the baby is happily playing, and will then be happily sleeping, why not just write? I don't know. It's hard.

Karen Peterson said...

I am the WORST at frittering. It needs to stop, but I just...ooh...It's my turn on Words With Friends!

TheOneTrueSue said...

I just can't relate to this at all.


(that was the lightning, striking me down)

Charlotte said...

I am also an expert fritter/procrastinator. Sometimes I wonder how it is even possible to put things off as well as I do.

I've been trying to budget my time better, with limited success.

Kazzy said...

I am not a writer, so when I get on the computer it is to fb or blog or write emails for my church calling. I am allowed more frittering time I guess. You know, since I am not a writer, I mean.

Lara said...

I love Lisa's comment! It's so true.

I am really good at doing everything but what I should be doing,and when I do manage to have that one day in forty where I stay on track I am just amazed at what I can do.

I guess it's just so exhausting to stay on track that one in forty days is all that's possible.

I'd buy one of your paper clip creations. :) But I'd probably rather read your book, so get going sister!