Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only the good die young

My dad only lived a month past his 60th birthday. Today he would have been 65. I'm doing things to help me remember him today. Wearing an LSU shirt, eating orange Tic Tacs and a Payday candy bar. And this, writing a list of 10 Things My Dad Taught Me.

1. No one can get in your way. No one.
2. The gospel is true. If you can understand that you're a child of God, that will be the permanent bedrock of your testimony.
3. Never leave a good bargain unpurchased. Even if you don't need it.
4. Change the oil in your car regularly or you're an idiot.
5. When someone needs help, help them. Without conditions. Just do it.
6. Let people help you. They really actually want to.
7. Education is the great equalizer.
8. The ability to teach is a gift. Use it, and teach what you love.
9. Star Trek: Next Generation  is the greatest show ever made. 
10. Being the dad your daughter can talk to is one of the most valuable gifts you can give her.

He was so awesome, you guys. So awesome.


Rachel said...

Your Dad was a great role model to my brother. He also gave smart advice to my parents on how to best support him. I remember the time he came over to help hook up the closed caption device for our TV. We used that for years and I wouldn't be surprised if it's still connected to the same TV at my Mom's. When I watch TV by myself, I sometimes still flip on the captioning. (Others seem to have less tolerance for all those words on the screen). It's funny what sticks with us.

I'm sorry he died too soon, Melanie. Your Dad was a very good man.

Becca said...

Preciousness. Thank you for sharing this part of your daddy with us. There is something remarkable about being an adult with our dads. A gift.


wendy said...

That is such a sweet post. I love that you were spending the day remembering him and writing down 10 things about him.
there were some really cute things on that list.

I am not sure...well, yes I am , who am I kidding...I know I'll be a basket case on the anniversary date of my sons death.
but it's only been one year
give me some time
and I'll be more ready to "celebrate" all the things he loved so much instead.
that is what he'd want
and same with your dad.

thanks for writing this....for me

Vivian said...


Rachael Renee Anderson said...

Love this post. It's made me consider the many things my dad's taught me over the years. Thanks for sharing.

Kazzy said...

I haven't lost my dad, but this post still made me bawl. I think the way you mixed humor with tenderness. That did it for me.

Donna K. Weaver said...

I love your list, Melanie. Did Pepper's dad have anything in common with your's. I lost my father last March. It's wonderful that you take the time to remember him the way you do. It will help to keep him "real" to your kids.

Pamela King said...

Everyone deserves a daddy like that.

DeNae said...

I'm so sorry that you lost both of your parents too soon, Mel. But I am so grateful for the advice and support you were able to give me when my own dad died too young a couple of years ago. His 68th birthday is coming up on the 24th, and I still reflect on how you helped me through some of those early, conflicting emotions. Thanks for being willing to open yourself up to the sometimes painful experience of sharing your stories with others. You've made a difference for me.

LisAway said...

After reading the list (and knowing his daughter) we hardly even needed the last line. Love you, Melanie! Happy birthday, dad! He can celebrate in a place where the cancer doesn't hurt.

Wendy Williams said...

Thanks for #5. I needed to hear it--today. Exactly today I needed to hear exactly that. Thank you. :)

Maggie said...

Wow what a beautiful post. He sounds like a really terrific man.

Karen Peterson said...

He sounds like such a great guy. And I'm sure he would be totally proud of you for what you've accomplished.

And he's pretty close to right about Star Trek: The Next Generation. ;-)

Carolyn V said...

What a wonderful post in memory of your dad. He sounds amazing.

Loralee and the gang... said...

I have a great dad, too, and fortunately, at age 70, he is still here on earth! Your post reminds me to treasure him every day! THANK YOU!