Monday, December 12, 2011


Um, so I'm returning from the longest hiatus of my blog's life. And it was totally unintentional. I am not tired of blogging. I am not tired of reading blogs.

But I am also not made of free time, and I had some CRAZY writing deadlines come up. So in order to make my life work, I put blinders on.

It worked. But I  missed you guys. And in typical Me fashion, I've got nothing special to tell you. I'm just here, kicking it. 

Uh, so how's everyone's Christmas going? I think I'm done with all but two people's gifts. This is happy-making. Want ideas for stuff? Here's a couple:

If you have an adolescent boy, especially one who loves Mythbusters, DON'T BUY HIM A CANNON. But you might want to buy him this book: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. My brother gave it to my 12-year-old and he's been in heaven building things like Tic Tac guns and aluminum foil and match missiles. 

Oh, or you have a mystery reader, you can give them this book from Stephanie Black: 

I really thought I had this one nailed right out of the gate, and of course, I was wrong. Or rather, I was partially right. But Stephanie is super good at throwing you a bunch of viable possibilities and making it super hard to figure out which one is right. If you know any mystery lovers, they'll love it. You can get it here.

And I'd post some other cool ideas but the people getting those gifts read my blog, so it'll have to wait. Sorry!

What else? Oh, I got my new cover for my next book. I'll have to see when I have permission to show it to you.

And I lost 3.5 pounds so far this month. I'm working HARD. But still enjoying some Christmas treats.

We have to replace part of our roof. Not awesome. And that's after replacing our furnace and air conditioner two weeks ago. Oh, and the van radiator. We're still having Christmas, but only because Kenny's cool with working until he's dead and skipping the whole retirement thing. 

I hate these Christmas songs: Baby, It's Cold Outside (this is totally what Edward sing to Bella, I think), I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (it caused my 4 year old to have a breakdown in the van last week), and Santa, Baby because EW, and no, there is no cute version of this song. They're all gross. Also, I've noticed when Celine Dion sings Christmas carols, they manage to sound as if they're entirely about her. 

And . . . now I have to go bake stuff, because this day is never ending. 

Oh, although I think you can win my book Not My Type here if you want:

And your odds are super good right now, so GO.


Kristina P. said...

I think it was the homeowner's fault for living next to a bomb range. That'll show 'em!!

Erin G. said...

I'm reading "Not My Type" right now! It's my Christmas present to myself. :)

Jenny P. said...

My blog has pretty much been on hiatus too... that or it's dying a slow and painful death. No comments. No traffic. No inspiration, what so ever. Meh. It'll breath again one day, I'm sure. I'm planning a post for this morning, so that's a good sign.

Christmas is good. Presents are purchased, all but the stocking stuffers. So I'm ready to go! i'm also ready for my kids to be out of school. Although, my house is SO quiet right now... not sure I really do want them all home.

Also, I need to post on facebook that my baby is a boy and I have given away ALL of my baby boy clothes. Every last shread. So. Must start all over for that. I'm feeling like maybe I need to be concerned about this, and yet I'm not, really. Maybe after the Christmas season when I start to feel even more pregnant and the reality of my unpreparedness hits me, I'll start to panic? I don't know.

And that is my random meeting your random.

Barbaloot said...

You're losing weight in December!! I'm not mature enough to be happy for you.

But I am excited for your new book!

And you forgot to mention Christmas Shoes on the list of awful songs.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I HATE I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus! Not a fan. At all. And Santa Baby. Whenever that song comes on I cringe.

Glad you're back!!

L.T. Elliot said...

You just saved Christmas with that book Mini Weapons! Seriously. I'm so getting that for my kids!

I'm glad to see you again. I always love reading your blog. =D

CaJoh said...

Glad to see that you are busy writing. I have been very busy as well and don't read as many blogs as I used to, but there are a few that I keep an eye out for.

Christiane R. Woerner said...

Glad you're back. And you're right -- anything Celine sings is all about her.

Karen Peterson said...

I was just thinking yesterday that I really have been missing your blog a lot, and then I find out that you posted and I'm all behind.

I'm glad things are going well for you and can't wait to see your next cover!

Rachel said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog. I finished reading "Not My Type," approximately ten minutes ago (I think I read about it on another blog, actually). It totally had me hooked and those kinds of books are the best. Thanks for a good read.

Andrea said...

So glad that you're back to blogging again!

I am so excited to read Not My Type. I won it on Rachelle's blog, and can't wait for it to arrive. (My sister is very excited to borrow it from me too).

DeNae said...

I can't stand Celine Dion's singing. Period. It's like she's yelling at everyone, all the time.

If I didn't have an ongoing salute to fudge posting on my blog every day, I'd have nothing to talk about. Or it would all start with, "I'm so tired ALL THE TIME." Which is boring, even for the one living it.

Blogging's changing, isn't it? Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I need to evolve, too.

Glad to hear you get to relax for a spell. And I'm sorry about your roof. Maybe Santa will land on it 'just so' and you can sue him for damages. It's not like you ASK the guy to park up there with all his livestock.

Enjoy Birth said...

That missile book sounds perfect for my house!

Amber Lynae said...

So my blog has gotten so little action from me lately that I'm pretty sure it wants to call it quits. My computer feels the same way too.

I was thinking about you today so glad I stopped by to see what was up.