Wednesday, November 5, 2008


You think I'm self-centered?! What?! Why?

My blog title? What the...

Oh. You thought it said, "me me me me me me me."

Then you have a low opinion of me. Either you're assuming I'm ripping off Sue's header tag at Navel Gazing, or that I'm a raging egomaniac.

Look, just because everybody says something, it doesn't make it true.

Besides, the title says, "Meme meme meme meme meme", plus a few more.

And when I first started blogging this summer, I had no idea what a "meme" was so I did what I always do and consulted the source wherein all knowledge is proscribed.

Uh, no. I didn't pray about it. I wasn't deciding about another kid or fasting to save the harp seals.

I wiki-ed it here. And just to save you the time, it's not really a helpful explanation. Besides which, I like to be on the opposite side of any issue Richard Dawkins is on because I figure it gives me a lightning buffer.

But now I kind of think I understand what a meme is and I'm thinking I might have started one. In this post from the end of July (which is pretty funny although I'm not conceited), I was sure people's security words were a nefarious form of communication via Google mind control and so I started to trying to figure out what they meant.

And I thought it was an original idea.


Lately I've learned that very little is original in the blogosphere. Everything is an iteration of something else. And now I've seen this security word thing popping up all over the place.

But I choose to believe that IIIIIIII started it based on the fact that I never saw it before I did it. So that means I started a meme. And here are some other memes I've started. Not to brag or anything.

1. Putting on my pants one leg at a time.
2. Eating breakfast for dinner.
3. Sleeping in your clothes so you don't have to change in the morning.
4. Re-reading Harry Potter books.
5. Cruising to Alaska.
6. Bonfires at the beach.
7. The internet
8. The following acronyms: btw, rofl, and ttyl.
9. Scrabble.
10. And nose picking at traffic lights. Sorry about that one.

Yeah, that was all me. Just so you know.


LisAway said...

You should totally have patented those. Or copyrighted or something.

And I saw the define the word verification word on your blog before I saw it anywhere else, too.

Isn't "meme" prounounced me-me because it's all about yourself? In which case your title is SO selfish and evil. And rip-offy of Sue.

Shellie said...

You invented "putting pants on one leg at a time"!!!

Thank You!
Thank You!

kiss kiss

Annette Lyon said...

Wow. You have been SO busy. I'm impressed.

Mina said...

I never knew what that meant either. And I must be aweful tired this morning, because I've read through your post twice, and it's still not making sense to me.

Melanie J said...

All right, Mina. I read back through this and I'm pretty sure it makes sense, but that's not saying much.

So, the rest of you, raise your hands if you get don't get it and I shall explain, 'kay?

Anonymous said...

I thought non of the afore mentioned things whenI saw your title...I thought you were clearing your throat for a singing post---now I am so bummed...except about the nose picking thing--that is funny!

Kenny, the husband said...


A "meme" is just the new word for "trend".

So the new meme is to use the word meme.

It makes you so "memey"...?!?

*MARY* said...

I've never thought of putting my pants on one leg at a time. I just sit on the bed, put both feet in the leg holes, stand up and pull up. I'm going to try it your way when I get dressed this evening, 5 minutes before my husband comes home.

Mina said...

Well, that explains my trouble! I've recently passed the memeness torch to my middle schoolers. Now I'm just a mom still listening to Depeche Mode.

Kimberly said...

I actually did see a small ripple or two from a series I did on my blog once. I had a couple months there where I did a lot of Have You Ever...posts. And then a few friends did. And then some complete strangers did.

I felt famous for like 2.9 seconds.

Kristina P. said...

I just learned what a Meme was about 3 weeks ago. It sort of makes me angry.

Anonymous said...

I invented this blog post title before you did. Only mine is more concise:

"Meme" means "same" in French, which is what the Internet is making us all into -- at least in all the trivial ways that count. Not that I am going to start picking my nose at intersections. (No need to start something I already do, not that I would ever admit that.)

Heather of the EO said...

Wow. You think up really great stuff.

Alison Wonderland said...

Are you sure about the bonfire thing? Because I thought that started with the Twilight books.